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Zoe was a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star. She debuted in the fifth episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and was portrayed by guest star Natalie Zea.


Meeting Owen

Zoe first meets Owen in a beauty store in "Studs", he gives her advice about getting rid of the bags under her eyes by using cold spoons. She tells him that she's a professor of psychology at the University of Texas and spent the whole night grading papers, Owen tells her that he's a firefighter and that even though she can't see it, he just came back from a 24 hours shift. She thinks that he's not straight until Owen proves her otherwise and brings her back to his house. They start making out but don't go further because of Owen having a problem. She tells him that it's fine and that it happens to every men at least once, he replies that it doesn't happen to him. She leaves when he refuses to go eat with her, still embarassed.

They meet up later at a sushi restaurant and Owen gets a boner in the middle of the restaurant, telling her that they should take their food to go, Zoe replies that sushi doesn't travel well and asks for the check.

Helping TK

In "Awakening", she's with Owen when TK is in a coma. Zoe tells him that TK looks a lot like Owen but he replies that he actually looks more like his mother, Gwyn. She asks him if she knows about the accident and Owen replies that Gwyn is in a business trip in China and is desperate to get a flight back. Owen thanks her for being there with him and they hug. TK wakes up while they're hugging and at first, thinks that Zoe is his doctor, being confused when Owen tells him that she's actually his date.

Later in the week, TK emails Zoe and asks her to come by his house. She does and tells him that she was actually teaching a grade seminar down his street. She jokes about him not being covered by tubes anymore before going to the kitchen. TK offers her iced tea and starts asking her if she and Owen are in a good place in case he's not around anymore. Zoe asks him if he's planning on going into another coma and TK replies that no but it is the second time he almost died this year. TK tells her that he asks her here because he feels like he needs to talk to someone and because she's a psychologist. She stops him and tells him that she's just a professor of psychology with a focus on human sexuality. She asks him who he usually talks to when he needs to and TK tells her that he usually goes to his boyfriend who he's not sure is his boyfriend, Carlos. Zoe tells him that it makes sense to question his life choices after one or two near death experiences and TK answers that he never questioned being a firefighter, Zoe remarks that she never mentioned him being a firefighter but it's interesting that he did.



Owen Strand

Zoe and Owe, met in "Studs" in a makeup store where he gives her advices on how to get rid off bags under her eyes. At first, she thought that he's not straight but he proves her wrong. They go to Owen's house and start making out but not being able to have sex because of Owen. She asks him if he wants to go eat with her but he refuses. Later, they go to a sushi restaurant where Owen gets a boner and they leave the restaurant together. In "Awakening", Zoe comforts Owen when TK is in a coma and she's there when TK wakes up and awkwardly tells him that she's Owen's date.

TK Strand

Zoe and TK meet when TK wakes up from his coma. She helps him realise that maybe he doesn't want to be a firefighter anymore.



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