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"Tim had this theory that the firehouse is basically a high school cafeteria. Firefighters are the jocks. We're the science nerds with peanut allergies."
—Nancy Gillian[src]

Nancy Gillian is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is a paramedic in the EMS 126 in Austin, Texas. She debuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by starring cast member Brianna Baker.


Early Life

Nancy became a paramedic at the 126 at an unknown time and she was a part of Michelle's crew until she left, it is hinted that she is possibly bisexual in the episode "Spring Cleaning" when she said she "was always taller than the people I've dated, even if they were in 6-inch high heels".

Losing Tim

In "2100°", Tim dies during a call and Nancy is the most affected by his death. When the 126 is back at the firehouse, she asks while crying why they didn't do everything to save him and Judd tells her that there's nothing they could've done to save Tim. Later, she's seen packing Tim's stuff from his locker to send it to his parents. Tommy finds her there and comforts her while Nancy cries.

Hiring a New Paramedic

In "Everyone and Their Brother", Tommy tells Nancy that they can't do the job with only the two of them anymore so they have to do some interviews, trying to find the right fit to replace Tim. They interview three people - two men and a woman - who all fail due to some of their mistakes or reactions. During one of these interviews, Nancy breaks her foot when one of the man drive on it. Another man came for the interview with a perfect record and great recommendations. Nancy, with her broken foot, tells Tommy that something has to be wrong about the man because no one is that perfect; Tommy answers that it really doesn't matter at this point.

Later, after the temporary paramedic quit, Nancy and Tommy are back at looking at resumees and while they're talking, Tommy doesn't answer when she picks up TK's resumees in the pile and shows it to Nancy.

Feeling Left Out

In "Displaced", Nancy is coming back from her medical leave and found out that TK has make some changes in the rig. She goes look for him, finding him friendly bickering with Paul and Mateo. She asks him to come with her and she tells him that she thinks it's great he's a paramedic with them now and that he has all her respect now that he "gave up his spot at the cool kid's table to hang out with the geeks", TK responds that he doesn't get what she's saying and Nancy says that the firehouse is like a high school cafeteria, firefighters are jocks and paramedics are nerds. He tells her that he never noticed that and Nancy replies that "cool kids never do". Then, she tells him that she and Tim had a system in the rig about how to stock it and TK tells her that he changed the system and that Tommy was really into it. TK offers to change it back to their system but when he reconfirms that Tommy appreciated the initiative, Nancy agreed to keep that system - still a bit annoyed by his changement.

Later, during a call at the hospital involving a MRI machine, Nancy is unavaible to join Tommy and TK because of the plate they just put in her foot. She watches as Tommy and TK worked perfectly together and once the MRI machine is deactivated, she joins them and watches with a bit of jealousy as Tommy congratulates TK for his well-done job. Some time later, Tommy is complaining about the wifi being done as she wanted to watch her daughter's black belt test, Nancy offers her her 5G hotspot and gives her her password. Tommy thanks her. TK joins in by telling Tommy that she should be at the test and not watch it on a screen, Nancy reminds him that they're at work but TK tells her that their work is their ambulance and since the dojang is in their service zone, they can go there with their ambulance and leave if they get a call. Tommy accepts and tells TK that he's the one driving. In the ambulance, they get stuck in traffic and Tommy asks again for Nancy's hotspot, realising that they'll never make it there in time. TK tells them that there's a solution and he activates the siren of the ambulance, driving through traffic to the dojang. Tommy leaves them and Nancy tells TK that "he moves fast" without talking about his driving.

After a talk with Carlos, TK realises that the rest of the 126 have been leaving Nancy, and Tim out of their activities, like spending some time at Carlos' place. Once they're done with their shift, TK waits for Nancy and tells her that they need her help with something, he walks with her to the outside of the firehouse where Judd, Marjan, Paul and Mateo are waiting for them and Nancy discovers how they put a sticker with Tim's name and the date of his last call on the side of the ambulance so Tim can ride with them on every call. Judd tells them that it didn't feel right for anyone but her to finish the job and Nancy accepted the white paint from him.

Getting Kidnapped

In "Bad Call", Nancy, Tommy and TK are kidnapped by two bank robbers who need their help to save their partner's life. They force them to do so by holding them at gunpoint and Tommy tells them that they can't try to save him in a van but that Charles' restaurant is not too far. Once in the restaurant, they start operating on the man and when TK tries to create an escape for them by going to the fire alarm, he's pistol whipped by the other man and fell on the ground, causing Nancy to scream his name, worried for her partner.

Nancy is helping Tommy saving the man's life until he comes back to himself and kill one the bank robbers. After that, Tommy is brought back to the main room of the restaurant where Nancy and TK already are. Tommy asks Nancy how is TK doing and Nancy replies that he's been in and out of it, concussed from the pistol whipping. The two bank robbers talk and realises that they need to take one of the paramedics with them in case the man needs it. They pick Nancy but Tommy stands up and tells them to take her instead. The man agrees and tells the woman to get Nancy and TK to a walk-in closet while they leave but Nancy stops her, hitting the woman with a chair behind them and trying to stop her from reaching to her gun, until TK kicked it away. Tommy stopped the man by injecting him something with a needle and stabbing him with surgical scissors. They're, then, saved by Owen and Carlos.

Ice Storm

Nancy, TK and Tommy are now working at a private company since the 126 closed down. Nancy is telling TK that she's going to invite the members of the 126, make some food and take out the Catan so they can play board game. TK asks her who she invited so far and when she realises he's talking about his ex boyfriend, Carlos, she tells him that she did invite him but he hasn't answered yet. TK is annoyed by that and she tells him that she has told them she won't be taking sides, TK continues by saying that if it's a "126 hang" then only the members of the actual crew should be there, Nancy reminds him that there isn't any actual crew anymore. When Tommy comes back from Jacques' office to talk to them, Nancy asks her when they're living his hellhole and Tommy asks her back about where would they go. Tommy, TK and Nancy are later called on a call where a man was skying in the streets to Austin, attached to a car by a rope and got into an accident, ice lodging itself against his carotid. With Mateo's help they manage to get rid of the biggest part of the ice and get the man into their ambulance. On the way to the hospital, blood starts to get out of the wound and Tommy decides to use snow as a way to stop the blood since papers and gauze aren't helping enough, her and Nancy manage to stabilise him.

Back at their station, Nancy and TK are cleaning the inside of their ambulance covered in blood. Nancy tells him that she's amazed by the power of modern medicine, TK agrees and tells her that the power of a bucket full of snow isn't bad either. Nancy tells him that it's funny how both in life and in the rig, once they found the problem, you're halfway there to solve it. TK tells her that sometimes the problem isn't as simple as a perforated carotid or virtual decapitation. Nancy says that's why they ride as a team, that once they put their heads together, they're no mess they can't clean up. TK understands what she's getting at and says that he won't tell her why he and Carlos broke up. She asks him why he's being so annoyed about this and he asks her why she's obsessed with this, she replies that it's because she loves them together, they all do and because the mystery is killing her. TK leans down about to say something before he notices the blood on her neck and tells her about it, leaning back, she tells him he sucks.

Carlos is surprised when Tommy, TK and Nancy arrive at the furniture store because he called for cuts and bruises and didn't expect dispatch to send an ambulance for a private company there. TK tells him that the city is spread thin today. Carlos starts stuttering when he tries to offer them a spot where they can stay. The owner of the store cuts him off and tells him that they can set up in the dining room display. Tommy asks Carlos how many people are there, and he tells that there's 25 area residents and 3 church volunteers. Nancy asks him if he's thinking they're all green tag but Carlos is realising that someone's missing. He tells the paramedics as much and leaves under TK's worried gaze.

In "Thin Ice", Nancy, Tommy and TK are sent on a call about a boy being trapped under a pond. They arrive on scene and after sliding a bit because of the ice and snow, TK manages to park them on the side of the road. Tommy asks TK to get the ECMO machine ready and starts the warming fluids and Nancy to help her with the gurney before telling them to be careful because they don't need a broken tailbone right now. Joe, Carol's husband, tells them that he puts his hat where the boy is so the firefighters could find him when they get here before asking if they're close. Nancy replies that they're all spoken for because of the "Snowmaggedon". TK tells them that he was a firefighter in New York and he has done ice rescues before. Joe asks them if they shouldn't need special gear and Tommy tells them that they'll have to improvise.

Later, Tommy and Nancy attach TK to a bed sheet as to create a life ring while he's using a laryngoscope as an ice pick. Tommy asks him if he's sure about this and TK tells her to not worry because he's done tons of those in Central Park and that it's no different. Nancy tells him that he's not using the actual gear so it is a bit different, and TK agrees. TK quickly finds the kid and has to break through the ice with his ice pick. He manages to do so and breaks the ice above the kid, he grabs the kid from under the water and brings him to the surface right before the ice cracks under TK and make him fall in the pond. Tommy yells at Nancy to not let go and to pull TK up by using the rope made with a bed sheet which they succeed to. Nancy and Tommy starts to crawl towards them to bring them back but TK tells them to stay where they are and to pull them up by using the rope.

They manage to get the kid on the gurney but he has no pulse nor respiration. Carol asks them if that means he's dead and Tommy replies that no one is dead until they're warm and dead. They bring the gurney toward the ambulance only to realise that the ambulance slided because of the ice and crashed into a tree. Tommy tells TK to radio dispatch while Nancy is doing CPR on the kid, and to tell them to bring another rig and a tow truck. Tommy then asks Nancy to bring the ECMO machine before turning to Carol and Joe, asking the couple if the heater of their car works. In the car, Nancy is doing CPR on the kid and Tommy asks a frozen and shivering TK to prepare the femoral for the kid. Tommy canulates the femoral artery and once she's done, she asks TK to fire up the ECMO machine and Nancy to stop compressions. Joe asks them what the machine is and Tommy replies that it's a machine that will do the work of his heart and lungs for him, and that while it oxygenates his blood, it also warms him up from the inside out. After long seconds, they get a pulse and the boy starts coughing the water he had in his lungs. Then, they transfer the boy to the paramedics who join them on the scene and once they leave, Tommy realises that TK is missing.

Tommy and Nancy go around the lake, looking for TK. Nancy wonders why would he run off like that when Tommy notices TK's pants on the ground, confusing Nancy even more. Few meters away, they find TK naked, shivering and muttering something. Tommy calls for him and TK slightly realises that Tommy and Nancy are here and Tommy tells him that they have some blankets for him, TK replies that he's fine and Nancy says that he's getting frostbites on his ass. When they try to cover him up, TK fights back disoriented and tells them to get away, saying that he was feeling hot but it's much better now. Tommy tells Nancy that combativeness is a symptom of severe hypothermia before TK starts muttering prayers in Hebrew. Nancy is confused about him speaking tongues before Tommy tells her she thinks it's Hebrew. Tommy squats down next to TK and tells him that all his blood has left his extremeties and are around his core and that's why he feels so hot, it's called paradoxical undressing and that means it's near fatal right now. Nancy continues by telling him they're not going to let him freeze to death on their watch so he either gets up and walks or they'll drag him out of here. TK agrees and they help him stand up. Once he's up, Nancy asks him when he was going to tell them he speaks Hebrew and TK says that he doesn't, not since he was 10 years old in Hebrew school. Tommy tells him that it seems like some of it stuck and few seconds later, TK loses consciouness and Nancy and Tommy make him lay on the ground, quickly realising that he has no pulse and no heartbeat either. Tommy starts CPR on him and after Nancy is done preparing him, Tommy uses the defibrillator on him, without success.

Later at the hospital, Nancy asks Carlos to come down here and when he scoffes about "typical TK" telling him he wants to talk only when he's in the ICU after not having spoke to Carlos in months, she tells him that TK didn't actually ask to radio Carlos today. Carlos tells her that she said he wanted him here and Nancy replies that it was a lie. Carlos starts to ask her why she would lie about that but they're interrupted by the boy's - Abe - mother who asks Nancy if she's one of the paramedics who save her son. Nancy says that she is and the mother tells her that she's a hero. Nancy replies that she isn't, the hero is "her friend TK" who went into the pond to save her son. Nancy asks the mother how is Abe doing and she replies that he'll make a full recovery and that she wants them to know how grateful she is for them and that they're all praying for TK. Once she's gone, Carlos asks Nancy how serious it is and Nancy replies that it's not good and that Tommy is with the doctor right now, getting the latest news. Tommy comes out of TK's room and when Nancy asks her what the doctor say, Tommy replies that they have to find Owen, implying that TK's condition is not good at all.

In "Shock and Thaw", Dr Patel - TK's doctor - tells Carlos, Tommy and Nancy that they manage to get TK's heart back into rhythm. Nancy asks if that's good news and the doctor tells them that his body is still not compensating. Carlos asks compensating for what and Tommy explains to him that it means his vital signs haven't returned to normal, at least yet. Dr Patel tells them that he's been through a major trauma and that she's afraid is on the verge of multi-system organ failure. Carlos asks her about how they stop that from happening and she replies that unfortunately there isn't much they can do other than keep him sedated, to give his body a chance to recover without additional stress. Carlos asks if that usually works for someone in his condition, Dr Patel replies that it can and then Carlos asks what they're looking at here, realistically speaking. The doctor replies that they're looking closely at his labs, but if they continue trending down, she stops herself and Carlos realises that they could lose him. She apologises for not having better news and leaves them once a nurse comes to her. Tommy tells Carlos to relax and that they're going to keep praying. Tommy and Nancy both grab Carlos' hands, Nancy telling them that if they know one thing about TK is that he doesn't know how to stay down. Tommy agreeing with her. Carlos suddenly stands up, saying that he needs fresh air, Nancy asks him if he wants someone to come with him but Carlos refuses, telling her he needs to be alone for a minute. Once he leaves, Nancy sighs and says that this sucks, Tommy agreeing with her.

In "Push", Nancy is sitting with Carlos outside of TK's room when he asks her if he's the "world biggest schmuck" because he's holding vigil for a man who doesn't even want him in his life before asking again if that doesn't scream schmuck, Nancy replies that it doesn't at all because TK loves him, then she asks her where did he pick up "schmuck", Carlos replied that he picked it from TK. Then, Carlos asks Nancy why did she say that, that TK loves him, Nancy only replying that she said it because it's true. Carlos asks her that since she's been by TK's side the whole time, if he has ever talked about Carlos, saying that he didn't think so when Nancy tells him that TK doesn't talk about him much. Nancy continues by saying that TK does bite her head off when she brings up Carlos' name. Carlos sarcastically replies that it makes him feels so much better. Nancy tells him that it should because TK doesn't wanna hear about him because it's too painful for him, which means he still has it bad for Carlos. Then, Carlos asks her that if TK loves him that much then why did he break his heart. Later, Nancy is sitting with Marjan and Paul when Owen tells them about TK's condition and how he's going to go look for Billy to give him that apology letter.

Return of the 126

Weeks later, Owen and Marjan are outside the 126 watching as it is about to be demolished. They're soon joined by Tommy, Nancy, Judd, Paul, Mateo and TK who hold a box full of pastries and they share hugs when they see each other again. Owen asks them what are the odds of those pastries being gluten free, Nancy answers that there's no way and that everything is bad in those pastries, Paul adding that today they're eating their feelings. Owen gives up and asks TK to gives him a bear claw. TK asks Marjan what she wants, handing her the box and she tells everyone to just save her one with tons of sugar. Marjan thanks them for being there and Mateo tells her they would never miss it - again. Paul says that the 126 being demolished stings and Judd agrees, saying that he spent the best years of his life there. When the ball is about to swing, Marjan gets a notification and realises that her GoFundMe finally got fully funded. TK asks her to stop messing with them and she tells him she's not, Owen is surprised that someone gave them $4.6 millions and Marjan tells him that they actually got $5 millions. Owen asks her who would do that and Marjan replies it's someone called Cole Robertson who no one know except for Paul since Cole is Lindsey's father. Owen and Marjan run to the foremen and tell them to stop.

Later, Nancy is present at the opening ceremony of the 126, standing beside TK and pushing in - with Tommy - their right into the firehouse once Owen's speech is over. At the party, Nancy teams up with Mateo in a game against Paul and Lindsey which they lose when Paul asks Marjan to pick a winner and she chose Lindsey since her parents made the whole reopening possible. Then she's dancing with everyone else.

Being sued

In "Negative Space", Nancy and the paramedic team are sent on a call where a woman is worried for her sister. Once Carlos kicks the door down, they go in and find the other woman unconscious, Nancy uses the defibrillator on her and they get her back. When the woman doesn't react well to being resuscitated, she shows them her "Do Not Resuscitate" bracelet she has around her wrist.

Later, while she's restocking the ambulance with TK, Nancy is approached by a man who tells her she's been served and sued by the woman with the DNR. Later, Nancy along with Tommy meet with a lawyer who tell them Joanne, the woman is suing the city, the Fire Department and Nancy for one dollar each. The only non-negotiable condition in the suit is the fact that Nancy has to be fired immediately with a promise to never rehire her. Though, the lawyer says they have a way to victory here because Nancy didn't know the woman had signed a DNR, it wasn't mentioned in the 911 call and Joanne was wearing long sleeves, making the bracelet harder to see.

Later, in the locker room, Nancy reveals to Tommy that she did see the DNR bracelet. Tommy asks her why she did that and Nancy replies that seeing the woman crying over her sister reminded her if her own sister and she couldn't help but help. Tommy says that it's not good and Nancy tells her that she knows and that's why she's going to resign, spare anyone the trouble to go to court. Tommy tells her that maybe there's another way to fix this that won't involve a trial at all. Tommy invites Nancy and the two sisters to her place where she offers them food. Nancy tells Joanne that she knew she should've respect her wishes but she had wanted to save people since she was a child and she asks her to not take that away from her but they can't come to an agreement.

Finally, while she's at the firehouse Joanne's sister Angie comes by to see them and tells them that Joanne passed away and before that she dropped the lawsuit against Nancy and gave her her DNR bracelet to remind her to listen.


Tim Rosewater

Nancy and Tim were best friends and work partners for years. Nancy considered him her brother. She was the most affected by his death.

Michelle Blake

Nancy and Michelle had a work relationship. Nancy had a lot of respect for Michelle and understood why she left her job as a paramedic captain to go take care of her sister.

Tommy Vega

Nancy and Tommy have a close relationship, both professionally and personally. Tommy is Nancy's mentor and how she wants to be as a paramedic, a captain and a mother.

TK Strand

Nancy and TK got off the wrong foot when he became a paramedic but after he made a sweet gesture toward her with putting Tim's name on the ambulance and including her more in their group of friends. After that, the pair grow closer, become friends and work together as partners in the 126.

Mateo Chavez

Nancy and Mateo are revealed to be in a relationship in "Spring Cleaning".


  • She was called "the big whiff" in high school because of her lack of skills in baseball. ("Red vs. Blue")


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