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Ryan Guzman is an American actor who portrays Edmundo Diaz on FOX's 9-1-1.


Guzman was born in Abilene, Texas, but moved to Sacramento, California at an early age. His father Ramon is Mexican and his mother Lisa has English, German, French, Dutch, and Swedish ancestry. He attended Sierra College in Rocklin, California where he played on the baseball team as a left handed pitcher. However, an injury forced Guzman to retire from playing baseball.

Guzman began acting in 2012. He is known for his roles as Sean Asa in the Step Up series, Noah Sandborn in The Boy Next Door, Carlos Gutierrez in the mini series Heroes Reborn, and as Roper in the Richard Linklater series Everybody Wants Some!! Since 2018, Guzman has starred on 9-1-1 as firefighter Edmundo Diaz.

Guzman has dated Brazilian actress Chrysti Ane since 2018. The couple announced in September 2018 that they were expecting their first child, a boy. Guzman and Ane announced their engagement in December 2018. In January 2019, their son Mateo was born. Guzman's second child, a daughter named Genevieve, was born in January 2021.


  • His character, Eddie was born in Texas similar to him. The only difference is that Eddie was born in El Paso, while Guzman was born in Abilene.
  • He is the second main cast member on 9-1-1 to have been born in Texas, with the other being Jennifer Love Hewitt. Both Hewitt and Guzman joined the cast of 9-1-1 prior to the beginning of Season 2.

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