Tyler Kennedy "T.K." Strand is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is a former New York firefighter that relocated to Austin, Texas with his father, Owen Strand. He débuts in the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by starring cast member Ronen Rubinstein.


Before the series began, TK had struggled with prescription drug use but went to rehab and recovered. He later became a firefighter at Station 252 with his father, Owen, and lived in his own apartment. He also began dating a man named Alex, who he intended to propose to, but Owen expressed his concern that the two had not even moved in together yet. TK assured things will be okay, and he had already bought the ring. Owen approved the proposal and TK invited Alex to dinner that night. Before he could propose to him, TK found out from Alex that he was in love with someone else, and they broke up. Unable to handle the heartbreak, he suffered a relapse and overdosed on oxycontin that morning, where a horrified Owen comes over and revives him.

Relocating to Texas

Owen decided to relocate to Texas after TK's relapse, where they put together a team of firefighters from all over the country. Part of the 'tough love' deal Owen has with his son is for TK to go to therapy, attend meetings and live with him. At the end of episode 1, TK tells his dad that he likes it here and that he thinks they're going to be 'just okay'.



Owen Strand

TK and his dad have a very close relationship.

Carlos Reyes

Carlos and TK's relationship is first seen in Pilot when Carlos asks TK to dance whilst they are all at the bar at the end of their first shift. In Yee-Haw, it is shown that the relationship has evolved a bit further as they are seen hooking up. Carlos seems more into the relationship than TK does, calling for TK to text him before TK leaves his place for a shift. Later that episode, TK goes back to Carlos's place where the police officer has set up a dinner for them to share. TK freaks out at this due to what happened with Alex back in New York as he isn't ready for this. The pair argue and TK storms off. They are next seen together in Texas Proud after TK is arrested for a bar fight. TK explains about his past to Carlos and the pair are later seen at the bar together, but it is never specified if this is a date or not.

Judd Ryder

TK and Judd get off on the wrong foot when TK ignores Judd's instructions on a call that could have ended a lot worse. Judd then calls TK 'the coach's kid' which greatly annoys TK. (Texas Proud) After a discussion with his wife, who prompts Judd to apologize to TK, the two of them hug it out and become close friends. Judd seems to be quite protective over TK, like an older brother would.

Marjan Marwani

Paul Strickland

Mateo Chavez


Season One
"Pilot (9-1-1: Lone Star)" "Yee-Haw" "Texas Proud" "Act of God" "Studs"
"Friends Like These" "Bum Steer" "Monster Inside" "Awakening" "Austin, We Have a Problem"


  • His full name was revealed as Tyler Kennedy Strand in the episode "Texas Proud".



  1. As of "Awakening"
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