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May Grant is a character on FOX's 9-1-1 who worked as a 9-1-1 operator in the Los Angeles area. She is the daughter of Athena Grant and Michael Grant, the stepdaughter of Bobby Nash, and the older sister of Harry Grant. She was a recurring character in season one, but she has been a part of the main cast since season two.


Trouble at School

May tried to commit suicide after being bullied at school, which she theorized was because she was talking to a boy the leader liked. She took pills Athena had left over from a year before, but survived. She later told her parents that it wasn't because of her father coming out of the closet, it was due to her life at school as she was being bullied.[2]


During the tsunami, May was involved in a major car crash along with her mother, Athena, while they were returning home from a pedicure. Both of them didn't get hurt and they were able to help other people who were involved in the pile-up. With the first responders unavailable due to the tsunami, May was able to save a woman named Vicky, who was bleeding heavily from the neck, before the first responders came and stabilized her.[3]

Deciding Her Future

In "Pinned", May revealed to Athena and Bobby that she had been accepted into the University of Southern California for college. Later, in the episode "What's Next?", at the graduation party thrown for her at the Grant-Nash house, May asked Maddie if she could speak with her about something, which Maddie agreed to do.

Working as a 9-1-1 Operator

It was later revealed in the episode "The New Abnormal" that May decided to take a gap year and began working at the call center alongside Maddie. Not being on board with May's decisions, Athena tried to talk May into quitting her new job after the day she had at work because of the mudslide. However, May refused to do so and explained to her mother that her plans to go to college changed after she got attacked and that the reason she took the job was that she wants to ensure that Athena is safe when she is on the job.[4]

In "9-1-1, What's Your Grievance?", May got a 9-1-1 call where a woman ended up dying and she had a hard time shaking it off, wondering if there was something else she could do to save that woman. She went to her father for advice but because Michael is not a first responder, he didn't know what to tell her and suggested that she talk to Athena. Since Athena was at work, she spoke with Bobby and he reassured her by saying that it's natural to feel like that after a loss and that there is nothing wrong with caring like that. The next day at work, Josh told May that it's time she handles the calls by herself and she got a call from a man who told her that he has planted a bomb somewhere to harm people and then hung up the phone. After researching him on social media, she figured out where he planted the bomb and was able to save 37 people.

Revisiting Her Suicide Attempt

A few years after her suicide attempt, Laila, her former high school bully, reached out to her to apologize for what happened. May decided to meet her for coffee and heard her out because she felt like she at least owed it to her to listen. When Athena found out about that, she was furious and they had a heated argument. May couldn't understand why Athena was that upset for talking with Laila again, but after listening to the 9-1-1 call that Athena made on the day of her overdose, she came to understand why her mother reacted the way she did. May later apologized to Athena and they made up.[5]

Moving Out

After working for a while, May told Athena and Michael that she wanted to move out. She said she has money in savings and is ready to live on her own. May was surprised when Athena was immediately on board with the idea. Athena was supportive of her decision to move out because she knows it is important to May, and she gave her a list of conditions to follow for her safety.[6]

Being Challenged at Work

After meeting Claudette Collins for the first time, May felt intimidated by her, as she was dismissive of her and condescending towards her. Later that day, Claudette took over one of May's calls and admonished her for making a mistake. With her history of being bullied, May thought that Claudette hates her, but Josh assured her that she doesn't and encouraged her to talk to Claudette. Later on, May tried to smooth things over with Claudette, but she was once again being dismissive.[7]

May had a difficult time at work for a while because Claudette constantly took over her calls without giving her a proper chance to handle the calls herself. One day, May got a call from a girl who wanted to leave a message to her bullies after taking pills. Claudette was also listening to the call and when she tried to take over, May shared her own suicide attempt story with the girl and that gave the first responders enough time to arrive on the scene and save the girl. Claudette was impressed with how May handled that call and told her that she is hard on her because she can see her potential to be a great dispatcher. May later stood up for herself to Claudette and gained respect from her.[8]

Call Center Fire

After another argument on the call center floor, May and Claudette were put in the quiet room by Sue. While they were in the room working their differences out, a fire broke out right under the room. When the fire got to the hallway near them and surrounded them, Claudette started to panic, as she once had a terrible experience with fire at some point in life, but May kept a level head and pulled her out of her panic to keep both of them alive. Bobby later arrived to save them and they both made it out alive. However, May and Bobby were crushed by the collapse of the call center's roof and the members of the 118 rallied together to free them from the rubble. May later rode with Bobby to the hospital and was heartbroken to learn of Claudette's death, asking Hen if she knew about what had gone wrong during Claudette's transfer to the hospital.[9]

Going to College

In "FOMO", May revealed to Athena that USC sent her a letter saying that she is running out of time for her deferral and that she will lose her place there if she doesn't make a decision soon. She was conflicted because she liked her job as a 911 dispatcher, but also didn't want to give up on the idea of going to college. After taking some time to decide her future, May announced her intentions to go to college at USC in the fall and to quit working at the call center for the time being.[10]


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