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"911. What's your emergency?"
Abigail Clark

"Pilot" is the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1. It was written by Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy & Tim Minear and directed by Bradley Buecker.


It takes a team of people to help answer the famous question, "911, what's your emergency?" Detective Athena Grant works as a member of the police force, handling cases that require her sharp mind and expertise, while also trying to juggle her own family drama. Bobby Nash and his team of firefighters help execute the daring rescues that often come along with these life-threatening situations. Meanwhile, Abby Clark spends her days taking and fielding emergency calls at the 911 call center, but constantly desires to know what happens after she sends help.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Flavia Watson as Groovyheels
  • Taylor Gray as Steve
  • Maddie Nichols as Marika
  • Vahe Bejan as Father
  • Rachel Breitag as Tatiana
  • Mina Joo as Veronica
  • Alex Loynaz as Terry
  • Nicole Reddinger as Woman #2
  • Matthew Fahey as Junkie
  • Lissa Pallo as Woman
  • Glenn Fernandez as Boy
  • Troy Ian Hall as Cop
  • Harrison White as Old Man
  • Jeannie Bolét as ER Doctor
  • Annie Tedesco as Emma Coughlin

911 Cases

  • Unnamed Boy
    • Reason for 911 Call:
      • Boy drowned in his pool, found by his mother.
    • Process:
      • Mother called 911. The 911 operator, Abigail Clark dispatches the nearest emergency responders while also instructing the mother to do CPR. The firefighters arrive and take over from the mother. Buck performs CPR in between shocks from the defibrillator. The mother puts the phone down and the boy coughs the water out of his lungs.
  • Woman #2
    • Reason for 911 Call:
      • A woman is about to jump from the building.
    • Process:
      • The man who called 911 informs Abigail Clark whats going on with the woman on the roof. Robert Nash is the first responder who tries to talk the girl down by offering to personally help her get through it. Unfortunately, the woman doesn't listen to reason and jumps to her death.
  • Baby in the Wall
    • Reason for 911 Call:
      • Steve thought he heard a baby crying in the wall of his apartment.
    • Process:
      • Once arriving at the apartment, the first responders suspect that Steven is high, though Robert Nash hears the baby himself and gets the others to get the tools. Evan Buckley instinctively goes for the axe and prepares to hack the wall down until the others stop him and remind him that he could hit the baby. They cut a piece of wall out, revealing the pipe the baby is stuck in. Henrietta Wilson realizes that the pipe takes the whole building sewage and rushes out of the apartment and shouts to the residents in the floors above the apartment no to flush the toilet as it would drown the baby. While this is happening, Athena Grant goes door to door under the suspicion that a teenage girl has given birth on the toilet. One resident runs back into their room upon seeing Athena which Athena presumes is the person responsible for the baby. They refuse to open the door and Athena follows the blood drops on the floor to a hole in the floor which is highly suggestive that it is the place where the girl gave birth. Athena then goes back to the apartment and kicks the door open and finds the girl bleeding in her bed. Back with the firefighters, they cut the pipe off of the wall and use the lube from the defibrillator to make the baby easier to remove. Once out, Buck takes the baby to the ambulance where Athena insists they take the girl with them. They are then taken to the local hospital where they receive medical attention.
  • Jesse
    • Reason for 911 Call:
      • Jesse's snake is trying to strangle her.
    • Process:
      • After arriving, the firefighters try to remove the snake from Jesse's neck but fail. Henrietta Wilson suggests sedating the snake, however, Robert Nash informs the others that the snake is tightening its grip cutting off more air from Jesse's lungs which means that they don't have time to sedate the snake. Evan Buckley thinks fast and uses the axe to chop off the snake's head, releasing its grip on her neck. The others seem to disapprove with Buck's action.
  • Lily Coughlin
    • Reason for 911 call:
      • Lily in her house, alone, while her house is being burgled.
    • Process:
      • 911 operator instructs Lily Coughlin to remain in her parent's bedroom out of the way of the burglars. The little girl gives Abby a description of her house as she doesn't know her address. Abby sends Athena Grant, a local officer to search for the house. The little girl gives Abby her mother's phone number but it is revealed that her mother's phone is also in the house. Upon realizing that finding the house is like finding a needle in a haystack, Athena requests for assistance from the fire department. Evan Buckley arrives and drives up and down the estate with his sirens on the fire engine. This is so that when the sirens can be heard on the phone, they know that the house is nearby. They find the house Lily tries to escape but is caught by the burglars. Abby tries to reason with them by telling them how to escape while evading the police, all while leading them to Athena. One of the burglars escapes, however, and takes the dirtbike on the lawn and drives away. The mother arrives and takes her daughter into her arms. The burglar then starts shooting at them and Athena moves then behind the fire engine. Buck then aims the fire hose at the burglar and shoots highly pressurized water at him, knocking him off which allowed Athena to take him into custody.


  • The first episode was reportedly going to be directed by McG,[3] however, it was later reported that Bradley Buecker would replace McG as director of the episode.[4] McG was also one of the executive producers on the show but left due to creative differences. Bradley also took McG's position as executive producer.
  • In the press release, actor Rockmond Dunbar is not listed as being part of the cast despite him being part of the main cast of the show.[5]
  • Also in the press release, Athena Grant is named a detective when she is only an officer.
  • The scene in which a fire truck was based on a true story, how an emergency dispatcher use the sounds of the different emergency vehicles at various station in order to find someone.
  • Buck's sexual partner, Groovyheels, makes a note of Buck's birthmark confusing it with a bruise (this is actually a real birthmark on actor Oliver Stark's face). Originally at least one person on every call was going to mention it in this episode. The birthmark is mentioned again by Hen in Worst Day Ever.
  • Robert Nash mentions he and Evan Buckley are both Bruce Springsteen fans as they went to a concert together.


  • Bobby, as a fire captain does not have the authority to fire employees. Such a decision would be made by the fire chief. A captain would document the misconduct, and in all likelihood, Buck would have been fired or at the very least suspended.


Song Artist Timestamp* Storyline
"Heroes" Peter Gabriel
"Firework" Katy Perry The priest's ringtone that interrupts Bobby while he is confessing.
"Bad Reputation" Bass Drum Of Death Plays while Buck is driving the firetruck through traffic to meet a girl.
"Under Pressure" Queen, David Bowie Plays after Bobby gives Buck his job back.
"Fade Into You" Mazzy Star 32:00 Snake scene.

*Timestamps are rounded to the minute.





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