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"I have three commitments to my people. Everybody who clocks in will also clock out, everybody gets a fair shake, and no one, and I mean no one, gets left behind when it comes to skincare."
—Owen Strand[src]

Owen Strand is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is a former Manhattan firefighter that relocated to Austin, Texas with his son, TK Strand. He debuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by starring cast member Rob Lowe.


Early life

Owen was born in Santa Monica, California. When he was 12, he and his 10 year old brother, Tyler headed to LA County Beach to teach him the beginnings of surfing. Despite Tyler's telling him he is ready to go into the waves, Owen tells him he is still too young but promises next year, before going in the water to surf himself. Tyler follows him, promising he would follow his instructions. Owen then agrees, letting his brother in the water, and finding him a small wave for him to surf on. Unfortunately, Owen does not notice the wave is much bigger than anticipated and quickly tells his brother to swim back, but is too late as Tyler is sucked under the wave. He panics and runs back to the shore, finding his unconscious brother washed up near the pier. He runs and finds a lifeguard, and she instructs him to call 9-1-1. The coast guard is able to take him to the hospital, where he meets his parents. His father, Walter, assures his son he did the right thing, while Catherine, his mother is worried about how long Tyler was in the water. When the couple go see the doctor, Owen overhears that Tyler did not survive, devastating the family. A tearful Owen then turns to the hospital wall, seeing a painting of a clown, sparking his coulrophobia.

The grief of losing Tyler eventually tore the family apart, leading Catherine to decide to move to New York with a reluctant Owen. He refuses to go and begs Walter to fight for them to stay together. Walter tells him to go with his mother and he tearfully looks on as they leave in the car, turning away and becoming angry, feeling abandoned. As a result of blaming himself for breaking up the family, Owen begins to build up anger issues that would last him into late adulthood. [1]

A few years later, while working as a lifeguard in East Hampton during the summer, Owen was on duty, when he saw a little girl and her mother swimming beyond the buoys. Before he could blow his whistle, a riptide caught them both and they were pulled under. The mother came up, but her daughter didn't. Owen rescued them both, but the little girl began to turn blue. His training as a lifeguard automatically kicked in, reviving the little girl with CPR and mouth to mouth. Realizing that being of service is a way to give his life some meaning, he drops out of law school three months later and joins the fire academy. At some point between those times, he met his first wife, Gwyneth who was also studying law and they were married, having a son, Tyler Kennedy, named after his brother.[2]

Years later, Owen was present at ground zero during 9/11 with his crew, Station 252 in Lower Manhattan as the buildings came down. As the South tower fell, the heat became so intense, that metal melted but the crew went in regardless, tragically killing most of them except for Owen.[3] A total of 343 firefighter's lives were lost that day, 14 from Station 252.[2] After the events, he rebuilt the station from scratch and kept a piece of the building on his desk as a reminder of the tragedy.

Often times after the tragedy, he would stay late behind at the firehouse to help console any of his members having a rough time. He started drinking a lot and his absence would lead to arguments with Gwyneth, and her growing tired of him using the tragedy as an excuse, notably missing TK's sixth birthday. The first night he slept on the couch, Gwyn still made sure he wasn't old by putting a blanket over him and telling him she loved him. The night he moved out of their house, Gwyn told him he "sucked the joy out of their family and out of her" and Owen told her to get over it. They divorced soon after that.

In between this time, Owen also remarried to a woman called Lorraine, but got divorced shortly after calling the marriage a "mistake".


Years later, when TK becomes an adult, he works with his father at Station 252, the same one he rebuilt. During a rescue, TK tells him he intended to propose to his boyfriend, Alex. Owen expressed his concern that the two had not even moved in together yet. TK assured things will be okay, and he had already bought the ring. Owen approved the proposal but notably begins coughing. Owen tells a worried TK not to worry, as it was probably just a viral thing and goes to the doctors to get some antibiotics.

Unfortunately, Owen finds out that it was not a virus, but his doctor says it was rather tumors at stage 1B for lung cancer. Owen denies any exposure near any risks but learns that as a result of being at ground zero, by the 20th-anniversary of 9/11, more survivors that day and during the cleanup will get sick or die than those who were killed on the day itself. Owen asks if he was going to die, but the doctor reassures that this was the best-case scenario to be diagnosed now. He finds out he can work, and the numbers are on his side for survival, but to let this be a time to reflect on his life and see if things are what he wants them to be, as the hardest part of the condition was more of the psychological effect. He worries that he would not make it in time for TK's wedding, but the doctor tells him they would try their best to make sure it happens. Later that night, he goes to the 9/11 memorial to reflect and think things over.

Relocating to Texas

In the morning, still distracted by his thoughts, he arrives to work and meets Beth Healy from the Department of Justice, and Deputy Fire Chief Alden Radford to come down to Austin, Texas and rebuild Station 126, a station that had just suffered a tragedy six months prior from scratch just as he did in Manhattan. Owen questions why the Department of Justice was involved, and she tells him there had been an inclusivity issue down in Austin, where the Civil Rights division got involved. Though Strand is confused about why they didn't hire someone diverse if the department focused on it, Radford tells him they needed him, as an outsider who understood how much the community would heal if he rebuilt the house. Owen denies the offer, but Radford gives him his card in case he changes his mind.

After they leave, Owen asks a coworker where TK was and she tells him he hasn't come in yet. A worried Owen shows up to his apartment, knocking on the door to no answer. Suddenly concerned, he calls in a crew to bring in a battering ram to open the door, and finds TK on the floor, having overdosed on oxycontin. Horrified, he tries to wake him up and the crew successfully does. TK wakes up and tries to apologize to his father, as he comforts him.

A little while later, the two of them talk, with Owen questioning his son where he got the pills from, and if this was his first relapse. TK tells him he hadn't touched a pill for years up until then, and that the opioid crisis made him get the pills easily. TK tells Owen that Alex was in love with someone else, and they broke up before he could propose. Owen comforts him, and TK asks if he had to report this to the department, worrying that he could be suspended. Owen tells him the entire crew was there and they used the battering ram, but is convinced to report as an accidental overdose. Owen tells him in exchange that it would be a 'tough love' deal with TK from now on, it starts with telling him to go to therapy twice a week, with a therapist he chooses, and for him to pack his bags, as he takes the deal to relocate to Texas. [3]

As soon as they arrive, they go to the station building, which had been closed down temporarily after the tragedy.

Cancer's Treatment

Owen starts his treatment in "Yee-Haw", it's called adaptive therapy where they use immunotherapy and limited chemo to slow its growth so he will die as an old man with cancer "many, many years from now" rather than from cancer soon. Unfortunately, he has to stop getting his hair treatment because it would interfere with his treatment which caused him to have nightmares about losing his hair during the episode. He starts his chemotherapy in "Texas Proud" where he met a man called Wayne who gives him advices on how to tell the people he's close to. During "Act of God", he has to tell TK about his cancer when his son found nausea med for chemo patients in his office. In "Studs", TK accompanies him for the first time during a chemo session where Wayne starts talking about the side effect of the treatment on their sexual performances.

In "Monster Inside", his doctor tells him that he shouldn't be drinking during his treatment but she tells him that his cancer is 2,77% smaller than when they started the therapy and that the reduction is almost identical as what doctors observe on their canine counterpart who received first the immunotherapy drug cocktail before humans do. When the doctor tells him that while they're all treated in the best condition, some of the dogs don't have home to go to and Owen decides to adopt one of the dog: Buttercup.

Being Challenged by Billy

In "Friends Like These", he meets Billy Tyson who used to work at the 126 with Judd and took a year-long personal leave for a thyroid cancer when they lost the rest of their crew, he asked to rebuild the firehouse but Owen got his job and Billy now works as a captain for the 121. Billy comes to the 126 so Owen can gives him a tour of the new firehouse and when Owen tells him that he still haven't find a golf court to play, Billy tells him to go with him play golf where he does. Owen confides in him about his own cancer but Billy uses that against him to report it to Deputy Chief Radford. The Deputy Chief tells him that his cancer puts himself, the rest of his crew and the public at risk, Owen tells him that it won't be a problem and that he'll pass the CPAT in full PPEs.

In "Bum Steer", Owen gets TK to help him trains for the physical test as he is the only one who knows Owen is the one who come up with the test and not Billy or the Deputy Chief. When Judd learns that Owen is the one who came up with the test, he goes to see Owen and tells him it's weird how they went all the way to New York to bring him to Texas only to put him at risk of losing his job. Owen concludes that Judd spoke to Billy and knows that Owen is the one who asks for the test. Judd tells him that he's going to pray for him to succeed in that test because if Owen fails the test, he loses the firehouse and the rest of the 126 do as well. Billy and Owen meet up again on the golf court while it's raining and Billy starts threatening to fire Paul and Marjan because of their huge salary increases, Mateo because he took him five attempts to pass the test and while TK seems to have his head on his shoulders, Billy mentions what happened in New York and how weird it would be to keep TK around is his father isn't. Few seconds later, Billy is struck by a lightning and Owen carries him to the clubhouse in the rain and saved his life, also allowing to pass the test. Owen visits Billy at the hospital and the two decided to become friends.


In " Back in the Saddle", it's been a month since Owen finished his last round of immunotherapy. His blood work and pulmonary function tests look good, and his tumor has been reduced by 73%. The doctor tells him that his lung cancer is officially in remission and that he could do a surgery soon to remove the tumor completely. In "2100°", the 126 and their loved ones have a party to celebrate Owen's remission.


After Tim died right next to him, Owen starts having nightmares about him and while they're fighting a wildfire, he gets a concussion after a helicopter crash and starts having hallucinations of Tim who talks to him. Owen meets Hen who asks him if he can approves a chopper equipped with a rescue winch and infrared FLIR tech so they can search the hillside for the last kid before it gets dark. At first, Owen tells her that it's impossible because of the fire but then decides to accompany her in the chopper. The chopper then crash because of the wind and the fire. Because of the crash, Owen gets a concussion. Owen and Hen finds an abandoned mineshaft full of dynamites and they decide to use them. Owen and Hen both lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen but they're quickly find by the rest of their crews. Later, Hen tells Owen that maybe he should leave some ghosts in the mineshaft too.

Gwyn's Pregnancy

After learning that Gwyn is pregnant, the couple go to see a doctor in "Difficult Conversations" who tell them that this is a high-risk pregnancy for both Gwyn and the baby and that, usually, couples who are in their situations terminate the pregnancy. Later that day, they decide that the best thing to do would stop the pregnancy and Gwyn makes an appointment, but right before they leave, they argue and come to the conclusion that they both want to have that baby together. In "Everyone and Their Brother", Gwyn and Owen tell TK about the pregnancy. In "Displaced", Gwyn moves in with Owen by bringing all her stuff from New York to Austin and they start arguing about which kitchen equipment they should keep. Later in the episode, Gwyn tells Owen that the doctor messed the number of weeks Gwyn was pregnant and that there might be a chance that he isn't the father of the baby and that Enzo, her last boyfriend could be, because they had sex when he came to Austin when Owen and Gwyn hadn't decided on if what their relationship meant. It is revealed later that Owen is not the dad and that the baby is Enzo's. Gwyn, then, decided to go back to New York in "Bad Call".


In "A Little Help From My Friends", he helps TK and Carlos move in together and confirms to TK that he's okay with it and that even if TK has left their house, he won't be alone, Buttercup will still be there. Later, Owen finds Mateo sleeping in the training room after they both got kicked out of the firehouse by the next shift. Mateo asks him why Owen isn't at home and Owen asks him the same. Then, Mateo reveals to Owen that his house blew up and he didn't tell anyone because he was ashamed of the fact that he's a firefighter and let his house exploded. At the end of their discussion, Owen says that it sounds like Mateo is looking for a new roommate and when Mateo confirms it, Owen tells him that he knows someone who's looking for one too, himself. During shift, Mateo joins Paul and Marjan and he's nauseous at the mention of food due to being hangover. He reveals to them that he has now become roommate with Owen and last night had been hell. There's a flashback from the last night where Mateo asks Owen if TK will be cool with him staying in his room and Owen reassures him about TK not living there anymore. Owen gets the tequila out and they both start drinking, a lot. After a while, a drunk Owen tells Mateo that he didn't reschedule his cancer surgery, he cancelled it because he doesn't feel like it's the right time anymore. Mateo reveals it to Paul and Marjan and during a call, later in the day, they start talking about what happened with Owen but Owen interrupts them as they are talking about it on the open channel.

Later in the week, TK wakes Owen up at 2:30 in the afternoon and asks Owen how long he has been hiding the fact that he's depressed. TK learns that Owen cancelled his cancer surgery and plans an intervention for him in Owen's living room along with Carlos, Paul, Marjan, Mateo and Judd. TK reassures him that this is safe space and he can talks to them about what's happening. Owen asks Carlos what he thinks and Carlos says that "he's understandably on alert". Marjan goes next and tells him that her coming to Austin change her life and that he's the best captain. Judd starts and tells Owen that he's depressed and that everyone knows it. Owen tells them that he's not because he has nothing to be depressed about. TK answers that this is why they're worried because the future he was preparing himself for got ripped out from him. Owen responds that it's because he knows how to roll the punches and Judd says that, no, he knows how to take punches and that when they stop, he goes looking for more. TK tells Owen he believes he's always been "bear and grin kind of guy" and that he suspects Owen to be suffering from smiling depression which Paul explains he's a thing when you use an upbeat attitude to hide the fact that you're not talking care of yourself. Owen retorts that he's the person with the biggest skin care regiment out of all of them and can't believe they're saying he doesn't take care of himself. So TK asks him why he cancelled his surgery, Owen says that yes he cancelled his surgery but it's not because he's depressed or have a death wish, it's because TK was in the hospital and Judd had his car accident, and that it didn't feel like the right time. TK tells Owen he needs to reschedule the surgery right away because it took him months before scheduling the first one, only because he was "going to become a father", Owen says that "he was already a father" and that he will forever regret that choice of words. Owen asks about what if the surgery isn't successful and they can't get out of all the cancer and TK tells him that he's not afraid about that, he's afraid they won't find any more cancer and that he'll lose his biggest excuse to feel sorry for himself. Owen puts an end to the intervention and they all leave the house.

The next day, Owen finds Buttercup laying on the floor of the house, in pain and brings him to the veterinarian. He's joined there by TK and Carlos to who he's telling that Buttercup has a serious bowel blockage or most likely a new tumor. Owen tells TK that he's going to reschedule his surgery and do it today and he thanked them for the intervention because he really needed that kick in the ass. Soon, the vet comes back with Buttercup who's looking much better and she tells Owen, TK and Carlos that he had an obstruction but that it wasn't a tumor. Turned out, he swallowed Gwyn's sloth that she used as a slow tea infuser.

Recovery and Arson

In "Slow Burn", he wakes up after his surgery and Dr. Jacobs tells him that the tumor wa actually bigger than they thought and that even though, they managed to removed it, his recovery will takes longer, not 5 days anymore but 3 to 4 weeks. Stuck at home, Owen gets the visit of Judd who comes to talk to him about Marjan losing someone on a call and how he can't stop thinking of the other things he could've done to save both of them, Owen tells him that he should focus on the fact that he did save McKenna and that it's the "curse of being Captain" to always wonder what you could've done differently. When they're done talking, Judd mentions that since Owen is bored during his recovery, he should call Billy Tyson.

Owen goes to Billy's house where Billy tells him that his thyroid cancer came back and that he had COVID. There, Owen learns the existence of an app that rely the calls of the Austin PD and Austin FD that Billy listens to, to keep himself busy since he can't work anymore. During this recovery, Owen managed to repaint his bathroom, listened to meditation podcasts, repotted plants and finished the puzzle TK and Carlos gave him while listening to the app Billy uses. One night while he's out, TK calls him and asks him how he's doing before asking him if Owen would like to come for dinner with himself, Carlos and Carlos' parents; Gabriel and Andrea. Owen accepts and they hang up. He enters a bar to buy a bottle of juice. There he hears a call for the 126 about reported smoke, on his app from an adress close to the bar. He runs there and finds someone who immediately runs away when they saw him. Owen helps one man who's on fire and goes saving the life of another man in the building. The 126 arrives and Judd asks him what he's doing here and Owen tells him that he was in the area and tells Judd that they're dealing with arson. Judd asks him to leave the scene because he's not a Captain right now, just a civilian.

The next day, the AFD Arson Investigator comes to the firehouse and asks him questions about what he was doing in the area, what he saw, etc. Owen answers to his questions and tells him that he's convinced it's arson and that they should check the place again for evidences. Later, we see Owen buying things and trying to recreate a fire in his garden to prove that it was arson. Owen calls Billy and shows him what he found before telling him that there was similar cases in the past six months and that they need to go back to the building that was on fire the other night to find more proofs. Billy refuses to go with him because he's afraid of losing his pension and health. When he's supposed to go have dinner with TK, Carlos and Carlos' parents, Owen goes back to the building looking for evidences, unaware that the arsonist is behind him and hit him on the head. Owen regains consciousness in a building on fire with someone standing at the door, staring at him.

In "The Big Heat", he collapses due to the hit on his head and wakes up at Billy's house. Billy tells him that he's not responsible for Owen being hit, but he's the one who dragged him out of the warehouse on fire. Owen decides to go to the police because he now has proof at it was an arson. Then, Owen realises that he's late to the dinner with TK, Carlos and Carlos' parents, Gabriel and Andrea and go there, two hours late. At dinner, TK remarks that Owen smells like campfire and Owen tells him that it's from when he saved the man, earlier in the week, because his organic shampoo didn't manage to get rid off all the smell. Gabriel that he took Owen reporting the fire as an arson very seriously and that the Rangers have been looking into multiples suspicious fires during the year and that they unofficially think that it's a serial arsonist. Gabriel tells Owen and TK that he believes the arsonist is a firefighter because it would take someone with incredible skills to fly under the radar and that a serial arsonist is usually triggered by some sort of traumatic life event, someone who's been laid off, divorced or had a major illness around the new year. Owen asks him if he knows anyone who fit the profile, Gabriel says no but tells Owen to call if he ever has someone in mind.

Later that night, Owen gives Judd a visit to tell him about his suspicions on Billy being the arsonist and how he wants Judd to convince him that he's wrong even though, everything add up to his theory. Owen tells Judd about what Gabriel told him on the arsonist's profile and Judd tells him that it doesn't just sound like Billy, it also sounds like Owen. Owen tells him that Billy's cancer came back 5 months ago, right after Christmas, and that 5 days later, the fires started. Grace appears from the bedroom and tells them that Owen needs to report this, and that if he's wrong, the truth will be on Billy's side but if he's right then he got to stop him before he killed somebody.

Owen is arrested by Gabriel the next day after the police searched his house, for criminal trespass, reckless destruction of property, aggravated assault and arson. Owen is interrogated by Gabriel who tells him that his alibi sucked because he was two hours late for dinner. Gabriel tells him that there wasn't any footage of Owen going to buy limes in that store but there was footages of him buying accelerants, wire cutters, crimping tools and a bunch of others suspicious objects at a hardware store, a week ago and that they found a little arsonist workshop at his house with counterfeit circuit breakers that were used in the original warehouse arson. Owen asks him if the informant who gave him these evidences wouldn't happen to be Billy and then says that the reason he had all of these at this house was because he was trying to figure out how the arsonist did it and that since the only person he told was Billy, he's telling everyone that Owen is the arsonist because he knows Owen will soon found out that he's guilty. Owen asks Gabriel how can he be the arsonist when he's the one who reported the arson in the first place and Gabriel answers that most arsonist tends to suffer from illusions of grandeur and that they don't like being ignored. Finally, Gabriel tells Owen that there was a victim, a migrant called Jorge Cortez who died during the first fire at the warehouse and that now, Owen isn't just an arsonist, he's also a murderer.

Later, Investigator Raymond comes in the interrogation room, disconnects the camera and micro to make sure that this conversation stay between them. Owen tells Raymond that he was framed and that they should look into Billy Tyson. Raymond tells him that the only thing that matters is that Owen have to prove that Billy is guilty, he asks him if there's anything that Owen haven't tell Gabriel about the arsonist, like if there's any fires that Owen believes Billy has set but still haven't been revealed. Owen asks him why he should say anything when it could just be Raymond working with Gabriel on how to add more charges on Owen. Raymond tells him that he's not working with Gabriel and that he's Owen's only hope. Owen starts talking about more incidents that he wanted to look into but Gabriel entered the room and stopped them before he could say anything else. Gabriel re-enters the room and tells Owen about a witness that saw him during the warehouse fire and who was injured during the fire. He was badly injured and they didn't know whether or not he would pull through the surgery but he did and Gabriel tells him that when he wakes up, he will identify Owen as the arsonist. Owen then asks Gabriel if he shared that news about the witness with Billy since they're working closely on the case together.

It is revealed later that the arsonist was actually Investigator Raymond when he went to the hospital to try to kill the witness (who didn't exist and was replaced by a doll) and was arrested by Gabriel and the rest of the Texas Rangers. Gabriel starts interrogating Raymond but he wants to talk to Owen as well. Once Owen is in the room, he asks him how did he manage to figure out that he was the arsonist and Owen answers that he was just lucky. Raymond tells him to tell the actual truth and Owen says that he figured it out because it's how he would've done it. Raymond asks him to answer the question he asked Owen earlier about how many fires have been set by him. Owen answers with eleven, which is correct. But Raymond tells him that he's so close to the truth, because yes, there was eleven fires that were discovered but the question was: how many did he set? and the answer to that is a few more. Raymond tells them that since they took what was the most important to him, he's going to repay the favour. Then, he sets himself on fire.

Owen immediately calls Judd and tells him that everyone need to evacuate the firehouse now because the arsonist might have left a parting gift there and that the 126 is high on the list of the most important things in Owen's life. After the explosion, at the Ryder's house with Tommy, Billy, Judd and Grace; Tommy is talking to Charles on the phone and tells him that the bomb squad found two bombs at the firehouse: one in Owen's locker and another under a sink. Owen is concerned about the fact that Raymond talked about "few more fire" and right now, only one of them have been discovered and he thinks that the firehouse was only a diversion from the real thing. Owen tells them that right before he killed himself, Raymond said that he would take away the most important thing in the world to him. Billy interrupts him and tells him that he thought Raymond was talking to Gabriel and not Owen. Owen, then, understands that he was talking to both of them and that the targets are TK and Carlos. Owen tries to call TK multiple times but end up on his voicemail everytime. Once at their house, he finds TK and Carlos in the bedroom, ready to jump out of the window and with Billy and Judd's help he manages to get them out of the house, safely. Owen only ends up with burns on his forearm due to the fire.

Charles' Death

In "One Day", Owen is at the hospital where he meets Tommy and tells her he's here for a check up on his cancer surgery. He asks her what she's doing here and she tells him she's here for a relative who's having a procedure downstairs. At his appointment with Dr Jacobs, where she's checking on his scar and tells him that everything looks good, no swelling, no infection, no redness. Dr Jacobs asks him about the burns on his shoulders and back and that she would like to know how he got them. Owen tells her that it's a long story and that maybe he could tell her about it over coffee before stopping himself, remembering that she probably can't go out with her patient. She tells him that he's not her patient anymore so now he can calls her Barbara. They're interrupted by someone in the mic saying that Dr White and Dr Violet are paged to the ICU immediately, "Dr White" is a code for the staff to evacuate the hospital and "Dr Violet" is a code for a hostage situation.

Owen calls Tommy and asks her if she's still inside the building and tells her about the gunman in the hospital, she tells that she knows because she's looking right at him and that there's no need to worry because he only has a toy gun and that he's harmless. Tommy tells Owen that she needs him to buy them some times while she talks to George. Outside, Owen walks up to the Lieutenant Jeff Tyler who's in charge of the SWAT team and tells him that a colleague of him is inside with the gunman and that she's asking to give them a little more time. Tommy gets another call from Owen who tells her that she has ten minutes to get George to surrender but Tommy tells him that they changed their minds and that they're not coming out of the room and she quickly hangs up. Judd gets a call from Owen who asks him if he heard from Tommy today and Judd answers that they're watching her daughters right now. Owen asks Judd if Tommy told them she was at the hospital because of a relative getting a procedure done and which relatives of her live in Austin, Judd answers that it's only her and Charles. Then, Owen tells Judd about Tommy being in the middle of a police standoff.

After learning about Charles, Owen stops the SWAT and tells them to let him talk to Tommy and George so he can gets her to come out peacefully. Later, Owen stops the SWAT and comes into the room, telling Tommy that she's not fine and that he knows what happened. Owen tells her that he understands that she wants George to experience the miracle she's never going to get. Owen says that Tommy absolutely has to leave the room because there's a lot of guns pointing at them right now, and that her daughters already lost a parent, they can't lose both of them. The SWAT breaches in the ICU and they arrest George and as she is watching George's ex wife with their son - now awake - Tommy breaks down and starts crying while Owen is holding her.

Owen goes back to the firehouse - still in ruin - to see the damage and pick up the reminder from the South Tower he had since "Pilot" on his desk. He hears a music coming from downstairs and found TK, Carlos, Paul, Marjan, Mateo and Nancy having a party there since TK and Carlos' place burned down. TK asks him where he was all day and Owen answers that he will tell him later.

Dust Storm

In "Dust to Dust", Owen is meeting up with Deputy Chief Radford to discuss the necessary cuts in the Austin FD's budget and when will the 126 fire station reopens. At the end of the reunion, Radford tells Owen that he's going to retire soon and he offers the Deputy Chief position to Owen. Owen doesn't give him an answer and tells Billy about the offer when they're having lunch together. Owen saves the life of a little girl during the dust storm and then goes to look for Mateo when he learns that the man was outside during the storm. He finds him when Mateo is trying to save the life of people stuck in a building because of the plane crash and with the help of Mateo and the rest of the 126, they save the lives of the people stuck. Later that day, after a talk with Judd, he decides to rebuild the 126 station with the help of the team.

He's present when Billy comes to the station and tells them that he's going to be the next Deputy Chief and that he will shut down the 126 permanently. After learning that Billy isn't the Deputy Chief yet, Owen punches him.

A week after he punched him, in May, Owen is having a hearing with the Austin Fire Chief for punching Billy in the face after he closed down the firehouse. The Chief tells Owen that they're here to discuss the punching and not the fate of the 126. Owen replies that they should because he can accept being fired or suspended by it shouldn't have an impact on the members of the 126 who uprooted their lives to move to Austin and have served the city perfectly. The Chief refuses, suspends Owen and Owen tells the 126 that they're staying with their current firehouses.

Ice Storm

In "The Big Chill", it's been a month and a half since Owen left Austin for the Hill Country with Buttercup. There he meets Sadie, the woman who lives in the cabin next to him and moved few days ago after her divorce was finalised. She tells him that he looks pretty handy with an axe and he tells her that he used to use one in his former life, she jokes about him being an axe murderer. Sadie tells him to be careful because the snow here tends to make people go a little crazy.

Later, Marjan gets to the Hill Country and enters Owen's cabin when he opens the door, taking time to hug Buttercup when she's inside. Owen asks her if something happened and she tells him that nothing happened and that's why she's here. Marjan reminds him that it's demolition day, he tells her that he apparently missed the livestream and she replies that he did but that the ice storm has stopped the demolition process and that the building is still standing. Owen is confused about what she's getting at and Marjan tells him that the universe intervened, it gave them a stay of execution, that it's speaking to them and that they need to listen. Owen tells her that the universe doesn't speak. Owen tells her that the cold will go away and the firehouse will be destroyed and that she has to accept they've done everything they could. Marjan asks him if they really did everything they could before showing him the apology letter he was supposed to sign. Marjan tells him that he could've sign it months ago and be reinstated and asks him why he didn't. Owen replies that because it'd be a lie since he's not sorry he punched Billy. Marjan tells him that none of them are sorry it happened but that he let pride get in the way of what matters the most: putting their house back together. Owen tells her that even if he signs that letter, it won't bring back the 126 together, since the 126 is buried, regardless what Owen does. Marjan tells him that they've brought people back from the dead, how can he just give up like that. Owen answers that he can because he's tired of playing the hero since it only gives him haters, like Billy who just want to take him down, any way they can. Owen tells her that he learned his lesson and that he didn't give up, he's given in to reality and that's something Marjan should consider because they can't save the world since the world doesn't want to be saved. So instead of fighting it, he's going to try to enjoy it for the first time. Marjan accepts it reluctantly and starts leaving, refusing Owen's offer to stay until the storm passes. She puts the apology letter on his table and leaves his cabin.

Out on a walk in the snow with Buttercup, Owen notices that the weather is getting worse and tells Buttercup they're going back to the cabin except Buttercup took off through the snowed in fields to lead Owen somewhere. Owen follows him and finds a man unconscious in the snow, he shakes him to wakes him up but can't communicate with him, as the man is speaking in Spanish, a language Owen doesn't speak.

In "Thin Ice", Owen brings the man back to his cabin, laying him on the floor to treat his stab wound. He's interrupted by Sadie who visits him with hot toddies before she notices the other man. Owen tells her that he found the man in the snow, that he's hypothermic and have a stab wound that hit a brachial artery. He asks Sadie to take a clean pair of socks from the dresser and vodka, which she does, because Owen is going to have to cauterize the wound. He tells her that she has to try putting the socks in the man's mouth to see if he can bites down on it, she asks him if she should give him a glass of vodka first and Owen replies that the vodke is for them. The man wakes up and Sadie tells him in Spanish what's going to happen before Owen starts cauterizing the wound. The man passes out because of the pain. Owen tells Sadie that he's going to need an hospital and asks her if there's a landline at her place. She tells him that she doesn't but she have something that could replace it.

Later, Sadie comes back to the cabin, holding a box which contained a "relic", Owen asks her when was the last time she used it and Sadie replies that she never did but her ex, Clyde, collectioned ham radio. She apologises that she doesn't have the instructions but Owen tells her that it's fine and they'll figure it out together. Sadie gives him the emergency frequencies and Owen calls for help with the radio. It works and Owen manages to get in contact with the 9-1-1 dispatch of Kerrville. Dispatch tells him that they're jammed with the storm but they'll send someone up there whenever they can before cutting the communication. Sadie realises that he's actually a firefighter and Owen jokes about it being less exciting than an axe murderer. Sadie disagrees. While the man is unconscious, Sadie and Owen sit together at the table and Sadie wonders who stabbed him which Owen does too. She asks him if the man said anything to Owen and Owen replies that he was speaking Spanish and was pretty agitated. Sadie guesses that he's probably there illegally and that Coyotes use these backcountry roads as smuggling routes. Owen tells her that they're still really away from the border and Sadie tells him that it's been quite the thing these past few years and that people pay cartels to get them as far as Rio Grande as they can and that when they have them, they jack up the price and if they can't pay, they get rid of them. They're interrupted by Buttercup barking and the door opening and notice that the man is gone. Owen goes on the porch and screams for him without getting any answers, he grabs his coat and hat and leaves the cabin to find the man. Sadie tries to stop him but fails. Owen goes in the woods, yelling for the man who run away and he accidentally fall off an hill, knocking himself unconscious and laying on the ground.

He comes back to himself in a barn, full of people. A woman - Elena - hovers over him asking how is his head, Owen replies that it hurts. They found him in the storm and decided to bring him there. Owen asks her what happened and a man interrupts them in Spanish, telling them to not trust Owen because he could be with immigration. Owen tells them that he doesn't care where they're from, he's just glad they came and thanks them for saving him. Owen tells them that they can't stay in this barn because it's too cold. He asks again what happened to Elena and she tells him that they were transported from McAllen when the coyotes tried to take everything from them. They fought back and there was a crash and they took back what was theirs. The ones who could run away and the others stayed behind. Owen says that he thinks he found one who was injured and was looking for him when the storm hit. The doors of the barn open and Owen recognises the man who he was looking for, the guy gets a gun out of his pocket and Owen realises that's the man the migrants were running from.

In "Shock and Thaw", Owen tells Elena that finding a man in the snow doesn't entail to frisk him, Elena replies that they frisked him when they found him in the snow. Manuel tries to talk to his companions with his radio and Owen tells him that the situation is between Manuel and the others, that Owen isn't a part of it. Owen offers him money and when Manuel is about to take it, Owen knocks him out, twists his arm and get the gun out of his way. Once he's on the ground, Owen asks Elena to find a rope. The radio startles them when someone is speaking into it in Spanish, Elena translates that another Coyote know where they are and is on their way to them now. Owen wakes up Manuel and quickly checks him for concussion before offering him water since they have a long road ahead of them. When Owen tells them it's time to go, Elena tells him that they have a problem, one of the men lost his shoes during the accident and has frosbites so he can't walk. Owen finds a door and with the help of the others he grabs it and will uses it as a sled for anyone who can't walk. One of the men decides to leave because it's better to survive alone then dies together. Owen tells him that he has food, water and warmth in his cabin, less than two miles away. The man replies that it won't matter if the cartel finds them before they manage to reach the cabin.

Later, while they're on their way to his cabin, Elena asks Owen why he is helping them and Owen replies that they helped him first. Seconds later, Manuel collapses and asks Owen to let him there to die. They decide to put him on the sled too and continue their way to the cabin. They manage to get to the cabin where Owen meets up with Sadie again who's been waiting for him there. She asks him what's going on and Owen tells her that their patients who they thought was running from Coyotes, is the Coyote himself. He tells her that his cartel buddy must be looking for him now so he wants to get on the radio see if he can get help to come quicker. He tries to get someone on radio but fails to.

When the sheriff knocks on the door, Owen lets him in and shows him in professional card, telling him he's now a retired Fire Captain. The sheriff asks him how many people he got in there and Owen replies that there's twelve of them, some of them with injuries and that he was hoping they'd sent at least one RA unit, the sheriff replies that they're pretty thin right now, assisting actual taxpayers. Owen says he's glad they sent him and the sheriff replies that they didn't, he followed them here after getting a complaint from a rancher about migrants taking residence in his barn. Owen asks if someone really called that in because it didn't seem like anyone was home. He asks Owen why they have Manuel tied up and Owen replies that it's for his own safety. The sheriff praises Owen for succeeding to bring all those people from the barn to here in those weather conditions and that he's a "regular modern-day Moses", Owen tells him that they actually saved him. The sheriff tells him that he's going to go back to his cruiser and calls Border Control so they sent vans up there. Elena begs him to not do that because she hasn't seen her sons in 20 years and that they can send her back once she has seen them. Owen tells him that he understands that he has to follow regulations and that he should but they should also call a local advocacy group to meet them at the hospital. The sheriff is confused about Owen being part of the trip to the hospital and Owen tells him that he was going to ride with them since they literally saved his life. In Spanish, Manuel interrupts them and says that he shouldn't trust him because he's a liar, the sheriff stops him and that he's feeling a bit outnumbered right now and he would hate for someone to get hurt. Owen tells him that those people aren't a threat to him, the sheriff tells Owen that he has done enough and should let the folk who are equipped to handle this, handle it. They're interrupts by the radio coming back to life and Sadie approaches it, attempting to respond before being stopped by the sheriff, holding her at gunpoint. The sheriff asks everyone to get on the floor and when Sadie asks what's happening, Owen tells her that the sheriff is working for the cartel, the sheriff replies that he's more of a private contractor before giving Owen zip ties so they can tie everyone.

The sheriff tells them that now they're going to wait for transport and go take these people to an egg farm or a concrete mixing plant or wherever the hell they're going to pay off their debts. Owen tells him that some of those people are injured and not fit to travel and the sheriff replies that he always expects to lose a little product in transit. Sadie asks him what they're going to do with her and Owen, and the sheriff replies that it's tragic but it's really Owen's fault before pointing the gun at him. He's interrupted by the siren of his car wailing and he asks Owen who's out there, Owen replies that he has no idea and the sheriff tells him that they're going to check out right now. The sheriff tells Sadie that she keeps tying up people and that if anyone walks through the door, he'll shoot them. Outside, Owen goes to the car and notices Marjan's scarf attached to the gas tank , he goes in, turns off the siren and sees Marjan on the side of the house. Marjan uses a match she found and lights up her scarf, making the cruiser explodes and Owen knocks the sheriff out, they fight and Owen almost gets shot before Elena comes in and kicks the sheriff in the head, knocking him down. Sadie comes outside and asks what happened and Owen tells her "Marwani happened", Sadie is confused about what a Marwani is and Owen shows her Marjan, "his friend and big-time badass". Marjan tells him she learned from the best, him.

Once the police and paramedics arrive, another sheriff asks him if he's more reachable on his office number or cell and Owen replies that in the foreseable future, it'll be the cell. He reaches Marjan and Sadie and Marjan asks him what's going to happen to the migrants now, Owen replies that it's not up to them. Sadie suddenly says that she's confused about why Owen won't sign the apology letter, wondering if it's an ego thing or a guy thing. She continues by saying that everyone knew this "Bobby" had it coming so is he really gonna let him win. Owen corrects her, saying that it's Billy not Bobby before asking Marjan if she's serious, Marjan replies that she only wanted another opinion, Owen says that it's not another opinion, it's her opinion. Then, they watch as Elena reunites with her sons and Marjan points out how amazing it is when a family never stops fighting for each other. Owen replies, calling her out on her not being very subtle.

Marjan and Owen get in his car with Buttercup so they can drive back to Austin. Marjan asks him how he want to do this and when Owen is confused, she clarifies, asking if he wants to go straight to the headquarters so he can deliver his letter of apology to Billy and be reinstated or if they drop Buttercup home first. Owen asks her why she thinks he's going to come back and Marjan replies because "they're going back". Owen says that she is coming back, implying that he isn't. Marjan tells him that he packed all his stuff and Owen replies that because he has to stay mobile but he doesn't know what he's going to do yet apart from giving her a ride back to Austin. Marjan asks him if that's it and Owen tells her that he's very appreciative of the fact that she helped him out. and that he's going to make sure she gets home safely. Marjan reminds him that by "helping out" he means saving his life from being murdered, Owen agrees, and Marjan says that he owns her more than a ride and that Owen needs to sign the apology letter so he can go back to being their captain like they talked about. Owen reminds her that she's the only one who talked about it, he didn't say anything but no. Marjan tells him that he's so stubborn and that the universe is shouting in his ear and he can't hear anything. Owen replies that he hears something and it's Tom Petty singing "Breakdown" on the radio which Owen and Marjan both end up singing. Once they're done singing, Marjan tells Owen she still is mad at him.

In "Push", Owen comes back home after dropping Marjan. He realises the power is out and to the faucet and shower being frozen. He grabs a water bottle from the fridge and warms it in his fireplace so he can shave off his beard. After he finishes shaving and changing clothes, Owen is about to go on a walk with Buttercup but is interrupted by a knock on the door. He opens it and finds Tommy outside. He asks her what happened and she tells him that they need to talk.

Later, Owen goes to the hospital to see TK. He gets out of the room and tells Tommy, Paul, Marjan, Nancy and Carlos that the doctor told him that TK's body is trying to shut down because his heart stopped. He says that he doesn't think it's quite right and it's because his own heart stopped before turning to Marjan and tells him that she was right: he gave up. And that he wishes it was about pride and ego but it isn't, it was about fear because everyone was looking at him to put back together their world and he was afraid he wouldn't be able to and that's why he ran away. Owen continues by saying that everything that is happening is his fault, Tommy tries to interrupts him but Owen says that it's true before turning to Marjan and telling her to tell the universe, he received the message. Owen says that it might be too late to fix things but he's still going to try. Marjan asks him what he means by that and Owen tells her that he's going to find Billy and gives him that apology letter and get himself reinstated. Marjan asks if he's going to do that now and Tommy realises that it's something Owen can do, at the moment. Owen tells them that he doesn't know if he can fix the world in time for his boy to wake up but when TK does wake up, Owen wants him to see that he's not the only Strand who hasn't stopped fighting. Tommy asks him if he wants some company and Owen accepts. Paul stops them, telling Owen it's good to have him back. Owen notices Carlos and walks to him, hugging him before leaving with Tommy.

In the car, Tommy is trying to radio Billy without any success. Then, she starts telling Owen that she has something to say to him but Owen stops her. He tells her that she doesn't have to do that and he presses that she doesn't even when she repeats that she has to, because he doesn't want to hear it. He guesses that Tommy would say that there's something she could've done differently or better, Tommy replies that it's right and Owen says that ok, she's right because there always is something they could've done differently or better. He continues, telling her that she doesn't have to ask for forgiveness because she already has it. Tommy thanks him for saying that. Then, Owen says that no matter what happens he can't think of anyone he would have rather had his son serve under than her before he takes her hand in his. Tommy nods and tries to radio Billy again. Then, she radio Judd who asks her if she was able to track down Owen. Tommy replies that Owen is actually with her and Judd tells him that he wants Owen to know he's sorry about what's happening to TK and that he's praying for him. Owen tells him that he appreciates it before asking if Judd talked to his wife. Judd says that he hasn't ever wince the phones were down but that Grace should be at home. Owen replies that she's actually not at home because he and Tommy are in the Ryder's living room and she isn't there. Judd asks them what they're doing here and Tommy replies that they tracked Billy's GPS to his house and that his truck is outside. Owen, then, asks if Judd perhaps has an idea about where they are and Judd replies that there's no "they" because Grace isn't going anywhere with Billy. He asked them to look around for a pink duffel bag and when they can't find any, Judd understands that Grace must have went into labor. Tommy tells him that they radioed every hospitals within 20 miles and no one heard of her, Judd realising that Grace is stuck in the storm. After Judd tells them that their birth plan was to give birth at West Park hospital, Owen tells him that he and Tommy will come from the south and Judd - with a firetruck from the 122 - will come from the north and they'll meet in the middle in hope to find her.

At some point, Tommy recognises Grace's car and they tell Judd they found it but she isn't in it. Owen sees footprints in the snow. Soon, Tommy and Owen found the tour bus and join Billy and Grace. Tommy checks Grace out and tells her that it's time to push. Grace replies that they have to wait until Judd gets there but Tommy tells her that he did everything he could to make it in time but it's time to push now. They're interrupted by Judd calling for Grace before he gets into the tour bus. Grace is relieved that he made it and Judd tells her that she didn't think he would this. While Grace and Judd are having their baby, Owen goes outside, thinking about how his own child is dying at the moment and falls to his knees in the snow.

Return of the 126

Weeks later, Owen and Marjan are outside the 126 watching as it is about to be demolished. Owen thanks her for fighting for the 126 and for him before saying that it's been a pleasure working with her. Marjan thinks the same and tells him that she never had as much fun as she did when she was working in his firehouse. They're soon joined by Tommy, Nancy, Judd, Paul, Mateo and TK who hold a box full of pastries and they share hugs when they see each other again. Owen asks them what are the odds of those pastries being gluten free, Nancy answers that there's no way and that everything is bad in those pastries, Paul adding that today they're eating their feelings. Owen gives up and asks TK to gives him a bear claw. TK asks Marjan what she wants, handing her the box and she tells everyone to just save her one with tons of sugar. Marjan thanks them for being there and Mateo tells her they would never miss it - again. Paul says that the 126 being demolished stings and Judd agrees, saying that he spent the best years of his life there. When the ball is about to swing, Marjan gets a notification and realises that her GoFundMe finally got fully funded. TK asks her to stop messing with them and she tells him she's not, Owen is surprised that someone gave them $4.6 millions and Marjan tells him that they actually got $5 millions. Owen asks her who would do that and Marjan replies it's someone called Cole Robertson who no one know except for Paul since Cole is Lindsey's father. Owen and Marjan run to the foremen and tell them to stop.

Later, at the ceremony of reopening of the 126, Owen starts by thanking the Robertson family whose generous gift allowed them to rebuild and reopen the 126. Then, Owen continues by talking about the push-ins ceremony and how it's a tradition for firefighters to push in their rigs the very first time they enter the firehouse. At the party, while TK is filling his and Carlos' glasses with punch, Owen joins them and asks them if the firehouse is still homey and that he didn't go too far in the remodal. TK replies that the firehouse looks exactly the same before Owen asks him, offended, if he's out of his mind. Carlos asks Owen if the subway tile on the backslpash is new and Owen thanks him for noticing and that he always wanted to get rid of it, almost making this whole thing worth it. When they're about to walk somewhere else, TK stops and freezes when he sees Gwyn coming in the firehouse with Jonah in her arms, asking Owen if she's really here. Owen tells him that she's late but she's here while Gwyn apologises for missing the ceremony. TK asks her why she didn't tell them she was coming and Gwyn replies that it's because Owen and her wanted it to be a surprise. Gwyn kisses Owen's cheek and hugs Carlos before hugging TK, telling to be careful to not squish his brother. Owen jokes about Jonah being a heartbreaker in the future before asking if he doesn't kind of look like him. Gwyn replying that he's crazy. When everyone is dancing, Owen goes back to his office and put the rock from 9/11 back on his desk.


In "Prince Albert in a Can", after he and Catherine came back to his place and go to his bedroom. They found the wall covered by the words "Toxic Pig" in blood and with a dead pig on his bed. In "Negative Space", Owen meets with Gabriel who's in charge of the case. Gabriel asks Owen if he has any ideas who could be behind this and Owen replies that he can't considering he doesn't have any enemies, Catherine and Mateo both jump in saying that he did punch the guy at the bar and Sergeant O'Brien recently before mentioning deputy Griffin who was in jail until he was freed.

At the firehouse, Owen tells the 126 about deputy Griffin being freed a month ago. He gives them posters to put around the firehouse so they can call the cops if he shows up and Marjan gets angry, saying that the man is a murderer. Owen replies that he knows but the only thing they can do right now is be on their guard.

Later, Owen calls Marjan and Paul because two undercover Rangers saw her go into the store Griffin works at and calls him a murderer in front of everyone. He tells Marjan that Griffin has been fired but that they have to stay away from him and let the Texas Rangers do their job. Marjan tells Owen that they have to warn Sadie too and she has to remember him who Sadie is because Owen forgot her and that Marjan knows Sadie is in Austin because she sent them both invitations for her art show. They both go there and warn Sadie that Griffin is out and might be coming looking for her. They tell to call the police immediately if she sees him and when she takes her phone out and calls 911, Owen and Marjan are confused until they realise Griffin is at the art gallery too. Owen asks him to leave but Griffin retorts that he has nowhere to go right now, Sadie points out that it's a private event and Griffin replies that they finally feel how uncomfortable it is when someone show up at your place of business and create problems. Griffin tells Marjan that she was lucky there was a blizzard or she could've ended up in a ditch and in response, Owen punches him, getting arrested because of that.

Owen is joined by Gabriel in an interrogation room. Gabriel tells Owen that they've been ordered to get rid of all the surveillance on Griffin because of Owen punching him and that Griffin has now a protective order against Owen making him not allowed to be within 100 yards of him. Before leaving, Gabriel tells him to keep himself in check. After he's released, Owen meets up with Catherine, TK, Carlos, Marjan and Mateo at the house and they realise that they should look into the Capitol attack if they want to find any evidences he was involved, Catherine points out that it'll take forever to go through all the security footage but TK said that Carlos is now an expert at going through hours of footages and Carlos replies that it's why he needs glasses now but he'll do it if TK helps him which the other man agrees to.

Later the 126 are called on a fire at the art gallery and Owen goes in to go save Sadie which he manages to do. At the hospital, Gabriel joins them and he talks to Owen telling him that while the Texas Rangers can't watch Griffin, Owen can before Gabriel gives him the adress. Owen goes to check on Sadie and when she tells him she's planning on going back to her cabin, he says that she won't be safe there and takes her with him to Carlos and TK's place.

While he and Catherine are on surveillance duty, Griffin joins them in the car and takes a photo of Owen proving that he was the one breaking his restraining order before leaving the car. Griffin approaches his car which blows up, setting him on fire. Owen runs to him and put a jacket over him to try and save his life. Later, while he's on the phone with Owen, Gabriel gets a call from a coworker and they realise that Griffin isn't the one who set the art gallery on fire so he can't be his stalker.

Later, Owen and Gabriel come to TK and Carlos' loft where they arrest Sadie. Then, after he visited Marjan and told her she had a week off work, Owen goes to see Griffin and tells him that he knows he got blew up by the cartel he was working with. Griffin asks him why he saved him and Owen replies that he did because it's his job and because knowing that he'll always be hurting considering his burns, it felt like justice.

Anger Issues

Reuniting with his Father


Owen is a quick thinking and often seen as self centered individual who often is found in situations where he has to be responsible and take charge. After his father abandoned the family, Owen felt he had to step up and be a leader in everything he did, working his way up in becoming a fire captain in his adult life. After the tragedy of 9/11 with his first firehouse, unable to deal with the stress of the reality, he pushes away his deep feelings of survivor's guilt, leaving everyone close to his family out, and feeling stuck in the past. As a result of this pushing away, Owen feels highly about himself at times, having a huge obsession with skincare and his looks. He has an extensive knowledge of spices and fancy foods that suit his needs, such as having an espresso machine in the firehouse. He often denies feeling much negative emotions such as the stress and depression he has due to the tragedies he has witnessed in his life.

Despite this, deep down Owen is caring for everyone around him, especially to TK and is able to open up slowly when he is given a wake up call. After he sees the consequences of an individual's anger issues going too far, he is able to finally sit down in therapy, working out the anger he has felt deep down for years. After confronting the father he did not have in his life, he is told to forgive himself for being the cause of his family falling apart. He is also later told to let go of the past as he remembers 9/11 during an emergency, where he does and remembers all the lives he did manage to save.


TK Strand

TK and his dad have a very close relationship. They both were firefighters in the same crew in New York and Owen was the one who found him on the floor after TK overdosed. Owen revived him and later, father and son have a talk about what happened and Owen tells TK that he now needs to go to therapy and attend meetings. Once they moved to Austin, Owen tells TK that they're going to live together and that his first priority is that TK lives and he needs to keep a close eyes on him. At the end of "Pilot", they're at the bar with the rest of their crew where TK tells Owen that they're going to be "just okay." Then, Owen tries to tell TK about his cancer but stopped and tells TK that he loves him. When he learn about Owen's cancer, TK is first angry that Owen hide it from him and wonder if it was because Owen thought TK was too weak to handle the news. Once Owen told him that it wasn't the case, the two men hugged. Then, TK started going to Owen's chemo sessions to support him.

When TK is hurt and is in a coma, Owen talks to him about what the doctors said and begs him to tighten his hand to show him that he heard him. When he wakes up, TK asks his father what happened and when Owen tells him, he asks him how the little boy is doing. Once he's back home, Owen keeps a close eye on TK and TK almost has to force him to go to work, assuring him that he will be fine. Owen tells him that TK will be back to work soon but TK is not sure about that. Then, TK goes to the station to talk to Owen where he's welcomed by the rest of the 126. Once in Owen's office, TK asks Owen how he knew that he wanted to be a firefighter. Owen explains it to him and TK tells him that he has doubts on being a firefighter and that maybe he only wanted to have a father after Owen spent less time with his family after 9/11. Later that day, TK and Owen go to visit Colt, the little boy who shot TK by protecting his family and after TK reassured him that he was fine, once they're out of the house, Owen tells TK that he's never been more proud of him. After TK tells the crew that he wants to stay here with them, as a firefighter, Owen asks him if he's sure and TK said yes. The two men share a hug.

TK and Owen share another hug in "Back in the Saddle. TK orders a cake for Owen's remission party in "2100°" and they share another hug. In "Hold the Line", TK decides with Buck to go look for Owen and Hen after they crashed, with the help of the 126 and Eddie. In "Everyone and Their Brother", Owen gives his power of attorney to TK because he decided to do the surgery to remove his lung cancer because "he's going to be a father" which bring TK's mood down as he forgot he was already a father to him. When Owen goes to see TK to tells him that he learns about his desire to become a paramedic and TK tells him that it's what he wants and that it's not a tantrum for something Owen might have said. Then, TK tells him that while Owen is overwhelmed with joy with the pregnancy, TK is just overwhelmed and he was feeling overwhelmed in the past, he'd cope with these feelings in an unhealthy way so instead of calling a paramedic, he's thinking about becoming one. Owen tells him that their future baby is going to be lucky to have TK as a big brother and TK answers by saying that this kid will be lucky to have him and Gwyn as parents. Later, TK is present when Gwyn and Owen learn they're having a boy.

In "Bad Call", when TK disappears along with Tommy and Nancy, Carlos comes to ask Owen if he and Gwyn saw him and when they realise that he's been gone for hours and haven't check in with dispatch, Owen helps Carlos finding them. Later, Owen is present for TK in his hospital room after he got admitted for concussion. In "A Little Help From My Friends", Owen helps TK and Carlos move in together and after the 126 and Carlos organise an intervention for Owen, he decides to reschedule his surgery. In "Slow Burn", TK is at Owen's bedside after his surgery and he gave him a puzzle that he and Carlos bought together to occupy him during his recovery. Later that week, TK invite Owen over for dinner at he and Carlos' place along with Carlos' parents, Gabriel and Andrea. Owen is later for dinner but arrive in "The Big Heat". At the end of the same episode, Owen is the one who saves TK and Carlos' lives when they're stuck in a fire at their place.  

Gwyneth Morgan

Gwyn and Owen were married. Gwyn came down to Austin during the time jump to check on TK after he was shot, and the two of them started to have sex when she got stuck in Austin during the lockdown. After they learn that Owen's lung cancer is in remission, Gwyn decides that it's time for to go back to New York. Later, Owen convinces her to stay because "how many times can they have a second chance at the best relationship of their lives?".

In "Friends With Benefits", Owen states that when they were together, they were miles apart and now that they're not together, they're closer than ever. He says that they should invent a term for that and Gwyn tells him that it exists, it's called "friends with benefits". Later, Gwyn asks Owen what they are because she wants clarity in their relationship. After a talk with Judd, Owen decides to propose to Gwyn once again but Gwyn says no because it's not what she wants, she really just wanted clarity. Then, she tells him that she's pregnant. They later learn that they're having a boy.

In "Displaced", Gwyn moves in with Owen by bringing all her stuff from New York to Austin and they start arguing about which kitchen equipments they should keep. Later in the episode, Gwyn tells Owen that the doctor messed the number of weeks Gwyn was pregnant and that there might be a chance that he isn't the father of the baby and that Enzo, her last boyfriend could be, because they had sex when he came to Austin when Owen and Gwyn hadn't decided on if what their relationship meant. It is revealed later that Owen is not the dad and that the baby is Enzo's. Gwyn, then, decided to go back to New York in "Bad Call".


Owen and Zoe met in "Studs" in a makeup store where he gives her advices on how to get rid off bags under her eyes. At first, she thought that he's not straight but he proves her wrong. They go to Owen's house and start making out but not being able to have sex because of Owen. She asks him if he wants to go eat with her but he refuses. Later, they go to a sushi restaurant where Owen gets a boner and they leave the restaurant together. In "Awakening", Zoe comforts Owen when TK is in a coma and she's there when TK wakes up and awkwardly tells him that she's Owen's date.

Michelle Blake

Owen and Michelle are good friends. They confide in each other in "Yee-Haw" Owen about his fear of losing his hair because of his treatment and Michelle about the disappearance of her sister and her visit to a curandera. After Michelle tells him about Dustin's refusal to talk to her, a drunk Owen goes to see him and tells him that he should talks to her.

Judd Ryder

Owen and Judd are friends. Judd is the first person in Texas who learns about Owen's cancer. During the altercation between Billy and Owen, Grace tells Judd that if Owen hadn't tell him to go to therapy, she didn't where they would be right now so she tells him that he should help Owen if he can. Judd meets up with Billy and tells him that while "he's flashy, his heart is in the right place". Billy then tells Judd that Owen is the one who came up with the CPAT test, not Billy. In "Displaced", Judd is excited about the idea of Owen and Gwyn having a baby. In "Saving Grace", Owen is the one who tells Judd about the accident, they share a hug when Judd is getting food and another one when Judd announces to the 126 that he is going to be a father. Along with Benjamin Williams, he's stopping Judd from killing the man who drove them off the road.

Carlos Reyes

Carlos and Owen share a professional relationship with respect for each other. Other than that it is clear from the beginning that he sees Carlos as a good match for TK. When TK is hurt on a call and is in a coma at the hospital, Owen asks Carlos if he wants to spend time with him and tells him that TK would probably appreciate that. It is said that Carlos has seen Owen and Gwyn around each other so it's possible that they have share time all together at the Strand house. When TK and Carlos has a fight in "Friends With Benefits", it is Owen who defends Carlos' actions. He also comments that his son and Carlos are "more than (friends with benefits)". Owen and Carlos share a hug in "2100°".

In "Bad Call", Carlos comes by the firehouse to speak to TK but as he is out on a call, Owen tells him to wait for him there and offers Carlos a smoothie. They go in the firehouse's kitchen and Carlos tells Owen about his suspension and after Carlos tells him about how his father thinks he's too soft to be a cop, Owen tells him that "there should be a heart behind that shield" and that Carlos "got a good one." Then, they work together to find TK, Tommy and Nancy after they were kidnapped by robbers and when they do, Owen has a talk with Carlos' father where he tells him that they only succeeded to find them because of Carlos and that "he's an impressive guy.". Carlos has a hard time calling Owen by his name which the latter insists, but by the end of episode "A Little Help From My Friends", we see Carlos managing to call him "Owen". In episode "The Big Heat" Owen officially meets Carlos's parents and compliments them for raising a "fantastic son". Later in the episode Owen agrees with Gabriel when the latter states that he loves that his son is with TK.

Catherine Harper



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