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Season Three is the upcoming third season of 9-1-1: Lone Star. It was first announced on May 17, 2021. [1] It is set to premiere on January 3rd, 2022.[2]

Production of the third season began on September 7, 2021, and is expected to conclude on April 19, 2022. [3]


Confirmed Storylines

  • A second crossover with the original series has been confirmed to happen sometime in 2022. [4] The crossover will last two hours.
  • A storyline continuing off the revelations of "Dust to Dust", and how the 126 crew will "not take no for an answer". [5]
  • An "Owen Begins" episode showing the time Owen was going through 9/11.
  • The natural disaster of the premiere will most likely be a winter storm.
  • Season 3 will pick up not long after season 2.
  • The first two episodes will be a part of a two hour premiere. It will be heavily TK-focused.
  • Gwyn Morgan and Tim Rosewater will be coming back for at least one episode. [6] [7]



Guest Starring


No. Title Directed by Written by Airdate Viewers (million)
1 "The Big Chill"[8] Bradley Buecker Rashad Raisani & Tim Minear January 3rd, 2022


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Behind the Scenes



  • On May 25, 2021 it was announced Brianna Baker, who portrays paramedic Nancy Gillian, would be upgraded to the main cast for this season. [9]