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Season Three is the third season of 9-1-1. It was announced that the series had been renewed for a third season on March 25, 2019.[1]

The third season premiered on September 23, 2019 with "Kids Today" and concluded on May 11, 2020 with "What's Next?".

Production of Season 3 began on July 16, 2019 [2] and concluded approximately during January/February 2020. [3]


Buck is seen enjoying the day with Christopher (Eddie's son) at the beach. However, the beach-goers soon realize a tsunami is headed their way when the waters recede and start running from the beach.[4]



Guest Starring


No. Title Directed by Written by Airdate Viewers (million)
1 "Kids Today" Jennifer Lynch Kristen Reidel September 23, 2019 7.14[11]
9-1-1 3x01 .jpg Athena enlists the 118's help when a teenager speeds out of control on the freeway. Meanwhile, a routine traffic stop uncovers a shocking kidnapping and Buck struggles with his recovery.
2 "Sink or Swim" Bradley Buecker Juan Carlos Coto September 30, 2019 7.46[12]
Sink or Swim.png A massive tsunami hits the Santa Monica Pier, placing Buck and Christopher's lives in danger.
3 "The Searchers" Chad Lowe David Fury October 7, 2019 7.34[13]
303Promo12.png Athena, Maddie, Bobby and the 118 races to save lives after a massive tsunami hits the Santa Monica Pier and Buck fears the worst when Christopher goes missing.
4 "Triggers" Joaquin Sedillo David Fury & Christopher Monfette & Tonya Kong October 14, 2019 6.30[14]
Triggers 1.jpg The first responders race to save workers in a high-rise during a fire drill; a mother and her sons involved in a perilous car accident; and squabbling siblings fighting over a family heirloom. Meanwhile, Buck delivers surprising news to Bobby, Eddie helps Christopher cope with the trauma of the tsunami, Hen and Karen debate expanding their family and Maddie decides to take action against a possible wife abuser.
5 "Rage" Jann Turner Lyndsey Beaulieu October 21, 2019 6.54[15]
Rage promotional 01-0.jpg The 118 races to help protesters at a slaughter house, and a wife who finds herself trapped in a "rage room" with her husband's mistress. Meanwhile, Athena takes action after Michael, May, and Harry experience a traumatic traffic stop. Also, the team feels betrayed by Buck when his suit against the city goes to arbitration and Eddie turns to Lena in his struggles with his anger issues.
6 "Monsters" Tina Mabry Christopher Monfette October 28, 2019 6.26[16]
9-1-1 3x6 1.jpg Athena and the 118 respond to bizarre emergency calls on Halloween, including a flock of crows terrorizing a field trip, an office employee having a close encounter with an eight-limbed creature and a ghost-like girl wandering a neighborhood. Meanwhile, Maddie remains convinced that she is doing the right thing in taking a 9-1-1 call into her own hands.
7 "Athena Begins" Tasha Smith Kristen Reidel November 4, 2019 6.08[17]
9-1-1 3x7 4.jpg When a murder weapon from a case close to Athena in the early '90s resurfaces, flashbacks to 1989 show how Athena joined the LAPD and became the police officer she is today.
8 "Malfunction" Joaquin Sedillo Tonya Kong November 11, 2019 6.54[18]
3x08 2.jpg Emergencies include a skating mishap at an ice show, an accident involving a self-driving car and a fulfillment warehouse robot going rogue. Meanwhile, Eddie's after-hours fight club gets out-of-control and Hen struggles in her relationship with Karen.
9 "Fallout" Marcus Stokes Juan Carlos Coto November 25, 2019 6.14[19]
3x09 1.jpg The 118 responds to debris from a meteor shower crashing into an apartment building and a deadly fire caused by a hazardous waste truck crash inside a tunnel. Meanwhile, Hen struggles with guilt over her ambulance accident, Bobby introduces Eddie to an old friend to help with his anger and Maddie receives an urgent call for help.
10 "Christmas Spirit" Alonso Alvarez-Barreda Andrew Meyers December 2, 2019 6.74[20]
3x10 1.jpg The 118 responds to holiday-themed incidents, including a shopper pushed over the edge, a woman who is literally having a "Blue Christmas" and a luggage handler accident on a tarmac. Meanwhile, Maddie revisits her past to embrace her future and Bobby receives shocking news.
11 "Seize the Day" Sarah Boyd Lyndsey Beaulieu March 16, 2020 6.97[21]
3x11 1.jpg The 118 responds to a skydiving trip gone wrong, a bank rep injured in a home repossession and a lovestruck assistant whose lunch run ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Athena and the family come to terms with Michael's difficult health decision and Chimney's half-brother from Korea (guest star John Harlan Kim) unexpectedly shows up at his doorstep.
12 "Fools" David Grossman Andrew Meyers March 23, 2020 7.27[22]
9-1-1 3x12 2.jpg The 118 responds to a viral stunt gone haywire, a disaster at a couple's fishing trip and an epic first date fail. Meanwhile, Athena investigates a woman who doesn't remember being shot in the head and Eddie is forced to have a difficult conversation with Christopher.
13 "Pinned" John J. Gray Nadia Abass-Madden & Juan Carlos Coto March 30, 2020 7.21[23]
9-1-1 3x13 7.jpg The 118 responds to accidents at a bowling alley and a home renovation, as Athena pursues a car thief. Bobby and Michael take Harry camping and Chimney and Maddie rush into action when their romantic dinner date takes a wild-turn.
14 "The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1" Marshall Tyler Nadia Abass-Madden & Andrew Meyers April 13, 2020 7.35[24]
9-1-1 3x14 1.jpg Maddie fears for herself and her co-workers when the call center is taken hostage.
15 "Eddie Begins" Robert M. Williams Jr. Story by: Robert M. Williams Jr. & Christopher Monfette
Teleplay by: Christopher Monfette
April 20, 2020 6.63 [25]
911 3x15 13.jpg Eddie's journey to rescue a boy from a well turns into a mission to save himself from his past.
16 "The One That Got Away" Millicent Shelton David Fury April 27, 2020 6.80[26]
9-1-1 3x16 1.jpg The 118 fights an apartment building blaze and attempts a daring rescue of a blind woman trapped inside. When Athena responds to a simple accident call, she discovers a potentially more sinister crime. Meanwhile, Hen performs a risky medical procedure after an accident at a televised cooking show and Buck meets a retired firefighter and is inspired to reunite him with his lost love.
17 "Powerless" Kristen Reidel Lyndsey Beaulieu & Kristen Reidel May 4, 2020 6.98[27]
9-1-1 3x17 3.jpg The 118 races to rescue a little girl in a runaway hot air balloon and help with a city power outage caused by a hijacked tree-trimmer truck. Meanwhile, Athena's investigation into the serial rapist case puts her life in jeopardy
18 "What's Next?" Jennifer Lynch Juan Carlos Coto & Kristen Reidel May 11, 2020 7.28[28]
9-1-1 3x18 1.jpg The 118 rushes to save lives in the aftermath of a massive train derailment.





  • Gavin McHugh was upgraded to the main cast for this season.
  • Episode 7 was revealed to be titled "Athena Begins" and focused around Athena Grant's backstory.[29]
  • Eddie's origin backstory was revealed to be explored this season, on how he earned his Silver Star in Afghanistan, when he first learned of Chris’s diagnosis, and the difficulties that ended up in the dissolution of his marriage. This would later be seen in "Eddie Begins". [30] According to a tweet by executive producer Tim Minear, this story will be shown in Episode 15. [31]
  • Executive producer Tim Minear teased on January 21, 2020 that Connie Britton would return as Abigail Clark in a guest starring role for the second half of the third season. [32] This was later confirmed on April 27, 2020. [33]
  • According to Tim Minear, the last 8 episodes of the season were edited from remotely at his home due to the Coronavirus lockdown. [34]


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