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Shannon Diaz was Eddie's wife and Christopher's mom.


Early Life

At some point, Shannon and Eddie got married. In 2011, she gave birth to their son, Christopher. While her husband was deployed for most of Christopher’s first years, she was left alone to take care of him, which put a lot of stress on her. After Eddie returned, she left her’s and Eddie's home in Texas to take care of her sick mom, while also getting away from her marital issues with Eddie. Even after her mother's death, she didn't come back home, and disappeared for a little over two years.[1]

Reconciling with Eddie and Christopher

After around two or three years, Shannon and Eddie reunited in Eddie’s new home in Los Angeles, after Shannon was needed there to give consent for Christopher’s new school. Shannon’s stay in town was extended after she and her husband started fighting over past disputed, which lead to Shannon opening up about her struggles with raising Christopher all alone. Eddie and Shannon then shared an intimate kiss.[2]

Eddie and Shannon continued to sleep together in secret, until Shannon became adamant about seeing Christopher. Eddie being hesitant, made Shannon believe he hadn’t forgiven her yet. Finally, he allowed it, and on Christmas morning, Shannon surprised her son in their front yard.[3]

Shannon continued to stay in Eddie and Christopher’s lives, including staying by Eddie’s side during Chimney’s hospitalization, and them discussing their financial situation together.[4][5]


After a few months of living together, Shannon made a surprise announcement that she was possibly pregnant to Eddie, but it turned out she was just late. The incident caused her to evaluate her life, and confess to Eddie she wanted a divorce. She also talked about her writing a letter to Christopher, in case she tried to leave again.

The next morning, she was hit by a car, which caused severe damage to her spine, leaving her close to death. She expressed guilt for almost leaving again, and died saying ‘I love you’ to her husband. Her letter to Christopher was read by Eddie. [6]


Eddie Diaz

Christopher Diaz


  • She died a day after asking for a divorce from her husband.


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* denotes flashback only appearance.


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