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"Let Go"[2] is the second episode of the first season of 9-1-1. It was directed by Gwenyth Horder-Payton. It aired on January 10, 2018.


A night at an amusement park takes a deadly turn when a rollercoaster malfunction leaves lives hanging in the balance. Abby is relieved after getting some help taking care of her mother and tentatively reaches out to Buck, who is struggling with the "life or death" nature of the being a firefighter. Meanwhile, Athena and Hen respond to an unusual home invasion and a couple's dispute leads to a dramatic rescue for Bobby.[3]



Guest Starring


  • Josh Archer as Patrol Cop
  • Shannon McClung as Leonard Finked
  • Charles Carpenter as Cedric
  • Becky Wu as ER Doctor #2
  • Cole Stratton as ER Doctor #3
  • Skyler Wright as Girl
  • Holly Hannula as CNN Reporter
  • Kent Shocknek as National News Anchor
  • Will Selva as Local News Anchor

911 Cases

  • Rollercoaster Accident
    • Reason for 911 Call:
      • Chad fell out of a rollercoaster, which was now stuck upside down on a loop with Devon hanging onto it.
    • Process:
      • Hen and Chimney discover Chad dead while Buck climbs onto the loop to save Devon and the rest of the passengers. As buck tries to grab onto Devon's hand, he lets go and falls to his death which becomes Buck's first death. The rest of the passengers aren't shown being saved.
  • "Devil Dogs Attack"
    • Reason for 911 Call:
      • A man was in his house being attacked by two dogs.
    • Process:
      • Chimney cowers away leaving Hen and Athena to respond. Athena throws dog treats into a closet and locks them inside. Turns out, it was a home invasion and later in the episode, Athena arrests the man after calling him to "go on a date".
  • Pervy Windowwasher
    • Reason for 911 Call
      • A windowwasher's wires snap and is hanging from one lag
    • Process:
      • Buck is shown to be climbing the ladder, but nothing else is shown on-camera
  • Leonard
    • Reason for 911 Call:
      • Leonard is about to jump from his apartment balcony over 20 stories high
    • Process:
      • Bobby tries to get the girl who cheated on Leonard convince him not to jump while Buck goes to the top. He swings down on a rope and kicks Leonard inside.


  • Like the first episode, actor Rockmond Dunbar isn’t credited, nor mentioned in the second episode’s press release.[3]
    • However, as revealed by the photos that were released along with press release, Rockmond Dunbar is in fact in the episode.
  • The roller coaster scene was filmed in Ontario, California.[4]
  • Buck sleeping with his therapist in this episode is later referenced again in the Season Three episode "Fallout".


Song Artist Timestamp* Storyline
"Mess Around" Cage The Elephant Devon and Chad get on the roller coaster.
"No Scrubs" TLC 10:50 Athena responds to a call and stops at a fast food restaurant.

*Timestamps are rounded to the minute.





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