Karen Wilson is the current wife of Henrietta Wilson. Their marriage was good until Hen and Eva, Hen's ex-girlfriend, slept together. 


In addition to being a literal rocket scientist, Karen is a devoted mother and wife. She is completely dedicated to her wife Hen and their young son, Denny. Hen's infidelity with her ex girlfriend (and Denny's biological mother) Eva seriously hurt their marriage. After discovering the affair when Eva attempted to sue the Wilsons for custody of Denny, Karen and Denny temporarily moved in with Karen's parents. However, Karen and Hen eventually reconciled.

In season three, Karen and Hen attempted to have another child. Karen's inability to produce viable eggs crushed her and strained her marriage.


Season Two
"Under Pressure" "7.1" "Help Is Not Coming" "Stuck" "Awful People" "Dosed"
"Haunted" "Buck, Actually" "Hen Begins" "Merry Ex-Mas" "New Beginnings" "Chimney Begins"
"Fight or Flight" "Broken" "Ocean's 9-1-1" "Bobby Begins Again" "Careful What You Wish For" "This Life We Choose"
Season Three
"Kids Today" "Sink or Swim" "The Searchers" "Triggers" "Rage" "Monsters"
"Athena Begins" "Malfunction" "Fallout" "Christmas Spirit" "Seize the Day" "Fools"
"Pinned" "The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1" "Eddie Begins*" "The One That Got Away" "Powerless" "What's Next?"

* denotes archive footage only appearance.


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