Tommy Vega is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is the newest paramedic captain in Station 126 located in Austin, Texas. She débuts in the first episode of the second season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by starring cast member Gina Torres.

Tommy's official description describes her as being "at the top of her game when she hung up her uniform to raise her twin daughters. For eight years life was great, until Covid-19 changed her life. With her husband's restaurant going under, Tommy has no choice but to re-enter the workforce to support her family. Though it breaks her heart to be apart from her little girls, Tommy will show the world that no matter how much time has passed, when she puts on that uniform, she’s still a boss." [1]


Early life

Going back to work

In "Back in the Saddle", she comes back to work as a Paramedic Captain after Michelle quits and Charles had to close his restaurant due to COVID-19. She's the one who trained Michelle Blake. She froze during her first emergency call because of all the pressure she feels. She gets angry at Charles after her first 24 hours shift because she hasn't seen their daughters for 24h. In "2100°", she describes being back as "hell" to Grace because the last time she had this uniform on, her daughters weren't there and it was easy to be completely present in the job because she feels guilty about not being there with her daughters and not really being here, with her new team either.

New paramedic

After Tim died, Tommy and Nancy need to find a new paramedic to join their team because they can't keep doing the job with only the two of them. They picked the three most qualified applicants and test them on the field, all three of them fail. Then, they find Pearce Risher who has a perfect record. During an emergency call in a minefield, Pearce refuses to go because he doesn't want to put his life in danger. Once they're back at the firehouse, Pearce tells Tommy that he can't work with the 126 because Tommy and Owen have a "cowboy culture" where they apparently enjoy going into danger head first and it's not for him at all. Nancy and Tommy start looking for another candidate in piles of applicants and Tommy find TK's application. She goes to see Owen and tells him about it.



Charles Vega

Charles and Tommy are extremely supportive of each other. Charles understands why she's frustrated when she hasn't seen her daughters and that she doesn't have to apologise.

Evie and Isabella Vega

Evie and Isabella are Tommy and Charles' daughters. In "2100°", the girls are scared for Tommy because of the lava and Tommy feel guilty when she has to lie to them about paramedics only going to scene after the danger is over. In "Displaced", Tommy helps Evie trains for her black belt exam in Taekwondo because she promised her six months ago that she would be ready for the exam. She goes to the exam thanks to one of TK's idea but needs to leave because Charles tells her to think about how Evie would feel if her mum would come to see her but still had to leave if there was a call.

Grace Ryder

Tommy and Grace are very good friends. When Grace finds out that Tommy says that going back to work feels like "hell", Grace tells her that she'll fight everyone who made her feel like this. Grace also tells Tommy that "she's impossible not to love".

Judd Ryder

Tommy and Judd are very good friends. She's the one who introduced him to Grace. In "2100°", he comforts her after they lost Tim when she feels guilty about the fact that the only interaction she had with him was when she scolded him and the fact that she lied to her daughters.

Owen Strand

Owen and Tommy are friends. She checks on him when he was rescued after the helicopter crash because she felt like he needed a friend when they talked to each other on the phone. Tommy is the first person who learns about Gwyn's pregnancy as Owen asks her questions about her pregnancy.

Tim Rosewater

Tommy and Tim argues after he made a promise to a little boy that his dad was going to be fine and how he shouldn't have done that because you never know what could've happen. Tim said that he just wanted to make the boy feels better and Tommy answers that he was just trying to make himself feel better.


  • It's a possibility that she adopted Tim's cat, Buster, after Tim died in "2100°".


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