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Sal Deluca is a former firefighter at Station 118. He was suspended for six weeks and then reassigned to Station 122 by Bobby Nash for disobeying a direct order. He witnessed the beginnings of Henrietta Wilson and Bobby Nash in the team.


Deluca was a former firefighter at Station 118. He was good friends with Henrietta Wilson, Howard Han, and Tommy Kinard.

In "Bobby Begins Again", Deluca defies a direct order from Robert Nash during the Guillermo's Restaurant fire. Despite the fact that Deluca had saved Freddie Costas, Bobby still confronts him about disobeying the order. Deluca, angry at Bobby for trying to change things at the 118, confronts Bobby, while Chimney reminds him that he should not be angry about getting passed up for the captain position. When Deluca still refuses to "respect the chain of command", Bobby fires him on the spot, shocking everyone.

Later, Hen talks to Bobby about what had happened earlier, and Bobby asserts that he had only suspended Deluca for six weeks. He also had recommended to the chief that Deluca be reassigned to Station 122 once his suspension is over. Hen is surprised, and impressed, that Bobby gave Deluca mercy. Hen later tells Chimney and Tommy about this, and they are surprised with the outcome of the situation as well.

It is unknown what happened to Deluca after this, but it is possible that he still works at Station 122.


  • Applied for the Captain position at The 118, when Robert Nash got the job.


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