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Pepper is a character on FOX's 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star. She debuts in the tenth episode of the third season of 9-1-1 and is portrayed by guest star Erin Karpluk.



Pepper getting arrested

During a holiday shopping trip where she intended to get the Dancing Dapper Duck toy for her daughter, she was quickly pushed around when arriving at the store by someone stealing her parking spot and people shoving her inside the store during the frenzy. Remaining a bit calm, she arrived at the aisle with the toy, where parents ran and shoved around to grab the last toys. As she got her hands on one, another parent snatched it out of her hand. Angered, she grabbed pepper spray and sprayed it in his eye, snatched the toy and defensively sprayed it at anyone else who intervened, causing a huge scene. The store Santa tries to calm her down, but she ends up spraying him in the eyes instead. She is later seen being arrested by Athena Grant but notices that an officer had taken the toy. She thanks him for saving it, but Athena tells her it was going to the evidence locker, as she is being taken away. [1]


After getting released from jail, she completes a court-mandated training on anger management as a result of her previous actions. She gets divorced from her ex-husband, and after it is finalized, she relocates to Austin. In her new house, she decides to build a meditation room and hires a handyman, Chad to help with the lighting. Finding him attractive, she subtly tries to flirt with him, while he is doing work talking about her divorce, and relocation from California to Texas. She finds out he is also divorced, and takes the opportunity and offers him water. She gets a glass of water from the sink and walks back into the room, and suddenly sees him convulsing on the floor, seemingly being electrocuted from the wire he is holding. Panicking, she tries to get him to let go of the wire without touching him but is unsuccessful. She grabs a 2x4 wooden beam and strikes him a couple of times, making him finally drop the wire. She calls 9-1-1 immediately, and the 126 respond. She frantically explains the situation to the crew, while TK and Paul check out Chad's vitals. When Michelle and the paramedics arrive, TK reports that Chad's blood pressure is normal, to her surprise. Michelle and the paramedics discover a few broken ribs and arm injuries on Chad as a result of Pepper hitting him, and she confesses but defends that she had to because he was clutching onto a live wire. Paul notices that Chad's hands are not burned, as they would have had he been electrocuted. Pepper points towards the wire, but Judd finds that it was unconnected, confusing her. Michelle finds a medical alert medallion on Chad, that reveals he has epilepsy, concluding he wasn't electrocuted, just postictal from a seizure. Realizing she had just accidentally beat an epileptic, Pepper, feeling horrible apologizes to Chad as he's being wheeled away on the gurney. [2]


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