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Timothy Rosewater, more commonly known as Tim, was a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who was a paramedic in the EMS 126 in Austin, Texas. He debuted in the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and was portrayed by guest star Mark Elias.


Early Life

Tim was from Maryland and he came to Austin to go to the University of Texas and stayed there once he was finished. He joined the 126 at an unknown time and was part of Michelle's crew before she left and he adopted a cat named Buster.

Michelle leaving

In "Back in the Saddle", he's the only one who's annoyed because of Michelle leaving her job as a paramedic captain to go take care of her sister. He tells the rest of the group about how EMS has changed and that he doesn't think the new captain, Tommy, will do a good job.


In "2100°", a volcano erupts with lava in the streets of Austin and the 126 is called on a scene at a mini golf where Tim takes care of a little boy who's worried about his dad. Tim reassures him about how "nobody is going to die today", Tommy sees him and later, once they're back at the firehouse, she warns him that he shouldn't have said that because they can never know if a victim is going to be okay. Tim goes to complain about that to his best friend and partner, Nancy and she tells him to cut Tommy's some slack because she just came back to the job and she has little kids at home.

Later, they're called to another scene at a pool party where Tim meets a medical student in college called Spence who got crushed by people when they ran away when they saw lava and he can't feel his feet. Tim tells him to lay still and that he'll get a backboard. Spence asks Tim to promise him he'll walk and Tim replies that he can't promise anything he doesn't have any power on but he'll promise that they're going to do everything to avoid doing any more damage. Then, Spence asks him if Tim can calls his mum and Tim says that he can promise that and he'll do it once they're on their ways to the hospital. Tim asks Owen when he sees him to help get Spence out of there but before they can move, Tim is hit by a lava rock and dies instantly.

In "Hold the Line", Tim is showing up in Owen's nightmares as he died right next to him, and later he appears as some sort of hallucinations Owen has after he gets concussed in a helicopter crash.


  • Mark Elias, who portrays him, previously appeared in the original series in "Under Pressure" as a groom who flees his wedding at the altar, resulting in his ex-fiancé to report the rental car he escaped in stolen.


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