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""I will serve unselfishly and continuously in order to make a better world for all mankind." That oath is what drives every actions the 126 takes. It's not perfect, and yeah, that may sometimes mean a little danger, but that's who we are."
—Tommy Vega[src]

Tommy Vega is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is the paramedic captain in Station 126 located in Austin, Texas. She debuts in the first episode of the second season and is portrayed by starring cast member Gina Torres.


Early Life

In 2012, she's working with the 121 as a paramedic captain and she's sent on an emergency call with the 126, where we learn that she already knew Judd, about a woman who was yelling from the inside of her house. She starts treating her and when she asks Judd to help her on the gurney, the woman starts screaming at Judd to get out of the house.

Later that year, she announces to Judd and Grace that she is pregnant and in 2013, she gives birth to Isabella and Evie. Her and Charles name Judd and Grace their babies' godparents.

Going Back to Work

In "Back in the Saddle", she comes back to work as a Paramedic Captain after Michelle quits and Charles had to close his restaurant due to COVID-19. She's the one who trained Michelle Blake. She froze during her first emergency call because of all the pressure she feels. She gets angry at Charles after her first 24 hours shift because she hasn't seen their daughters for 24h. In "2100°", she describes being back as "hell" to Grace because the last time she had this uniform on, her daughters weren't there and it was easy to be completely present in the job because she feels guilty about not being there with her daughters and not really being here, with her new team either.

New Paramedic

After Tim died, Tommy and Nancy need to find a new paramedic to join their team because they can't keep doing the job with only the two of them. They picked the three most qualified applicants and test them on the field, all three of them fail. Then, they find Pearce Risher who has a perfect record. During an emergency call in a minefield, Pearce refuses to go because he doesn't want to put his life in danger. Once they're back at the firehouse, Pearce tells Tommy that he can't work with the 126 because Tommy and Owen have a "cowboy culture" where they apparently enjoy going into danger head first and it's not for him at all. Nancy and Tommy start looking for another candidate in piles of applicants and Tommy find TK's application. She goes to see Owen and tells him about it before recruiting TK as their newest paramedic.

Charles' Death

In "The Big Heat", Tommy comes back home after the fire at TK and Carlos' house and found Charles non-responsive in their living room. In "One Day", Tommy is doing CPR on Charles while she's calling 911. Charles is not breathing, he has no pulse, no reaction to sternal rub, cool to the touch and rigor has started to set in. Tommy quickly realises that Charles is gone and she asks the 911 dispatcher to tell the paramedics to not have their lights or sirens on because she doesn't want them to wake up her daughters. Tommy goes to their bedroom to change out of her uniform, and she tells the paramedics to take Charles' body to St Raymond's because she called ahead and a doctor, Mary Roberts, will do the postmortem. Then she goes to sit on the couch, sitting there and zoning out for the rest of the night.

The next morning, she starts to prepare breakfast for Evie and Isabella and when both girls wake up, they immediately ask where Charles is. Tommy answers that he couldn't be there now so she's the one cooking breakfast for them. Evie asks about the car that she heard during the night in the driveway and if that was Charles leaving and Tommy lie to them by saying that, yes it was him. Isabella asks if they had a fight and Tommy tells them no and that she's the one who's going to drive them to school. Evie asks why she's acting weird and Tommy says that she has to tell them something, wanting to tell them the truth but she stops herself before and tells them that there was an accident last night - the fire at the firehouse - and that's why she's here because she doesn't have to work for a while.

When she's at the hospital, Tommy calls Grace and asks if her and Judd can take care of the girls today and the couple accepts her request. She meets with Dr. Roberts who realizes that Charles is the one she'll have to do an autopsy on when they're both in the morgue. Tommy tells her that at first she thought it was a sudden stroke but there was no indicators so she thought it was most likely an aneurysm. Roberts tells Tommy that it would be better for her if she wasn't there during the autopsy and Tommy leaves to go sit outside the hospital on a bench where she sees Owen who tells her he's at the hospital for a check up on his cancer surgery. He asks her what she's doing here and she tells him she's here for a relative who's having a procedure downstairs. After Owen leaves, a man, George, comes up to Tommy and asks if he can sit next to her, she agrees and he starts telling her about his son who's in a coma and that doctors moved him in and that they want him to say goodbye to his son. He tells Tommy that he's too scared about going upstairs to say goodbye because he would probably faint and Tommy tells him that she'll accompany him there. Once they're in the ICU, George saw his ex-wife by their son's side and pulls out a gun out of his pocket, pointing it at his ex-wife because she wants to unplug their son. Tommy convinced the woman that the safest thing to do is say goodbye to her son and leaves the ICU before something bad happens. Tommy declares later that she knows his gun is just a toy gun and that it won't hold against the police when they breach the ICU.

While in the room, Tommy gets a call from Owen who asks her if she's still inside and tells her about the gunman in the hospital, she tells that she knows because she's looking right at him and that there's no need to worry because he only has a toy gun and that he's harmless. Tommy tells Owen that she needs him to buy them some time while she talks to George. They hang up and Tommy comes back to the room, telling George that he has to surrender because someone will get hurt. George asks her to give him more time and then asks her if she could anything to spend more time with a loved one that she lost, would she do it? Tommy says that yes, she would do anything. Tommy gets another call from Owen who tells her that she has ten minutes to get George to surrender but Tommy tells him that they changed their minds and that they're not coming out of the room and she quickly hangs up.

Later, Owen stops the SWAT and comes into the room, telling Tommy that she's not fine and that he knows what happened. Owen tells her that he understands that she wants George to experience the miracle she's never going to get. Owen says that Tommy absolutely has to leave the room because there's a lot of guns pointing at them right now, and that her daughters had already lost a parent and that they couldn't lose both of them. The SWAT team breaches the ICU and they arrest George and as she is watching George's ex-wife with their son - now awake - Tommy breaks down and starts crying while Owen is holding her.

Tommy goes back to the morgue and Dr. Roberts confirmed that Charles had an aneurysm and that she found a rupture in the subarachnoid space between the brain and the skull and that there was nothing that could've been done to avoid that. Tommy holds Charles' hand, hoping for him to squeeze it but nothing happens. At night, she comes to pick up her daughters at the Ryder's house and thank Grace and Judd for everything.

Life After Charles' Death

Two weeks after Charles' funeral, Tommy is at home with her daughters, Grace and Judd and she tells the couple that she received Charles' life insurance which is more than she expected and that with that, she decided to stop working and solely focus on her daughters. The next day, she meets up with TK and Nancy at her house and she explains to them that she won't be coming back to work but working with them was the greatest blessing of her professional career. Later that day, while they're watching the news with Tommy's daughters, they all manage to convince Tommy to go to work because people need her during the dust storm. While Carlos is taking care of her daughters, she goes to work with TK and Nancy and they save the life of the captain of the 129. Tommy is present at the firehouse when the 126 and co. go there to rebuild it and she tells Grace that the 126 are her people and her home and that she will find a way to keep working as paramedic captain and take care of her daughters.

Ice Storm

Tommy and her team are now working at a private company after the 126 closed down. She's asked into her boss Jacques' office and he tells her that they should give drugs to their patients even if they don't ask for it because they're main priority is making sure their patients are comfortable. Tommy, TK and Nancy are later called on a call where a man was skying in the streets to Austin, attached to a car by a rope and got into an accident, ice lodging itself against his carotid. With Mateo's help they manage to get rid of the biggest part of the ice and get the man into their ambulance. On the way to the hospital, blood starts to get out of the wound and Tommy decides to use snow as a way to stop the blood since papers and gauze aren't helping enough, her and Nancy manage to stabilise him.

Carlos is surprised when Tommy, TK and Nancy arrive at the furniture store because he called for cuts and bruises and didn't expect dispatch to send an ambulance of a private company there. TK tells him that the city is spread thin today. Carlos starts stuttering when he tries to offer them a spot where they can stay. The owner of the store cuts him off and tells him that they can set up in the dining room display. Tommy asks Carlos how many people are there, and he tells that there's 25 area residents and 3 church volunteers. Nancy asks him if he's thinking they're all green tag but Carlos is realising that someone's missing. He tells the paramedics as much and leaves under TK's worried gaze.

In "Thin Ice", Tommy, TK and Nancy are sent on a call about a boy being trapped under a pond. They arrive on scene and after sliding a bit because of the ice and snow, TK manages to park them on the side of the road. Tommy asks TK to get the ECMO machine ready and starts the warming fluids and Nancy to help her with the gurney before telling them to be careful because they don't need a broken tailbone right now. Joe, Carol's husband, tells them that he puts his hat where the boy is so the firefighters could find him when they get here before asking if they're close. Nancy replies that they're all spoken for because of the "Snowmaggedon". TK tells them that he was a firefighter in New York and he has done ice rescues before. Joe asks them if they shouldn't need special gear and Tommy tells them that they'll have to improvise.

Later, Tommy and Nancy attach TK to a bed sheet as to create a life ring while he's using a laryngoscope as an ice pick. Tommy asks him if he's sure about this and TK tells her to not worry because he's done tons of those in Central Park and that it's no different. Nancy tells him that he's not using the actual gear so it is a bit different, and TK agrees. TK quickly finds the kid and has to break through the ice with his ice pick. He manages to do so and breaks the ice above the kid, he grabs the kid from under the water and brings him to the surface right before the ice cracks under TK and make him fall in the pond. Tommy yells at Nancy to not let go and to pull TK up by using the rope made with a bed sheet which they succeed to. Nancy and Tommy starts to crawl towards them to bring them back but TK tells them to stay where they are and to pull them up by using the rope.

They manage to get the kid on the gurney but he has no pulse nor respiration. Carol asks them if that means he's dead and Tommy replies that no one is dead until they're warm and dead. They bring the gurney toward the ambulance only to realise that the ambulance slided because of the ice and crashed into a tree. Tommy tells TK to radio dispatch while Nancy is doing CPR on the kid, and to tell them to bring another rig and a tow truck. Tommy then asks Nancy to bring the ECMO machine before turning to Carol and Joe, asking the couple if the heater of their car works. In the car, Nancy is doing CPR on the kid and Tommy asks a frozen and shivering TK to prepare the femoral for the kid. Tommy canulates the femoral artery and once she's done, she asks TK to fire up the ECMO machine and Nancy to stop compressions. Joe asks them what the machine is and Tommy replies that it's a machine that will do the work of his heart and lungs for him, and that while it oxygenates his blood, it also warms him up from the inside out. After long seconds, they get a pulse and the boy starts coughing the water he had in his lungs. Then, they transfer the boy to the paramedics who join them on the scene and once they leave, Tommy realises that TK is missing.

Tommy and Nancy go around the lake, looking for TK. Nancy wonders why would he run off like that when Tommy notices TK's pants on the ground, confusing Nancy even more. Few meters away, they find TK naked, shivering and muttering something. Tommy calls for him and TK slightly realises that Tommy and Nancy are here and Tommy tells him that they have some blankets for him, TK replies that he's fine and Nancy says that he's getting frostbites on his ass. When they try to cover him up, TK fights back disoriented and tells them to get away, saying that he was feeling hot but it's much better now. Tommy tells Nancy that combativeness is a symptom of severe hypothermia before TK starts muttering prayers in Hebrew. Nancy is confused about him speaking tongues before Tommy tells her she thinks it's Hebrew. Tommy squats down next to TK and tells him that all his blood has left his extremeties and are around his core and that's why he feels so hot, it's called paradoxical undressing and that means it's near fatal right now. Nancy continues by telling him they're not going to let him freeze to death on their watch so he either gets up and walks or they'll drag him out of here. TK agrees and they help him stand up. Once he's up, Nancy asks him when he was going to tell them he speaks Hebrew and TK says that he doesn't, not since he was 10 years old in Hebrew school. Tommy tells him that it seems like some of it stuck and few seconds later, TK loses consciouness and Nancy and Tommy make him lay on the ground, quickly realising that he has no pulse and no heartbeat either. Tommy starts CPR on him and after Nancy is done preparing him, Tommy uses the defibrillator on him, without success. Later, Tommy is at the hospital getting the latest news from TK's doctor and she comes out of the room, telling Nancy and Carlos that they have to find Owen.

In "Shock and Thaw", Tommy is at the call center with Grace. Grace asks her how bad TK's condition is and Tommy replies that it's bad and they won't know more until the doctors run more tests but that it's pretty clear where it's headed. Grace tells her that they won't know until they know and that she has to keep faith. Tommy tells her that she's right and that she'll try. Tommy tells Grace that she has never heard the call center being so quiet and Grace replies that it's because cell service is down everywhere so no one can call 9-1-1 at the moment. Tommy says that it's not a very peaceful thought. Grace asks her what she's doing here, that she should be home, hugging her kids. Tommy asks her how can she does that when someone else's kid is dying in the hospital because of her. Grace says that because of her, a little boy gets to go home and hug his mother and that she saved him. Tommy disagrees and says that TK is the one who saved him and that she should've never let him go in that pond in the first place, that they should've wait for backup. Grace replies that they both know no backup was coming, Tommy says that she should've been the one who went into the pond and that when Grace mentions that she has never done ice rescues before, Tommy replies that it doesn't matter, she was TK's captain. Grace tells her that she still is his captain and that if she gave TK a choice right now: his life or the little boy's life, he would do the same thing a thousand times over to keep that family whole. Tommy asks her how is she supposed to face Owen when he walks through the hospital doors, Grace asks her if anyone has been able to reach him and Tommy replies that everything has been going to voicemail since the phones are down. She continues by saying that Owen was there for her on the worst day of her life and Grace says that she will be there for him. Tommy agrees but says that the only difference is that she caused his.

Later, Dr Patel - TK's doctor - tells Carlos, Tommy and Nancy that they manage to get TK's heart back into rhythm. Nancy asks if that's good news and the doctor tells them that his body is still not compensating. Carlos asks compensating for what and Tommy explains to him that it means his vital signs haven't returned to normal, at least yet. Dr Patel tells them that he's been through a major trauma and that she's afraid is on the verge of multi-system organ failure. Carlos asks her about how they stop that from happening and she replies that unfortunately there isn't much they can do other than keep him sedated, to give his body a chance to recover without additional stress. Carlos asks if that usually works for someone in his condition, Dr Patel replies that it can and then Carlos asks what they're looking at here, realistically speaking. The doctor replies that they're looking closely at his labs, but if they continue trending down, she stops herself and Carlos realises that they could lose him. She apologises for not having better news and leaves them once a nurse comes to her. Tommy tells Carlos to relax and that they're going to keep praying. Tommy and Nancy both grab Carlos' hands, Nancy telling them that if they know one thing about TK is that he doesn't know how to stay down. Tommy agreeing with her. Carlos suddenly stands up, saying that he needs fresh air, Nancy asks him if he wants someone to come with him but Carlos refuses, telling her he needs to be alone for a minute. Once he leaves, Nancy sighs and says that this sucks, Tommy agreeing with her.

In "Push", Tommy accompanies Owen when he goes looking for Billy to give him the apology letter after she went to inform of TK's condition and brought him to the hospital. In the car, Tommy is trying to radio Billy without any success. Then, she starts telling Owen that she has something to say to him but Owen stops her. He tells her that she doesn't have to do that and he presses that she doesn't even when she repeats that she has to, because he doesn't want to hear it. He guesses that Tommy would say that there's something she could've done differently or better, Tommy replies that it's right and Owen says that ok, she's right because there always is something they could've done differently or better. He continues, telling her that she doesn't have to ask for forgiveness because she already has it. Tommy thanks him for saying that. Then, Owen says that no matter what happens he can't think of anyone he would have rather had his son serve under than her before he takes her hand in his. Tommy nods and tries to radio Billy again. Then, she radio Judd who asks her if she was able to track down Owen. Tommy replies that Owen is actually with her and Judd tells him that he wants Owen to know he's sorry about what's happening to TK and that he's praying for him. Owen tells him that he appreciates it before asking if Judd talked to his wife. Judd says that he hasn't ever wince the phones were down but that Grace should be at home. Owen replies that she's actually not at home because he and Tommy are in the Ryder's living room and she isn't there. Judd asks them what they're doing here and Tommy replies that they tracked Billy's GPS to his house and that his truck is outside. Owen, then, asks if Judd perhaps has an idea about where they are and Judd replies that there's no "they" because Grace isn't going anywhere with Billy. He asked them to look around for a pink duffel bag and when they can't find any, Judd understands that Grace must have went into labor. Tommy tells him that they radioed every hospitals within 20 miles and no one heard of her, Judd realising that Grace is stuck in the storm. After Judd tells them that their birth plan was to give birth at West Park hospital, Owen tells him that he and Tommy will come from the south and Judd - with a firetruck from the 122 - will come from the north and they'll meet in the middle in hope to find her.

At some point, Tommy recognises Grace's car and they tell Judd they found it but she isn't in it. Owen sees footprints in the snow. Soon, Tommy and Owen found the tour bus and join Billy and Grace. Tommy checks Grace out and tells her that it's time to push. Grace replies that they have to wait until Judd gets there but Tommy tells her that he did everything he could to make it in time but it's time to push now. They're interrupted by Judd calling for Grace before he gets into the tour bus. Grace is relieved that he made it and Judd tells her that she didn't think he would this. Then, Tommy helps Grace gives birth to her and Judd's daughter. After, Tommy finds Owen in the snow, putting an hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

Return of the 126

Weeks later, Grace is at home when her and Judd receive a visit from Tommy, Evie and Isabella. Judd asks the girls if they're ready to meet their little cousin and when both girls agree, Tommy tells them to be quiet because she might be sleeping. Grace tells Tommy that she wishes her daughter was sleeping and she tells the twins to come closer, Tommy telling them that she won't bite which Grace replies to by saying that she bites but only her mother. Grace introduces her daughter to Evie and Izzy, telling her that they're going to look out for her her whole life so she has to do what they say. Evie tells her that they promise to be nice and Isabella tells Grace that they brought her something, a penguin plush because she was born in the snow. The twins start fighting about who thought about the plush and Evie tells Izzy that she did because she's the one who made a report on emperor penguin. Tommy tells her girls to calm down and tells Grace and Judd that they had a good idea, only starting with one baby. Tommy looks at the baby and says that she's beautiful, Judd telling her that they're lucky because she favors her mother but Tommy tells him she sees plenty of Judd in her too. Then, Grace gives the baby to Tommy, letting her hold her god-daughter. Tommy asks them if they decided what was going to be the name of the baby and Grace replies that they wanted to name her Charlie - after Charles. Grace tells Tommy that they want to honor him, that they didn't want to overstep. Judd jumps in saying that if she feels uncomfortable or anything, they can still pick another name. Tommy tells them that she likes it very much.

Later, Owen and Marjan are outside the 126 watching as it is about to be demolished. They're soon joined by Tommy, Nancy, Judd, Paul, Mateo and TK who hold a box full of pastries and they share hugs when they see each other again. Owen asks them what are the odds of those pastries being gluten free, Nancy answers that there's no way and that everything is bad in those pastries, Paul adding that today they're eating their feelings. Owen gives up and asks TK to gives him a bear claw. TK asks Marjan what she wants, handing her the box and she tells everyone to just save her one with tons of sugar. Marjan thanks them for being there and Mateo tells her they would never miss it - again. Paul says that the 126 being demolished stings and Judd agrees, saying that he spent the best years of his life there. When the ball is about to swing, Marjan gets a notification and realises that her GoFundMe finally got fully funded. TK asks her to stop messing with them and she tells him she's not, Owen is surprised that someone gave them $4.6 millions and Marjan tells him that they actually got $5 millions. Owen asks her who would do that and Marjan replies it's someone called Cole Robertson who no one know except for Paul since Cole is Lindsey's father. Owen and Marjan run to the foremen and tell them to stop.

Later, Tommy is present at the opening ceremony of the 126, standing beside Billy and behind Owen and then helping TK and Nancy push in their rig into the firehouse once Owen's speech is over.

Grief Group

After Charles' death, Tommy joins a grief group for widowers and she's seen there for the first time in "The ATX-Files", where she talks to the group and says that this week would've been their 15th anniversary and that 10 months have passed since Charles died. She continues by saying that she doesn't feel like she has any more closure today than the day she found him and that there's still a part of her who think she's going to see him when she comes home. Later, she comes to Mrs. Beasley, the babysitter, and Tommy asks her if she made it in time to tuck in Evie and Isabella and Mrs. Beasley tells her that they're not in their bedroom, they're in Tommy's bedroom because they really wanted to watch "Ghostbusters" and got scared. When she goes see them, Evie tells her that they're house is haunted because the lights in their room started flickering in a 1-4-3 pattern which reminds Tommy of something. Later, when she's in the living room with Buster, Tommy sees the light flickering in the same pattern and asks if Charles is the one doing it.

While meeting a curandera during a call, she tells Tommy that someone has been trying to contact her and when Tommy asks what she should do, she tells her that she has to listen. Tommy comes back to see the curandera later that day, she tells her about what has been happening in her house with the lights flickering, signaling in the same 1-4-3 pattern. The curandera asks her if these numbers mean anything to her and Tommy replies that she believes it's from Charles because when they first dated dating and Tommy was an EMT and Charles a cook, they could barely see each other because of their shifts not syncing up but Charles would sent her 1-4-3 on her old pager because it's the beeper code for "I love you". She continues by saying that their anniversary is tomorrow and she thinks he's trying to get her attention. The curandera tells her that maybe Charles isn't the one who needs to speak and that Tommy should treat their anniversary like any other: dressing up, cooking his favorite meal and then tells him how she feels.

When she comes back home, Tommy thanks the babysitter to take Evie and Isabella for the night and Mrs Beasley tells her that she'll be happy to know that her ghost situation is finally over because they discovered that it was simply mice eating the wires. Then, Tommy dresses up and makes dinner for her before talking to Charles' empty chair, telling him that they miss him but that they're going to be alright, they're good even though it's not entirely true because Tommy isn't always good, sometimes she lies awake at night wondering if things would be different if she had come back home an hour earlier. She asks him to give her a sign if he's present with her right now, nothing happens at first but soon after Tommy blows off the candles on the table, they light themselves up.

In "The Bird", she asks Tk - who has just lost his mother - if he wants to go with her to a meeting and he accepts. Later, she's by his side while he's talking about Gwyn.



Charles Vega

Before the show started, Charles and Tommy bought a new house together with three bedrooms and while Tommy is worried that they'll never be able to fill them, Charles is convinced of the opposite. Charles and Tommy try to get pregnant three times via IVF treatments and Tommy is heartbroken over the fact that she's not pregnant. Tommy tells Charles that she's tired of all of this and Charles tells her that they don't have to do all of this at all, that they can carry on being "ridiculously happy" on their own. Tommy tells him that she knows and she loves him for that but she wants to have a baby with him. During labour, Charles is present holding her hand through everything. Charles and Tommy are extremely supportive of each other. Charles understands why she's frustrated when she hasn't seen her daughters and that she doesn't have to apologise.

Evie and Isabella Vega

Evie and Isabella are Tommy and Charles' daughters. In "2100°", the girls are scared for Tommy because of the lava and Tommy feel guilty when she has to lie to them about paramedics only going to scene after the danger is over. In "Displaced", Tommy helps Evie trains for her black belt exam in Taekwondo because she promised her six months ago that she would be ready for the exam. She goes to the exam thanks to one of TK's idea but needs to leave because Charles tells her to think about how Evie would feel if her mum would come to see her but still had to leave if there was a call.

Grace Ryder

Tommy and Grace are very good friends. They meet when Tommy comes to her with Judd because she noticed how he looked at her. When Grace finds out that Tommy says that going back to work feels like "hell", Grace tells her that she'll fight everyone who made her feel like this. Grace also tells Tommy that "she's impossible not to love".

Judd Ryder

Tommy and Judd are very good friends. She's the one who made him go talk to Grace after she noticed how he looked at her. ("Saving Grace). In "2100°", he comforts her after they lost Tim when she feels guilty about the fact that the only interaction she had with him was when she scolded him and the fact that she lied to her daughters. In "Saving Grace", she's at Judd's bedside, waiting for him to wake up after the accident and she and Owen are the ones who tell him that Grace still haven't wake up. Later, she comforts him about Grace and tells him that Grace is strong and that she will wake up. She hugs Judd when he tells them that Grace is pregnant.

Owen Strand

Owen and Tommy are friends. She checks on him when he was rescued after the helicopter crash because she felt like he needed a friend when they talked to each other on the phone. Tommy is the first person who learns about Gwyn's pregnancy as Owen asks her questions about her pregnancy.

Tim Rosewater

Tommy and Tim argues after he made a promise to a little boy that his dad was going to be fine and how he shouldn't have done that because you never know what could've happen. Tim said that he just wanted to make the boy feels better and Tommy answers that he was just trying to make himself feel better. She feels guilty after he passed away on a call.

Nancy Gillian

Nancy and Tommy have a close relationship, both professionally and personally. Tommy is Nancy's mentor and how she wants to be as a paramedic, a captain and a mother.

TK Strand



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