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Taylor Kelly is a news reporter working for Skywitness News Eight. She is currently in a relationship with Buck.


When Taylor was young, her father was arrested for killing her mother. Although the death was ruled as a sucide from overdose, it was later found out in court that her father had been planning to murder her. Taylor was torn, having a hard time believing her father was capable of murder, while also finding it hard to believe her mother would kill herself. Her extended family were also all conflicted with the case, which only made Taylor's perspective even more messy and conflicted. Overall, Taylor knew only her parents were the ones who really knew what happened. After her father's arrest, Taylor lived with her aunt. As many people of her hometown knew about her parents, this gave her unwated attention and many looks from stranger she passed by. Eventually, it became too much for her, and she moved far away from the town.

Taylor is introduced to the 118 when the helicopter she uses daily for traffic reporting crash lands. After the team save her from a bad to almost worse helicopter situation, she decides to do a report on the station. She says she's "not quite ready to go back in the sky," when someone comments on how she's a traffic reporter. She immediately has issue with Bobby over filming in the firehouse. Although with permission from the Chief, Taylor and her film crew hang around the station doing interviews as well as coming along on calls. During the calls, she and Bobby continue to fight over her filming in relation to calls. It specifically gets in the way when a patient doesn't want to admit that they're on steroids in front of the camera.

After the team eats LSD-laced brownies, Bobby starts revealing information to Taylor and the camera about his late daughter. She has to call the police when he gets to the roof and seems to be about to jump but keeps recording as its happening. The footage she got of the incident doesn't make it in her report about the station though. The report gets labeled as a "puff piece" by Buck. When Buck goes to thank her for not including the footage, she admits that she wanted to include it, but the fire department's lawyers are scarier than the news station. She goes on to tell Buck say that her job is telling people stories even the ones they don't want told. When he comments on this just being a job for her, she tells him she's wanted to be a reporter since she was 14 and that she put herself through school to get there.


Taylor has shown to be very work-driven, with a big passion for her career. While she does come off as brash and nosy in many occasions, she also has a softer side to her internally, and has a hard time expressing her feelings. She felt lonely during quarentine, and was deeply hurt when she believed Buck was using her, telling him she really needed a friend. Unsolved mysteries never sat right with her. As her tramatizing past left her deeply scarred, she delves herself into mysteries and often times digs into places beyond her specialties, in order to find the truth.


Evan "Buck" Buckley

When Taylor gets rescues by the 118, Buck stops to talk to her because he recognizes her voice from her traffic show on the radio. The encounter seems rather flirty. They continue to be close and somewhat flirty as they continue to interact.

Taylor comes back two episodes later. She sees a newly single Buck when he's at a bar with Maddie and Chimney and orders him a drink. They talk for a while and eventually end up hooking up in the bathroom. Buck tells Bobby about the hook up and how he doesn't wanna go back to just sleeping around with random people. This prompts Buck to go and apologize to Taylor. She reminds him that she's a grown woman and she send him the first drink. With the tension broken, they return to the flirting nature. Buck mentions that he can check bar bathroom off his bucket list and Taylor asks him if a news van is on his list. They start to hook up in the van, but when Taylor gets notified of a 5 Alarm fire, she leaves Buck in the parking lot to go report it.

They don't interact again until Taylor makes a return in Season 4. Taylor and Buck make conversation during a negotiation situation. Buck brings her coffee after her report and tells her about his recent family discoveries. Taylor gives him advice and they part ways. Later, Buck calls her and invites her on a date. Taylor doesn't realize this because Buck told ex-date Veronica along with his roommate Albert that he would attend a double-date with a date of his own. Upon arrival Taylor realizes she and Buck wouldn't be alone and she leaves, calling Buck out on his neediness and poor friend habits as she does.

Buck is attempting to call Taylor to apologize at the station when he sees her reporting live on TV. On camera, Taylor begins to cry as she reports a huge batch of vaccines having to go unused because of a mess up at the hospital. Taylor chokes up and has to finish the report with her back to the camera. Buck is distraught for her when he sees her calling and she asks for a miracle. Buck and the 118 head down to the hospital to help with vaccine administration. Taylor thanks him and kisses his cheek fondly, Buck blushes.

Taylor returns in first responders where she has a lunch date with Buck. They decide to work together to look into the hit and run that occurred the night before. Afterwards, Taylor shows up at Buck's house with an alcoholic beverage as they celebrate justice together which has been served for Sue and Tracy Weber. In the season 4 finale, Taylor waits for Buck at the hospital and sees him when she hears that a firefighter has been shot which is assumed to be Eddie when she notices blood on Buck's pants which is Eddie's and Buck has to go inform Eddie's son Christopher which Taylor insists to drive Buck to since she cares for him as they're about to leave an ambulance pulls up into the hospital with another firefighter has been shot leaving Buck and Taylor both concerned to know what's going on. Later at Buck's house Taylor who is already there visiting him has a drink with him as she learns Buck put himself in jeopordy to save a construction worker without getting hurt which overwhelms Taylor but is relieved that he's ok and she then kisses Buck but then leaves afterwards but she later comes back to Buck's place and is relieved that he's ok and she then moves towards him and holds him in her arms and kisses him again as she wants to be with him. At the end of the episode finale she is seen at Eddie's home with Christopher, Ana and Eddie's family there throwing him a welcome home party.


  • In "Past is Prologue" Taylor revealed to Buck that Kelly is her middle name.
    • With the article Taylor was reading in "Ghost Stories" had the names of her parents, including their last name being Martin, this means that Taylor's full name is Taylor Kelly Martin.


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