Nia Wilson is the foster daughter of Hen and Karen Wilson. She first appeared in Season 4 Episode 2 "Alone Together" and has made 4 appearances to date.


Early Life


  • Hen: "Mama Hen"
  • Karen
  • Denny: Big brother
  • Diedra: Social Worker


Season 4 Episode 2: Nia is seen giving Hen a stuffed unicorn, saying "you borrow for luck" as she prepares for online orientation for med school.

Season 4 Episode 3: Nia chases Denny around the dining room table with a marker, having drawn on his face in his sleep. Hen scolds Nia, who says she "make Denny pretty". Hen trades Nia her unicorn stuffed animal for the marker.

The social worker then stops by for an unexpected visit, and when another guest knocks on the door Nia shows the social worker her room.

Nia scolds Hen for yelling at Sydney, saying "Bad Mama Hen!" then quickly forgives her and holds Hen's hand as they walk into the kitchen.

Season 4 Episode 7:

Season 4 Episode 8: Nia depletes the first aid kit in order to bandage up her stuffed animals.

Season Four
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