"Trapped" is the ninth episode of the first season of 9-1-1. It was written by Adam Glass, the teleplay by Aristotle Kousakis and directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton. It aired on March 14, 2018.


The first responders race to help a homeless man crushed in a garbage truck, a mother and son in a crashed elevator and extreme hoarders entombed in their house. Meanwhile, Athena jumps into to the dating pool, as Buck and Abby's relationship is tested by her ailing mother.[2]



Guest Starring

  • Mariette Hartley as Patricia Clark
  • Cocoa Brown as Carla Price
  • Abby Brammell as Eva
  • Todd Williams as Aaron Brooks
  • Rebecca Wisocky as Marjorie Daniels
  • Devin Druid as Marjorie Daniels' Son
  • Tim DeZarn as Winslow
  • Frank Collison as Sam, The Homeless Man
  • Michael Bowen as Cecil
  • Jeanette O'Connor as Hoarders' Neighbor
  • Marco Sanchez as Davis


  • Alex Loynaz as Terry
  • Josh Latzer as Garbage Man #3
  • Francisco Rodriguez as Garbage Man #1



Song Artist Timestamp* Storyline
"Trapped (Live at Meadowlands Arena, E. Rutherford, NJ - August 1984)" Bruce Springsteen Beginning, Abby talks about how it's hard for some people to move on; Homeless people are rousted from sleeping at a bus stop.
"I Dare You" The XX Abby drives to meet up with Buck.
"Sunny" Stevie Wonder The hoarder's brothers are helped out of the house to go to the hospital.
"Home To You" Tom Rhodes Athena and Aaron have dinner and talk.
"Melt" Tender Athena and Aaron are drinking in his house.
"I Of The Storm" Of Monsters And Men End montage.

*Timestamps are rounded to the minute.





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