Marjan Marwani is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is a firefighter in the newly rebuilt Station 126 located in Austin, Texas. She debuts in the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by starring cast member Natacha Karam.

A devout Muslim and adrenaline junkie, she went viral a couple of times prior to her joining the 126 during rescues, leading Owen to think she was a great candidate to be hired.


Early Life

Before becoming a member of the 126, Marjan worked in the Miami Fire Department and was known for her adrenaline and quick actions taken during emergencies. As a result of her continuous actions, she racked up 11 reprimands in a single year for insubordination or reckless behavior. However, after she went viral for jumping into the water of a river to rescue two civilians who were submerged underwater in their car, she had gained more respect in her firehouse.

Joining the 126

She's close to everyone in the 126 but especially Paul and Mateo. She's always excited to be the one to do dangerous rescues like after the tornado in "Act of God", where she's the one who saves a woman stucks in her car, in the air, between two buildings, feeling a little annoyed when none of that was caught on camera. Same thing happen in "2100°", when she's excited as she "gets to" rappel into a hole full of steam created by a volcano to save a man.

Going viral a second time

During "Texas Proud", Marjan fell into the silo and when she gets out of it, she lost her hijab and someone filmed the situation before the team can form a wall to stop anyone else from seeing her. Later, when she's at her mosque, one of the woman tells her that some of them here are concerned about her lack of modesty and that, since Marjan is new to town and still haven't put down roots, she should consider finding another mosque. Marjan talks to Paul about what happened at the mosque and he tells her that she shouldn't let them shame her for being proud and stride in there with her hijab held up high.


During "Hold the Line", Marjan teams up with Judd, Paul and Eddie Diaz when they go looking for eight kids and their counselor. They find the counselor and all the kids minus one, Marjan and Eddie stay down there while Judd and Paul go looking for the last kid. While they're stuck down there, Eddie sends a follow request to Marjan on Instagram, he asks about the car stuck between two buildings and she asks about Christopher and the skate he and Buck built for him. She's there with the others to join TK and Buck in their quest of saving Owen and Hen.




Marjan and Salim knew each other since they were babies and got engaged when they were twelve years old. Later, Salim asks her out to go have dinner and it's a big deal because they've never been on a date without a chaperone as married couple aren't supposed to. During their date, Salim asks her if she's in love with him because he feels the world getting warmer, the walls getting closer and he loses his breath everytime he looks at her. He also tells her that he met someone else called Madison. Later, Marjan tells Paul and Mateo that the wedding is off because Salim dumped her and that's when she realises that she's in love with him. Finally, she goes to his hotel and tells him that she loves him and they kiss but she stops them because she feels like the other woman. Salim tells her that she won't be a problem and that he can breaks things off with her right now and Marjan tells him that she can't be with someone who won't honor his commitments to their family, to their values and even to Madison. They break off their engagement.

Paul Strickland

Marjan and Paul are good friends. He gives her advices about her issue with the woman at the mosque in "Texas Proud". In "2100°", Paul hugs her after she's done boxing and starts crying after they lost Tim.

Mateo Chavez

Marjan and Mateo are good friends. She's the one helping him the most when he has to pass his academy exam and who cheers him up when he's feeling down. When he learns about Marjan's engagement to Salim, he's sad because he doesn't want her to leave Austin at all.


  • She used to Roller Derby in Miami and started again in Austin after a team was looking for a new member when one of theirs got impaled and broke her arm. ("Back in the Saddle" and "Friends With Benefits")


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