Maddie Kendall[1][2] is the older sister of Evan Buckley.


At the beginning of Season 2, Maddie is in hiding from her abusive husband, She runs to Los Angeles to hide out near her brother, and winds up living with him in the apartment he’s watching for Abby. Although she is trained as a nurse, she doesn’t want to put other people in danger from her abuser. Evan comes up with the idea that she should apply to work as a 9-1-1 operator.

On her first day at the job, Maddie fields calls after a major earthquake hits. Standout calls include one where she helps an expectant father stabilize his unconscious wife—who had started active labor—and direct them to emergency services, and one where she suggested to the caller that the odd light cloud the caller saw was the Milky Way.


Season Two (9/16)