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"Under Pressure" is the first episode of the second season of 9-1-1, and the eleventh episode overall. It aired on September 23, 2018.


On one of the hottest days of the year, the first responders feel the pressure as harrowing incidents keep happening around the city, including a road rage accident involving a van full of tourists, an emergency at an auto-repair shop and a veteran with a live grenade embedded in his leg. Meanwhile, Buck gets a surprise visit from his sister, Maddie. Also, Athena questions her relationship with Bobby. Then, at the fire station, handsome new hire Eddie jeopardizes Buck's chances of being chosen for a fireman calendar.[2]



Guest Starring

  • Debra Christofferson as Sue Blevins
  • M.C. Gainey as Charlie
  • Connor Trinneer as Jessie
  • Christopher Rivas as Hector


  • Beto Angulo as Counter Worker
  • Lewie Bartone as Postmates Driver
  • Amos Blackmon as Mitch
  • Briana Cap as 911 Operator #1
  • Josh Duvendeck as Shay
  • Mark Elias as Groom
  • Charles Emmett as DWP Veteran
  • Chiquita Fuller as Linda
  • Amy Grabow as Bridezilla
  • Michael James Kelly as 911 Operator #2
  • Jason Ko as Van Tourist #2
  • Juliet Lopez as 911 Operator #3
  • Marianne Lu as 911 Operator #4
  • Rick Marcus as Sports Car Driver
  • Antonio Roccucci as DWP Trainee
  • Mauricio Sanchez as Van Tourist #1
  • Tom Virtue as Tire Store Employee
  • Craig Welzbacher as Tour Guide


911 Cases

  • Unnamed Caller
    • Reason for 911 Call
      • A tourist van sped and crashed over a cliff, landing them into the roof of a house.
    • Process
      • Most was offscreen, but the doors of the van were sawed open and the 118 helped tend the injuries of those freed.
  • Unknown Caller
    • Reason for 911 Call
      • Pressure cookers at a tamale restaurant explode, shattering glass and debris everywhere.
    • Process
      • Most is also offscreen, but Chimney tends to a man who had his hand impaled by a fork, and Hen treats a man with burns on his neck.
  • Unnamed Bride
    • Reason for 911 Call
  • Reporting the car her ex-fiance escaped in at their wedding altar as stolen.
    • Process
      • Athena arrests the groom. The groom claims the car is a rental, and the bride angrily comes by. Athena arrests her as well.
  • Unknown Caller
    • Reason for 911 Call
      • Frayed cables overheated on the hot day, and due to oxygen rushing in, a DWP worker was caught up in a manhole cover exploding when he lifted it, taking his arm off and launching it into the air and it lands in a nearby pool party.
    • Process
      • Buck manages to fish the arm out of the pool, and other units put out the fire started in the manhole. The worker is taken to the hospital.
  • Unnamed Employee
    • Reason for 911 Call
      • His boss, Hector who owns a tire shop fell on top of the the nozzle of a compressor, turned on.
    • Process
      • The 118 respond, and the compressor is turned off. Bobby has the team turn him on his side, putting pressure on the wound. Buck reads that it is a hundred pounds per square inch of air being pumped through his body. Hen checks him out, noting that his breathing is shallow, heart is racing, and that air has filled his stomach, chest, and behind his eyelids. Bobby orders Eddie to start a nasal cannula, and Chimney to get morphine, but the two find it hard due to the air in him. Hen notices he is having jugular venous distention, tachycardia, hypotension, diminished breath, so he is having tension pneumothorax. Bobby tells the team they had to drain the fluid out or else his organs will collapse. He orders Buck to get a 14-gauge angiocath, to decompress the pleural cavity. Buck begins to cut at the midclavicular line, but Eddie advises that it was better to cut at the anterior axillary line to reduce risk of injuring vital organs, and Bobby orders him to take over due to his experience. He is able to make the cut and the air escapes, saving Hector as they take him to the hospital.
  • Charlie
    • Reason for 911 Call
      • A man named Charlie who collects military items had a 40 mike mike grenade (a practice round grenade) explode on him while taking it apart to clean it.
    • Process
      • Bobby notices there are pieces of metal and shrapnel in his leg and femoral artery damage and profuse bleeding in his leg. He orders Buck to ride with Eddie to the hospital, to his annoyance. While in the ambulance, as Buck is about to redress wounds, Eddie suddenly notices that there was a cap in Charlie's leg that was yellow. He notes that practice round caps are blue, but yellow means active. He frantically tells the ambulance to pull over. A little while later, the bomb squad confirm that there is a live round embedded Charlie's thigh. Eddie explains that although the grenade blew up once, there are two components: gunpowder that makes it travel, and an explosive charge that makes it explode. The grenade has a proximity fuse with a sensor that lets the person who launches it know it's at a safe enough distance from the shooter to blow up. Eddie volunteers to help try and remove the round from his leg as they are short on time, and Buck comes along. The two get fitted in bomb squad gear, and are given a box to contain the grenade. In the ambulance, Buck tries to keep a small amount of pressure on the wound as Eddie moves in with special pliers to remove the round. He carefully tries to pull it out as the round as he notes that the sensor measures the distance traveled based on how many rotations the shell made after launch, so the key was not to rotate the shell when pulling it out. Eddie manages to get it out, and Buck carefully holds the box, successfully placing the round inside. Charlie is taken to the hospital, and Buck commends Eddie on the great job he did, beginning their friendship. The grenade explodes in the ambulance before the bomb squad can retrieve it, but no one is hurt.
  • Shay
    • Reason for 911 Call
      • Jessie gets a microwave cemented onto his head, as part of a Youtube prank challenge done by Shay and Mitchell.
    • Process
      • The team tries to get the microwave frame off with screws, and Jessie begins to choke. Hen notices that his saliva could be aspirated through the breathing tube given to him. He stands up, panicking, and falls into the pool. Buck and Eddie rescue him quickly, but Hen is finding a fading pulse and no respiration on him. Chimney starts compressions while the others get the frame off him. Once it is off, Bobby hands a hammer to Buck, and they manage to hammer and chisel the cement off. They are able to get oxygen into him and he survives. Shay begins to start filming their video again, much to the team's annoyance, and Bobby takes the phone, drop kicking it into the pool.


  • This episode currently has the highest number of live viewers in the series (9.83 million). No other episode in the series has more than 7.46 million live viewers.
  • As of this episode, Angela Bassett has been promoted from co-executive producer to executive producer.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (Maddie Buckley) and Ryan Guzman (Eddie Diaz) join the main cast starting with this episode. Hewitt also replaces Connie Britton (Abigail Clark) as the show's main 9-1-1 operator.
  • This is also the first episode in the series where Corinne Massiah (May Grant) and Marcanthonee Jon Reis (Harry Grant) are credited as main cast members. However, May and Harry do not appear in this episode.
  • Shay (Josh Duvendeck) and Mitch (Amos Blackmon) would later reappear in the Season Three episode "Fools" where they are both involved in a prank similar to the one shown in this episode.
  • The episode is titled "Under Pressure", in the final moments of "Pilot" it plays the song Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie.
  • Mark Elias, who portrays the Groom, would later guest star in 9-1-1's spinoff series, 9-1-1: Lone Star as the recurring paramedic Tim Rosewater.



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