Vincent Gerrard was a firefighter captain at Station 118. He witnessed the beginnings of Howard Han and Henrietta Wilson in the team. However, he was ultimately reassigned to a different station after Hen's arrival, due to his sexist attitude towards her. He also treated Chimney very poorly when he first arrived, until Chimney was able to prove himself as a firefighter.



Season Two
"Under Pressure" "7.1" "Help Is Not Coming" "Stuck" "Awful People" "Dosed"
"Haunted" "Buck, Actually" "Hen Begins*" "Merry Ex-Mas" "New Beginnings" "Chimney Begins*"
"Fight or Flight" "Broken" "Ocean's 9-1-1" "Bobby Begins Again" "Careful What You Wish For" "This Life We Choose"

* denotes flashback only appearance.

Season Four
"The New Abnormal" "Alone Together" "Future Tense" "9-1-1, What's Your Grievance?" "Buck Begins"
"Jinx" "There Goes the Neighborhood" "Breaking Point" "Blindsided" "Parenthood"
"First Responders" "Treasure Hunt" "Suspicion" "Survivors"

* denotes flashback only appearance.


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