"Monsters" is the sixth episode of the third season of 9-1-1, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2019.


Athena and the 118 respond to bizarre emergency calls on Halloween, including a flock of crows terrorizing a field trip, an office employee having a close encounter with an eight-limbed creature and a ghost-like girl wandering a neighborhood. Meanwhile, Maddie remains convinced that she is doing the right thing in taking a 9-1-1 call into her own hands.[2]



Guest Starring

  • Debra Christofferson as Sue Blevins
  • Bryan Safi as Josh Russo
  • Ellen Hollman as Tara d'Agostino
  • Stephanie Lemelin as Stella
  • Scott Speiser as Vincent d'Agostino
  • Luke Judy as Reilly
  • Mauricio Lara as Dean
  • Amber Friendly as Dr. Helen Green


  • Nicole Dele as Cori Beckerson
  • Lulu Brud as Suburban Mom
  • David Babich as Suburban Dad
  • Sean Heyman as Clement
  • Alisha Seaton as Noreen
  • Richard Leacock as Husband
  • Cherita Armstrong as Wife
  • Brooke Singleton as Daughter
  • Cameron Elie as Son
  • Chris Wu as Officer Williams
  • Brady Amaya as Hulk Boy
  • Sarah Beth Bassak as Hulk Boy's Mom
  • Chris Carney as Paramedic
  • Jennifer Michele as Wraith-Like Girl


  • Although the press release says there was an incident regarding an office employee dealing with an eight-limbed creature, it was not shown in the episode.
  • Maddie previously began befriending Tara in "Triggers" after her 911 call left her worried and distressed.
  • There are two references to real-life known cases in the 911 calls:
    • The incident with the man in the windshield is roughly based on the real-life case of the 2002 death of Gregory Biggs, who got trapped halfway through the windshield of the car that struck him. However, the driver had left him to die instead unlike in the episode.
    • Athena discovering the horrific conditions of the children in the basement is based of the real-life Turpin case where 12 out of 13 malnourished children were found shackled to their beds. One of the daughters had escaped the home and called 911 on a cell phone.





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