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Maddie Buckley[3][4][5], formerly known as Maddie Kendall is a character on FOX's 9-1-1 who works as a 9-1-1 dispatcher in the Los Angeles area, and is the older sister of Evan Buckley. She debuts in the first episode of the second season of 9-1-1 and is portrayed by starring cast member Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Early Life

Maddie and her younger brother, Evan Buckley were born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.[6] She lived with her brother Daniel Buckley and their parents, until Daniel was diagnosed with juvenile leukemia in 1989. After testing negative as a possible bone marrow donor for her brother, her parents had her younger brother Evan Buckley in 1992 to be a savior sibling, but the cells didn't graft and Daniel relapsed and died. After Daniel's death in 1993, the Buckley family packed up all of his possessions, moved to Hershey, and made Maddie promise not to tell Evan the truth. In 1996, Maddie took Daniel's bike from the garage, took the training wheels off of it and attempted to teach Evan how to ride without them, resulting in Evan scraping his knee and them being scolded by their parents. After that, she took to taking care the wounds he sustained during his many stunts as a skater. In 2004, after Evan was grounded for faking a signature on his permission slip to try out for the football team, Maddie drove him to where they used to live, with the intention of telling him the truth, only to be interrupted by a phone call from her then-boyfriend Doug Kendall. She decided to tell him that Doug was accepted into medical school in Boston, and that he asked her to join him in nursing school, going at night so she can work during the day to pay for it herself. After many violent moments with her husband Doug, she decides to leave him and flee to Los Angeles. In Merry Ex-Mas, she reveals that she only hated Christmas because Christmas Eve was the day she decided to leave Doug for good.

Moving to L.A.

After getting away from her abusive husband, Doug Kendall, she runs to Los Angeles to hide out with her brother, Evan Buckley, after not seeing him for over 3 years. She winds up living with him in the apartment he’s watching for Abby. Although she is trained as a nurse, she doesn’t want to put other people in danger from her abuser. Evan comes up with the idea that she should apply to work as a 9-1-1 operator.[7]

On her first day at the job, Maddie fields calls after a major earthquake hits. Standout calls include one where she helps an expectant father stabilize his unconscious wife—who had started active labor—and direct them to emergency services and one where she suggested to the caller that the odd light cloud the caller saw was the Milky Way.[8][2]


Howard "Chimney" Han

Chimney and Maddie quickly develop a close friendship, fueled by their shared interests and sense of humor. Buck notices their closeness first, but the couple eventually become aware of their attraction. They face multiple difficulties in their relationship, starting with Maddie's ex-husband Doug stabbing Chimney and kidnapping Maddie on what was intended to be their first date. However, the couple makes it through their traumas and difficulties in tact. The couple now have a daughter together.

Evan "Buck" Buckley

Buck and Maddie are nine years apart [9] and they are shown to have a very close relationship. Maddie states that she used to change Buck’s diapers and give him baths however. Maddie initially moves in with younger brother Buck after leaving her abusive husband, Doug. She fully trusts Evan and his friends to protect her. Although she eventually moves out of Buck's (Abby)'s apartment, the siblings remain close, visiting each other regularly. Buck later advises Maddie's eventual boyfriend, and his colleague, Chimney on the couple's relationship to varying degrees of success.


  • Maddie was an ER Nurse for 8 years. This has been stated in several episodes including "7.1", "Help Is Not Coming", "Awful People", "Sink or Swim" and "The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1".
    • Jennifer Love Hewitt stated on social media prior to the fourth season that there would be a "flashback to when Maddie was an ER Nurse". This was later shown in the episode "Buck Begins".
  • Maddie refers to herself as Maddie Buckley as well as Maddie Kendall. She is referred to as both in the same episode.[2] She later implies that now, since moving away from her abusive husband, she goes by Maddie Buckley again.[6]
    • She is referred to as "Maddie Buckley Kendall" on the check from Doug's assets after his death.[10][11]
  • Athena jokingly called her "Buckette" in the episode "Awful People" as a reference to her being the sister of Buck.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay (Doug Kendall) are married in real life.
  • Out of the fifty episodes in Seasons 2-4, Maddie was only absent for four of them. ("Hen Begins", "Bobby Begins Again", "Eddie Begins", and "Jinx") She appeared in archive footage in "Chimney Begins".
  • Her full name, Madeline Kendall, was revealed in "Fight or Flight" as it was seen on the missing persons alert that was issued for her after she was kidnapped by her ex-husband Doug. The alert also listed her as being 5'3".
  • Maddie is absent for eight episodes in Season Five due to Jennifer Love Hewitt being on maternity leave after giving birth to her third child in September 2021. In January 2022, Jennifer Love Hewitt confirmed that she would return to the show in March following its winter hiatus. [12] Maddie returned to work at the dispatch center during the Season Five finale "Starting Over" after she had resigned from her job in "Survivors" to deal with her postpartum depression,
  • The Address is 2315 Orlando Avenue[13]


Season Two
"Under Pressure" "7.1" "Help Is Not Coming" "Stuck" "Awful People" "Dosed"
"Haunted" "Buck, Actually" "Hen Begins" "Merry Ex-Mas" "New Beginnings" "Chimney Begins*"
"Fight or Flight" "Broken" "Ocean's 9-1-1" "Bobby Begins Again" "Careful What You Wish For" "This Life We Choose"

* denotes archive footage only appearance.

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"Fear-O-Phobia" "Dumb Luck" "FOMO" "May Day" "Hero Complex" "Starting Over"

* denotes archive footage only appearance.
* denotes voice only appearance.