Owen Strand is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is a former Manhattan firefighter that relocated to Austin, Texas with his son, TK Strand. He débuts in the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by starring cast member Rob Lowe.

Before the series began, Owen was present at ground zero during 9/11 with his crew, in Lower Manhattan as the buildings came down. Most of them were tragically killed except for himself, and he successfully rebuilt the station from scratch. A couple of years later, he is invited to do the same with Station 126 in Austin, who had suffered a recent tragedy of most of their firefighters being killed. While reluctant at first, he eventually decides to go down with his adult son, TK, and began the process of rebuilding once again.


While working as a lifeguard in East Hampton during the summer, Owen was on duty, when he saw a little girl and her mother swimming beyond the buoys. Before he could blow his whistle, a riptide caught them both and they were pulled under. The mother came up, but her daughter didn't. Owen rescued them both, but the little girl began to turn blue. His training as a lifeguard automatically kicked in, reviving the little girl with CPR and mouth to mouth. Realizing that being of service is a way to give his life some meaning, he drops out of law school three months later and joins the fire academy. At some point between those times, he met his first wife, Gwenyth who was also studying law and they were married, having a son, TK.[1]

Years later, Owen was present at ground zero during 9/11 with his crew, Station 252 in Lower Manhattan as the buildings came down. As the South tower fell, the heat became so intense, that metal melted but the crew went in regardless, tragically killing most of them except for Owen.[2] A total of 343 firefighter's lives were lost that day, 14 from Station 252.[1] After the events, he rebuilt the station from scratch and kept a piece of the building on his desk as a reminder of the tragedy.

Often times after the tragedy, he would stay late behind at the firehouse to help console any of his members having a rough time. As a result, it would lead to arguments with Gwenyth, and her growing tired of him using the tragedy as an excuse, notably missing TK's sixth birthday. These arguments presumably led to the dissolution of their marriage and into their divorce. [1] In between this time, Owen also remarried but got divorced shortly after calling the marriage a "mistake".

TK telling Owen about the proposal.

Years later, when TK becomes an adult, he works with his father at Station 252, the same one he rebuilt. During a rescue, TK tells him he intended to propose to his boyfriend, Alex. Owen expressed his concern that the two had not even moved in together yet. TK assured things will be okay, and he had already bought the ring. Owen approved the proposal but notably begins coughing. Owen tells a worried TK not to worry, as it was probably just a viral thing and goes to the doctors to get some antibiotics.


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Unfortunately, Owen finds out that it was not a virus, but his doctor says it was rather tumors at stage 1B for lung cancer. Owen denies any exposure near any risks but learns that as a result of being at ground zero, by the 20th-anniversary of 9/11, more survivors that day and during the cleanup will get sick or die than those who were killed on the day itself. Owen asks if he was going to die, but the doctor reassures that this was the best-case scenario to be diagnosed now. He finds out he can work, and the numbers are on his side for survival, but to let this be a time to reflect on his life and see if things are what he wants them to be, as the hardest part of the condition was more of the psychological effect. He worries that he would not make it in time for TK's wedding, but the doctor tells him they would try their best to make sure it happens. Later that night, he goes to the 9/11 memorial to reflect and think things over.

Relocating to Texas

Owen being asked to come down to Austin.

In the morning, still distracted by his thoughts, he arrives to work and meets Beth Healy from the Department of Justice, and Deputy Fire Chief Alden Radford to come down to Austin, Texas and rebuild Station 126, a station that had just suffered a tragedy six months prior from scratch just as he did in Manhattan. Owen questions why the Department of Justice was involved, and she tells him there had been an inclusivity issue down in Austin, where the Civil Rights division got involved. Though Strand is confused about why they didn't hire someone diverse if the department focused on it, Radford tells him they needed him, as an outsider who understood how much the community would heal if he rebuilt the house. Owen denies the offer, but Radford gives him his card in case he changes his mind.

A horrified Owen finding TK on the ground.

After they leave, Owen asks a coworker where TK was and she tells him he hasn't come in yet. A worried Owen shows up to his apartment, knocking on the door to no answer. Suddenly concerned, he calls in a crew to bring in a battering ram to open the door, and finds TK on the floor, having overdosed on oxycontin. Horrified, he tries to wake him up and the crew successfully does. TK wakes up and tries to apologize to his father, as he comforts him.

Owen comforting TK after he is revived.

Owen deciding to come down to Texas with TK.

A little while later, the two of them talk, with Owen questioning his son where he got the pills from, and if this was his first relapse. TK tells him he hadn't touched a pill for years up until then, and that the opioid crisis made him get the pills easily. TK tells Owen that Alex was in love with someone else, and they broke up before he could propose. Owen comforts him, and TK asks if he had to report this to the department, worrying that he could be suspended. Owen tells him the entire crew was there and they used the battering ram, but is convinced to report as an accidental overdose. Owen tells him in exchange that it would be a 'tough love' deal with TK from now on, it starts with telling him to go to therapy twice a week, with a therapist he chooses, and for him to pack his bags, as he takes the deal to relocate to Texas. [2]

As soon as they arrive, they go to the station building, which had been closed down temporarily after the tragedy.


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