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Tommy Kinard was a firefighter at Station 118 of the Los Angeles Fire Department. He witnessed the beginnings of Howard Han, Henrietta Wilson and Robert Nash in the team. When he left, he was replaced by Evan Buckley, and since leaving Station 118, he has been working at Station 217.



  • Although his nametag says his last name is Kincaid, every episode's official press release he has appeared in lists him as Kinard. [1] This is most likely an error by the production team, as Bobby even addressed him directly as "Kinard" on one occasion.
  • In The One That Got Away Chimney mentions he's been in contact with Tommy since he left The 118.


Season Two
"Under Pressure" "7.1" "Help Is Not Coming" "Stuck" "Awful People" "Dosed"
"Haunted" "Buck, Actually" "Hen Begins*" "Merry Ex-Mas" "New Beginnings" "Chimney Begins*"
"Fight or Flight" "Broken" "Ocean's 9-1-1" "Bobby Begins Again*" "Careful What You Wish For" "This Life We Choose"

* denotes flashback only appearance.