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Marcy Nash is the late wife of Bobby Nash.


In 2014, Marcy was living in an apartment in St. Paul, Minnesota with Bobby and their two children.[1] One night, Bobby came home late and Marcy learned about his relapse. Frustrated and angry with Bobby, she kicked him out of their apartment for the night. Bobby then went to his "drug den" apartment to sleep but he forgot the keys so he went onto the roof instead. While he was falling asleep on the rooftop, the space heater that he forgot to turn off earlier in his "drug den" apartment sparked a fire, which then spread through the apartment building quickly. Bobby was woken up by the fire truck sirens and went back to his apartment to get Marcy and their children but the firefighters removed him from the scene for his own protection. Their children, Robert Jr. and Brook, died at the scene but Marcy was taken to the hospital with severe burns. At the hospital, Marcy woke up briefly but eventually succumbed to her burn injuries.


Bobby Nash

She was married to Bobby until her death. Together, they had two children named Robert and Brook.


Season One
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