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"My last crew died in front of me. Not, not my crew. They were my brothers. At night if I'm trying to go to sleep, I see them. If I hear a car backfire, I see them. Sometimes I see them for no reason at all."
—Judd Ryder[src]

Judson "Judd" Ryder is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who was the sole survivor of Austin's original 126 house after a rescue call ended in tragedy. He debuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by starring cast member Jim Parrack.


Early Life

Judd was born in Seguin, Texas [1], the youngest of three brothers. [2] Before the series began, he had been a firefighter at the 126 since he was in high school. He went to Austin Heights High School. He worked with the crew whom he called his "brothers" and felt they were like family to them. He worked there for about 20 years before the tragedy.

In 1995, aged 12, him and his friend, Cal, decided to drive a car during the night. Judd first get in the passenger seat but Cal is too small to reach the pedals so the boys switched seats. On the road, they came across another car who dare them to do a speed contest, Judd slowed down the car while turning and Cal decided to step on the pedals himself to beat the other car. Unfortunately, they crashed into a tree and Cal is seen unconscious with blood dripping from his ear and nose. Later that night, at the hospital, while waiting for his dad to pick him up, Judd sees as the surgeon comes and tells Cal's mother that he passed away.

In 2012, Judd is explaining to a bible class how a firehouse works and the woman taking care of the kid comes to see him and give him a card with the number of a prayer hotline if he ever needs to talk to someone who isn't a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Later that day, he is sent on a call about a woman yelling from the inside of her house, when Tommy asks him to help him get the woman on the gurney, the woman - who turns out to be Cal's mother - recognises and tells him to get out of her house. At night, he calls the prayer hotline and meets Grace through the phone. After a talk with Grace, he goes to Cal's mother house and starts fixing up her garden, mailbox,... to try and do everything he can for her. One day, she steps outside to gives a drink and invites him inside.

After he broke up with Grace, while on a call, Judd gets angry at a man for blocking the way to the hydrant and destroys the windows of the man's car. When the man tells him that he will report Judd, Judd starts punching him and he is arrested by a police officer who's on the scene. Stuart comes and bails him out of jail and tells him that Judd needs to stop acting like that because he's going to end up hurting someone really bad.

Tragedy of 126

During a call where a fire broke out at a fertilizer company, the Austin firehouse #126 responded, and Grace, who was taking the call, advised them of the caller who was stuck in the middle of the compound. Judd answered, theorizing that the fire was moving fast and looked like a four-alarm. The crew rushes in to rescue the caller and begins putting out the fire with hoses. The captain of the firehouse advises his men to give it all they got as the fire worsened and he finds another person calling for help above the water tower. They try and put more pressure on the hose, but the water runs out. Judd lets his captain know he spotted a hydrant about 100 yards away, and he gets clearance to run a four-inch line towards it. Judd makes it to the hydrant and the water begins to successfully spray out further and they cheer in excitement.

However, Judd suddenly receives a call back from Grace, who tells him that a maintenance man who called in reported that the factory stored ammonium nitrate fertilizer, a highly explosive compound. Judd runs back towards his men to warn them to pull back, but he is too late as the entire factory explodes, tragically killing everyone, but knocking him back and leaving him unconscious. He spent six weeks in the hospital recovering. [3]

Return to Work

Six months later, Judd returns to the firehouse he formerly lived in, to see it being cleared out from the memorials of the rest of the 126, intending to get his job back. When Owen tries to give condolences, Judd rebukes them, angered that he had to get reinterviewed for a job he already had. Owen tells him he invited him down with respect to see if he was ready to return to the job, and based on their conversation, he wasn't. Angered, he denies having PTSD and acknowledges himself as the best firefighter in Travis County, and that Strand had no right to come in and rehire an entirely new crew except for him who has experience working in Texas. He storms out in anger, unaccepting of the "fake ass condolences".

Later that night, Grace comes home and asks Judd how the talk went, and he tells her that it didn't go well. Believing the PTSD was an excuse for him to not get rehired, Grace reminds him that he had recurring nightmares. When she suggests for him to get another job at a different station, he refuses, thinking if he left 126, it would be like leaving his crew behind. Believing that Strand had it out for him and it wasn't fair, Grace reminds him of the situation he went through when asking for her hand in marriage: her father said no, and he, not giving up came back daily to ask him again until he said yes. She reminds him not to give up, as he hadn't ever taken no for an answer yet.

After Grace gives Owen some encouragement to give Judd a second chance, he tells her to bring him back down to the station again. In the morning, Judd sees that the memorial for his fallen crew was now in the trash, notably upsetting him. Judd apologizes to Owen, but remarks that his old job no longer existed, as it now had been "trashed" along with his crew, since every memory of his former crew was now gone. Owen defends this, saying that nothing had been thrown away but they did need a fresh start after the tragedy. Still upset and feeling that Owen was doing this to gain instant respect just because he had survived 9/11, Judd gets up to leave, but Owen stops him, telling him of his cancer diagnosis. Owen tells him at some point, he would have to face his diagnosis just as Judd would have to face what he had lost. Judd expresses his worries of facing them, thinking he couldn't get "the monster back in the cage." He apologizes for everything and expresses his appreciation for Owen trying to help but feels it would not work out.

As Judd walks outside the station, he looks up and sees a large visual plaque, of pictures of every single one of his crew. Remembering their voices and unable to handle the emotional toll, he breaks down crying in front of everyone. Owen comes downstairs, clears the room and tells him it was the first thing he put up back in Manhatten as well. He tells him the monster was coming out either way, to which Judd understands. A short time later, Judd is seen working with the newly rebuilt 126 once again, later promising to go to therapy as well.


Judd's first therapy session takes place in "Yee-Haw" with Grace in the room with him. The therapist asks him to close his eyes for a focus exercise on the night of the incident that killed his crew and that his PTSD brings back the bad memories of that night so they can be processed. Then, the therapist asks him to close his eyes once again and counts each breath up to five while remembering that night as it happened. He gets overwhelmed by emotions at the second breath and leaves the therapist's office. Later that day, Judd tries again to focus on the incident with Grace, at their place, and he succeeds to lift off the tiniest weight in the world of his chest.

In "Studs", he gets flashbacks from the incident that killed his crew during a fire at a breeding facility.

Stuart's accident

In "Awakening", Judd's father, Stuart, fell on the one of his rug and stay laying on the ground for a whole day which leds Judd to think about getting him help because Judd and Grace worry about him being alone in his house. Judd tells his father that while he doesn't want him to go to a nursing house, he wants to have a more manageable house. Later, Stuart calls 9-1-1 and asks for Grace because he cuts his arm and leg with glass and Grace helps him through it until paramedics arrive. Stuart ask her to not say anything about it to Judd. She does tell Judd about it and the couple come to visit Stuart at the hospital where Judd tells his father that he can stay in his house only if he promises to wear a necklace that will call 9-1-1 if he presses the button on it. Stuart tells them that he will do it on one condition, if they start giving him grandbabies.

Grace's Father Affair

During an emergency call, Judd finds his father in law in a hotel room with another woman that isn't Grace's mother. He tells the paramedic to check his glucose because he knows Grace's father has diabete. At the hospital, he tells Benjamin that he knows about the affair but that he hasn't say anything to Grace because that's not something you should tell to someone you care about on the phone. When Judd and Grace have dinner with Tommy and Charles, Judd reveals to them what happened with Grace's father.

Car Accident

Judd and Grace drive to Stuart's house to celebrate his birthday and his second vaccination. While driving, he and Grace start talking about starting their own family but they get into a car accident and fall off the bridge into the river. In the water, Grace is awake while Judd is unconscious, she shakes him awake, he does and tells her that he's going to smash the window and swim to the top of the river. Grace tells him that she can't because she can't move, Judd goes underwater and tries to free her leg but fails. Grace orders him to leave her alone and saves himself but Judd refuses because the "deal" was to stay right by each other's sides until the end. At the hospital, Judd is the first to wake up with Owen and Tommy in the room where Owen tells him that he had an accident, Judd immediately starts asking about Grace. Judd is concern about the fact that Grace was underwater for 6 minutes because you can get brain damage if you're underwater for 4 minutes and Tommy tries to reassure him by telling him that some of people didn't get brain damage after being underwater for 7 minutes, that the water was cold and that Grace is strong. Judd goes to see Grace in her hospital room while her parents are there too and Tommy gets him to leave by telling that food is here. When he leaves the room, he sees the 126 and Carlos all being present, waiting for him. He tries to get food for her and thanks them for being here with him. He shares a hug with Owen and then with the whole 126 before learning because of Carlos' coworkers that the drunk driver who drove them off the road is in the same hospital.

Then, Judd goes to the drunk driver's room, Caleb, and threatens to break his wrist if he screams or calls for help. Judd gets him to confess to being drunk while driving and Caleb tells him that he has a problem and that's it's not his fault. Judd starts telling him about how Grace saved more than a thousand of lives through her job and starts choking Caleb with his arm out of anger. Owen and Benjamin rush into the room, tell him to stop and that Grace is finally awake and wants to see him. Once in the bedroom, the doctor comes and Grace tells her that she can't feel her legs, the doctor tells her that it's normal and that's entirely normal and that the feeling will come back and that they're both coming to be okay. Judd asks her what she means by "they" and the doctor announce to them that Grace is pregnant. Judd leaves the room and goes to tell first, Stuart and then the 126 that Grace is doing good and that she's pregnant.

Life Post-Accident

In "A Little Help From My Friends", Judd is worried about Grace not asking for help when he and her parents are there for her if she needs to. But later, during a new morning, Grace asks for his help to get her walker.

In "Slow Burn", he replaces Owen as Captain while Owen is recovering from his surgery. In "The Big Heat", he's trying to convince Owen that Billy isn't guilty. Later in the episode, Judd comes by Billy's place to talk to him. Judd tells him that he knows Billy sold out Owen to the police and that he is the arsonist. Judd tells Billy that he broke his heard and when Billy asks him if he wants to punch him, Judd ends up doing it. He then proceeds to tell Billy that they're done with each other now. The next day, Judd evacuates the firehouse when Owen tells him to right before two bombs explode in the firehouse. He apologises to Billy about the punch when they're all at the Ryder's house.

Charles' Death

In "One Day", Judd is home when Grace comes back from PT. He's looking through their registry for the baby and Grace points out that their baby won't need cowboy boots just yet. Then, Judd tells Grace that he has a feeling they're going to have a daughter. They're interrupted by Tommy calling Grace and asking them if they can take care of Evie and Isabella for a few hours in the afternoon and of course, the couple accept. Once the girls are at their house, Grace asks Judd if they told him anything about what's going on with Tommy, Judd answers that they said that Charles was gone when they woke up this morning after Evie heard a car in the driveway. Judd tells Grace that he texted Charles but that his texts went unanswered.

Later that day, Judd gets a call from Owen who asks him if he heard from Tommy today and Judd answers that they're watching her daughters right now. Owen asks Judd if Tommy told them she was at the hospital because of a relative getting a procedure done and which relatives of her live in Austin, Judd answers that it's only her and Charles. Then, Owen tells Judd about Tommy being in the middle of a police standoff.

At night, Tommy comes pick up the girls, thank the couple for taking care of them and when Grace starts crying, Judd is holding her.

Changing Firehouse

After the firehouse blew up in "The Big Heat", Judd starts working with the 122 until the 126 firehouse is rebuilt. There, he joins Marjan and Paul who now work there too. When the 126 and their loved ones go to rebuild the firehouse on their own, Judd is present when Billy announces that he's shutting down the 126 permanently.

Ice Storm

In "The Big Chill", Judd is seen in the morning, painting the nursery of his and Grace's unborn daughter. Grace joins him and tells him that he has time to finish painting it because the baby won't be able to see two feet away from her face within the first months. Grace tells him that the baby coming soon isn't what's bothering him and Judd tells her that yes it isn't. He's bothering by the 126 being demolished in the same morning. Grace tells him that he has to go to sleep because he has a shift and people depends on him and that she'll continue the painting. Judd agrees and starts to leave before getting a call from Marjan and declining it.

At the 129, Paul notices Marjan coming in and looking angry. He warns Judd about it before she gets to them. Judd apologises for not taking her call in the morning and that she was most likely there when the demolition ball swung, Marjan replies that there was no ball swinging and that the 126 is still standing for the time being. Marjan says that everyone gave up when Owen abandonned them and Paul replies that he didn't abandon them, the department just wouldn't reinstate him. Marjan tells him that this isn't actually true and that he could've been reinstated the next day but he chose not to. Marjan shows them the apology letter that Billy sends her and that all Owen had to do was sign it and he didn't. Judd tells her that he wouldn't apologise to that snake - Billy - either. Marjan says that if he had just sucked up his pride, he could've been helping them fight for the 126. Paul tells her that that fight has been over months and Marjan replies that it's only over because Owen walked away and when they lost their leader, they lost each other. Marjan turns away and starts leaving, both men ask her what she's doing and she tells them that she's going to get him back and to tell Captain Andrews, she's taking a snow day after Judd reminds her she has a shift.

Out on a call, Judd is on the phone with Grace talking about Marjan. He tells her that he didn't put chains on her car because she left too quickly. Grace asks him why he didn't stop her and Judd answers that no one can stop Marjan when she has something in mind. Judd tells her that she's wasting a trip because Owen is never going to sign this apology letter. Grace reminds him that he did punch the man, Judd says that the punch wasn't that hard and Grace replies that he knocked the man out cold. Judd asks her of his girls are doing and Grace tells him that she's enjoying a cup of chamomile. Judd is worried about Grace feeling bad and tells her to take care of herself. Their phone call gets cut because of the weather.

The 122 arrives at the shelter that collapsed that is on fire when it hit a gaz line when it dropped. Carlos tells Captain Andrews that they managed to get everyone out but they need to get the people to another shelter. Judd intervenes and says that he called the warming centers and they're all filled up and the shelter isn't open for another 4 hours. Carlos tells them that he might know a place that's open now. Soon, the 129 arrive on scene too. They put out the fire and create an ice palace. Carlos runs to Judd, Paul and Mateo to tell them that someone is still stuck inside, a teenager volunteer named Lindsey. Paul tells him that they had a list and Carlos replies that she was the one in charge of the list so she didn't count herself. Captain Andrews tells them that if they send a team in, they could be looking at a secondary collapse before Captain Tatum says they'd have to assume she survived the first collapse. Tatum tells Mateo that if he hears any sounds of the roof cracking, he has to get out of there and Andrews tells his team that if anyone isn't confident going inside, they can stay outside with no judgement. Once inside, Judd, Mateo and Paul and their teams are looking for Lindsey and they separate to have more space to explore. Judd calls out for her and they hear banging from Lindsey as a response. While Paul is separated from the rest, a part of the roof collapses and projects him away from where he was standing.

In "Thin Ice", Judd is outside of the now collapsed building, telling Captain Andrews that they need to go inside before USAR put a red tag on the building. Andrews tells him that there's 20,000 pounds of ice on the structure and that they can give them some ladders and chainsaws to start removing the biggest pieces. Judd replies that this would take a couple of days. Andrews tells him to remember what happened the last time they went in and that they don't even know if Paul and Lindsey's status or where they are. Judd goes after him and tells him that if they lose Lindsey then he wants to be able to look into her parents' eyes and tells them they have done everything in their power to save her, which is not the case right now. But that if they go in there quickly and tread lightly, they can take a look around before USAR shuts the building down. Andrews accepts but tells them that if USAR make the call, they have to get out of the building right away.

Inside the building, Judd leads the team composed of Mateo and some members of the 122. He tells them to be safe and to not compromise the structure. They scream for Paul and tries to find him through their thermal detector without success. Mateo says that maybe they're going in the wrong direction, if they even know which direction is the right one. Judd tells him that they don't but he knows someone that could help them figure it out. Judd calls Grace through dispatch and tells her that the last time they saw Paul was at the south wall while Grace is looking at the building schematics of the structure. Grace realises that they're somewhere on the basketball court and Judd confirms it when he finds a hoop, Mateo telling him that "his lady is good" and Judd replying that it's why he called her. Judd asks Grace how they should proceed to find Paul and she tells him that their best bet is to "double back through the Alpha Bravo wall" because there's a lot of load-bearing beams and a good chance of air pockets for them to make it through. Judd thanks her and they're interrupted by Paul's voice on the radio, Mateo asks him where he is and Paul replies that he's in some sort of locker room, Grace tells them that the locker room is 25 yards northeast to where they are right now.

Judd and Mateo get out of the structure and join Captain Andrews outside again because they couldn't get to them from the inside. Andrews asks them what they suggest and Judd says that they'll try to make it through the outside with a couple of pneumatic jackhammers before opening a hole in a wall and make it to the locker room. Andrews tells them that vibration could make the building collapse even more, Judd agrees that it's a risk and Mateo says that Paul and Lindsey won't make it out of here if they don't try. Andrews tells them that he gets the feeling that even if he says no, they'll do it anyway and Judd tells him he's right. Judd radio-in Paul and tells him they're about to make a hole in the wall so it might get a little shaky where they are. After minutes, they manage to make a hole and Mateo and Judd go through it, helping Lindsey and Paul out of here, Judd giving up his turnout coat to Paul so it can warm him up a little before Paul is brought to the hospital.

Later that day, Judd surprises Grace at the dispatch center, holding bags of grocery store for the rest of her shift. She asks him what he's doing here and he tells her that himself and the rest of the guys were going to go check on Paul at the hospital and he told them to stop the truck so he could come by and thank her for the help during Paul and Lindsey's rescue. Judd cleans the puddle of water he made because of his boots covered in ice and Grace asks him what he brought with him, Judd leads her to the break room of the dispatch center and when she asks him if the whole team is waiting outside in the truck, he tells her that it's not the whole team and that they at least have the heat on. Judd tells Grace that he couldn't bear the thought of her drinking chamomille tea so he bought her English breakfast tea and Judd says that he did and he brought her ginger chews she likes when her stomach is upset, and cough drops just in case too. Grace tells him that she told him she was fine on the phone and Judd replies that he knows but he wanted to come check on his girls anyways. Grace tells him that his girls are fine and they appreciate him but that if he leaves his crew outside any longer, they are the ones who will need the medicinals. Judd agrees but tells her to holler him on the radio if she needs anything.

In "Shock and Thaw", Paul is in his hospital bed when Judd and Mateo comes in. Both of them hug him and Judd asks him how he is feeling. Paul replies that his core temperature is still 90 degrees but that the doctor says he will keep all his fingers and toes. Then, he tells Judd that his turnout coat is in the cabinet and Judd thanks him for looking after it for him. Paul thanks them for saving his life out there and that he knew if anyone was going through these walls, it'd be his boys from the 126. Judd tells him that it's because he knows how they do. Paul continues by telling them he loves them and and when Mateo offers the idea of hugging again, Judd hugs him at the waist since he's sitting and Mateo is standing, before saying that they love him too. After, Paul asks them what happened with Marjan, if she actually got Owen to sign the apology letter to Billy. Judd replies that it remains to be seen. Paul asks if Owen is still being stubborn and Judd replies that it's because they haven't heard back from Marjan yet. Paul says that he feels like she would've checked in by now, Mateo replies that cell service is out and that her and Owen are probably riding out the snow together now. Judd jokes saying that God will have to help Owen if he doesn't sign the letter before walking out of there. Mateo says that knowing Marjan if he doesn't sign, he's not walking out at all.

They're interrupted by Lindsey's parents coming into the room with arms full of gifts bags before being followed by Lindsey attached to an IV bag. She apologises to Paul for her parents who insisted on bringing him gifts to thank him. Paul says that it's okay and that they didn't have to do this. Cole - Lindsey's father - says that he saves their daughter's life, it's the least they can do. First, they give a lambswool throw since he's recovering from hypothermia. He adds that he'll open the Rolexes later, Mateo asks Judd if he really said Rolex with a "s" and starts looking through the bags before Judd slaps his hand. Lindsey apologises once again about her parents. Cole thinks Paul doesn't like the blanket and asks him if he wants another color because they can get him a new one in a special order. Mateo says that Paul should say he likes it so they don't kill another lamb, Judd reassures him by saying they don't kill lambs, they just shave them. Paul says that it's a very lovely blanket but they're too generous. Cole replies that they're just getting started before asking Paul if he wants a Maserati. Judd and Mateo starts laughing and Paul looks confused repeating what Cole just said. Cole confirms that he means the car unless Paul wants a truck. Paul replies that he couldn't accept this, it's just too much. Mateo says that he could accept it, remembering them that he was at the rescue too with the jackhammers. Cole asks them to forgive him before asking for Mateo's last name, Judd stops him and tells him that they're alright and that the reward of being a firefighter is the job itself. Cole says that he respects that because he feels the same way about his work, Judd asks him what his line of work is and Cole replies that he's in the milk cartons. Mateo asks him how can he offers all of that by selling milk and Cole corrects him, saying he's selling the cartons, not the milk.

In "Push", Marjan is back at the 122 for work after Owen dropped her off. Judd sees her first and tells her he tried to reach her and asks her if she managed to get in touch with Owen. Marjan replies that she saw him and Judd asks her where he is now. Marjan says she assume he's at home and asks Judd why he wants to not that before Judd curses, realising he still has no service.

Later, Tommy radio Judd who asks her if she was able to track down Owen. Tommy replies that Owen is actually with her and Judd tells him that he wants Owen to know he's sorry about what's happening to TK and that he's praying for him. Owen tells him that he appreciates it before asking if Judd talked to his wife. Judd says that he hasn't ever wince the phones were down but that Grace should be at home. Owen replies that she's actually not at home because he and Tommy are in the Ryder's living room and she isn't there. Judd asks them what they're doing here and Tommy replies that they tracked Billy's GPS to his house and that his truck is outside. Owen, then, asks if Judd perhaps has an idea about where they are and Judd replies that there's no "they" because Grace isn't going anywhere with Billy. He asked them to look around for a pink duffel bag and when they can't find any, Judd understands that Grace must have went into labor. Tommy tells him that they radioed every hospitals within 20 miles and no one heard of her, Judd realising that Grace is stuck in the storm. After Judd tells them that their birth plan was to give birth at West Park hospital, Owen tells him that he and Tommy will come from the south and Judd - with a firetruck from the 122 - will come from the north and they'll meet in the middle in hope to find her.

At some point, Tommy recognises Grace's car and they tell Judd they found it but she isn't in it. Owen sees footprints in the snow. Judd leaves the firetruck and decides to go to them on foot. Soon, Tommy and Owen found the tour bus and join Billy and Grace. Tommy checks Grace out and tells her that it's time to push. Grace replies that they have to wait until Judd gets there but Tommy tells her that he did everything he could to make it in time but it's time to push now. They're interrupted by Judd calling for Grace before he gets into the tour bus. Grace is relieved that he made it and Judd tells her that she didn't think he would this. Soon, Grace gives birth to their daughter and Tommy gives Judd his daughter for a moment before he gives her to Grace.

Return of the 126

Weeks later, Grace is at home when her and Judd receive a visit from Tommy, Evie and Isabella. Judd asks the girls if they're ready to meet their little cousin and when both girls agree, Tommy tells them to be quiet because she might be sleeping. Grace tells Tommy that she wishes her daughter was sleeping and she tells the twins to come closer, Tommy telling them that she won't bite which Grace replies to by saying that she bites but only her mother. Grace introduces her daughter to Evie and Izzy, telling her that they're going to look out for her her whole life so she has to do what they say. Evie tells her that they promise to be nice and Isabella tells Grace that they brought her something, a penguin plush because she was born in the snow. The twins start fighting about who thought about the plush and Evie tells Izzy that she did because she's the one who made a report on emperor penguin. Tommy tells her girls to calm down and tells Grace and Judd that they had a good idea, only starting with one baby. Tommy looks at the baby and says that she's beautiful, Judd telling her that they're lucky because she favors her mother but Tommy tells him she sees plenty of Judd in her too. Then, Grace gives the baby to Tommy, letting her hold her god-daughter. Tommy asks them if they decided what was going to be the name of the baby and Grace replies that they wanted to name her Charlie - after Charles. Grace tells Tommy that they want to honor him, that they didn't want to overstep. Judd jumps in saying that if she feels uncomfortable or anything, they can still pick another name. Tommy tells them that she likes it very much.

Later, Owen and Marjan are outside the 126 watching as it is about to be demolished. They're soon joined by Tommy, Nancy, Judd, Paul, Mateo and TK who hold a box full of pastries and they share hugs when they see each other again. Owen asks them what are the odds of those pastries being gluten free, Nancy answers that there's no way and that everything is bad in those pastries, Paul adding that today they're eating their feelings. Owen gives up and asks TK to gives him a bear claw. TK asks Marjan what she wants, handing her the box and she tells everyone to just save her one with tons of sugar. Marjan thanks them for being there and Mateo tells her they would never miss it - again. Paul says that the 126 being demolished stings and Judd agrees, saying that he spent the best years of his life there. When the ball is about to swing, Marjan gets a notification and realises that her GoFundMe finally got fully funded. TK asks her to stop messing with them and she tells him she's not, Owen is surprised that someone gave them $4.6 millions and Marjan tells him that they actually got $5 millions. Owen asks her who would do that and Marjan replies it's someone called Cole Robertson who no one know except for Paul since Cole is Lindsey's father. Owen and Marjan run to the foremen and tell them to stop.

Later, Judd is present at the opening ceremony of the 126, standing beside Mateo, Paul and Marjan and pushing in their firetruck into the firehouse once Owen's speech is over. At the party, Judd asks Billy if he wants to hold Charlie, Billy replies that he'll most likely make her cry and Judd jokes about this being the aspect he has on most people anyway but she still has to get used to Billy at some point. Judd gives him his daughter and Billy jokes about having a future fire chief right there. Then, he's dancing with everyone else, holding Charlie in his arms.

Secret Child

In "Child Care", a young man called Wyatt comes by the firehouse and asks TK and Nancy where he can find Judd, they point him at it and Wyatt goes to meet Judd, who's reading the newspaper. Wyatt introduces himself to Judd and Judd thinks at first, he's someone who used to play with one of Judd's friends, but Wyatt replies that he isn't. Then, Judd asks him what can he do for him and Wyatt asks if him they can have a moment or two to talk, in private. Then, Wyatt tells him that there is no easy way to say this but he thinks Judd is his father. They're interrupted by Grace and Charlie coming into the firehouse. Judd says that he didn't expect them to come and Grace replies that they think it'd be fun to surprise him. Judd introduces Grace and Charlie as his wife and daughter and Wyatt says that he'll leave them be and that he and Judd can talk another time. Judd stops him and tells him that they'll talk about this right here because he doesn't keep secrets from his wife. Grace asks Judd what's going on and Judd replies that Wyatt is under the misapprehension that Judd is his father. Grace is confused but Judd tells her that they'll clear this up quickly because if he had gotten someone pregnant over the past 20 years, he'd know about it. Grace asks Wyatt what is his mother's name and Wyatt replies that she's called Marlene Harris. Judd replies that he doesn't know any Marlene and Wyatt says that he's not surprised because he's pretty sure she didn't get Judd's name either. His mother is a barrel racer, and that she met his dad at a San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in 2005 before he shows Judd an old picture of his mother. Judd clearly recognises the woman but asks Wyatt how did they manage to find out that Judd could be his father. Wyatt replies that he didn't, but that DNA-OK - a genetic ancestry site - did. Judd says that he doesn't have his DNA on any websites but Grace tells him that he does since after they got engaged, they wanted to learn more about their family trees. Wyatt adds that he doesn't want to blow anyone's life, or money and that his mum doesn't even know he's here right now. He continues, saying that it was probably a mistake coming here like this and that he appreciated the time they gave him. Grace stops him and asks him if he has a number they can have to contact him. He puts his number in Grace's phone and leaves the firehouse, Grace soon following him and telling Judd they'll talk about it at home.

Later, Judd comes home to Grace mopping the floor of the kitchen. Judd tells her that he wants to quickly grab a beer but Grace tells him to stay off the floor and to get out of the kitchen before saying that she can't keep anything clean in this house with him in it. Judd asks her if she wants to talk about the Wyatt situation and Grace asks him what are the odds of him being his father. Judd replies that they aren't zero but it was a long time ago and he was very different back then, that he wasn't himself until he met Grace. Grace says that she knows Judd had a past before they met, that she shouldn't be mad but she is and she can't help it. Judd replies that it's fair and Grace tells him that's it's actually not fair to anyone, not to Judd who didn't know he had a son out there, not to Wyatt who had to grow up without a dad and that's it's not fair to herself and to Charlie either. Grace continues by saying she knew she wanted to have children, a family, with Judd from the day she met him and now she realises he already has one. She adds that she knows it's not rational but that she can barely look at Judd right now. Judd asks her to not say that to him and that whatever is going to happen isn't going to affect their family. Grace tells him that yes it will before going to check on Charlie when she hears her cry.

One morning, Judd brings Charlie to Tommy's house and when he's watching his daughters with Evie and Isabella, Tommy asks him what he's thinking about. He replies that he's thinking about kids growing up without their fathers, Tommy replying that somehow they manage to make it before asking him that he's going to take a paternity test. Judd replies that if he did it would be just a formality because Wyatt is his son. Tommy asks him how can he be so sure about that because Grace said he doesn't even remember meeting Wyatt's mother, before realising that this might not be completely accurate. Judd tells her that he remembers what happened, how it made him feel. Tommy asks him if she was special to him and Judd says that she was for one night. He tells the story of how he met her and Tommy asks him if protection wasn't a thing, Judd replying that she was older so he thought she had that figured out. He adds that he thought he had a few more years before he screwed up the whole "being a daddy thing". Tommy tells him that he didn't screw up a thing but he's going to do what's right. Judd asks her how is he supposed to do the right thing without hurting the woman he loves.

Then, Judd comes home to Grace setting the table for dinner. Judd asks her what's the occasion and Grace replies that it's a family dinner and that they have things to talk about. Judd says that he didn't know when they were going to go back to talking. Grace says that he was right in what he said earlier, he's still the same man she married, a good man who is going to do right by Wyatt. Because he's Judd's family and that makes him Grace's family too. Judd tells her that marrying her was still the smartest thing he's ever done. Grace replies that yes, but to be fair, he doesn't raise the bar very high. They hug and exchange I love yous and Grace tells him to go get change because they're having company for dinner. The doorbell rings and Judd opens the door to find Marlene there, she comes in and Grace thanks her for agreeing to come meet them. They talk and Marlene apologises for being tough with them but she can be a little overprotective when it comes to Wyatt and Grace says that she understands how it feels before asking Marlene if she wants to hold Charlie, while Judd watches them from the kitchen.

In "The ATX-Files", Judd and Grace invite Wyatt over for dinner and for the weekend. When he's offered meat, Wyatt tells them that he doesn't eat any and when Judd offers him truffle mac, Wyatt reveals that he's vegan so he can't eat it either. Judd realises that the whole weekend he had planned with Wyatt is ruined because he had in mind to go deer hunting and bass fishing. Then, Grace tells Judd that maybe he should just ask Wyatt what he likes to do for fun. He replies that he likes to skate, making TikToks and playing "Magic" - which is a fantasy-based tabletop card game before he apologises and says that he's weird, Judd picks up on that and asks him if he likes aliens.

The next day, Judd comes to visit Owen and tells him about Wyatt being his son. Owen tells him that he's happy that Judd came to see him and that he'll share any hard knowledge he has about raising a young man. Judd tells him that he appreciates it but it's not why he's here, he's here to talk about aliens because he doesn't know anyone who knows more about aliens than Owen does and he was hoping Owen would take him and Wyatt on an extraterrestrial spotting excursion which Owen agrees to. They go alien hunting at the same location a couple said they saw aliens during a call, earlier that week and just watches as Owen and Wyatt bond while they talk about aliens and veganism. In the morning, Judd accidentally find dead animals with lots of radiation around them. Once they wrap the call, Judd comes back home to Grace and Wyatt playing video games. He apologises for coming home so late and Wyatt tells him that it's no big deal because he and Grace had fun, Judd replies that it is a big deal because he missed his whole day. Wyatt replies that he had a great time with Judd and Owen alien hunting. Judd says that if it wasn't for Owen Wyatt's whole trip would've been ruined and Wyatt replies that this was the best weekend of his life because of Judd because he had always want to go camping with his dad and now he has. Judd tells him that the next time Wyatt comes, they'll go to his uncle Cash's ranch.



Judd is a passionate, caring person for the people he loves most and finds himself as a leader. Riddled by the slight feeling of guilt towards himself on being unable to warn his former crew before they were all killed, he often pushes this feeling away, and it results in him feeling very caring towards the newest crew, especially when he is put as leader of an emergency. He feels responsible towards them all and it can be seen towards his behavior to them often. When it comes to his own pain, he struggles with it, afraid he could never be the firefighter he once was, but is slowly being pushed out of this mindset while in therapy.


Grace Ryder

Judd and Grace first met on the phone as Grace volunteers for a prayer hotline that Judd called one day. She first called him "John" because he didn't want to tell her his name. He tells her about what happened that day with Cal's mother and he explained to her how he hurt her in the past. Grace, then, told him to go to her even if he would probably get spit on. Grace recited Psalm 31 to him and it was what convinced him to go. At the end of their first conversation, he tells her his actual name is Judd. Judd keeps calling Grace at the prayer hotline to tells her about the progress he's making with Cal's mother. While he's at the bar, Judd tries to call after he finally managed to get Cal's mother's forgiveness but someone at the prayer hotline tells him that Grace stops volunteering there. While at the bar, Judd hears Grace's voice from where she's sitting with her friends and when Tommy sees him, she decides to introduce them. Grace and Judd go dancing where Judd tells her that Cal's mother didn't spit on him and actually forgave him. Then, Grace tells him that the reason she stopped volunteering is because she's moving to Georgetown. They start dating, and two months after, Judd tells Charles that he put him down as reference with some firehouses in D.C. and when Charles asks him if he's smitten with Grace, Judd tells him that he's in love.

One day, Judd comes to the Williams' house to pick up Grace for a date and meets with Grace's father, Benjamin. He tells Judd about their family story and legacy and tells him that Grace is destined to have a bright future but it can't happen if Judd is a part of it because of the job he's doing. Later that night, Grace tells Judd that she decided to stay in Austin and that she loves him and that she knows he loves her too. Judd lies to her and tells her he doesn't love her. Grace leaves the car and they broke up that night. The same night, Judd gets Psalm 31 tattooed on his hand. In 2013, Judd comes to the hospital the day Tommy is giving birth and he's meeting Grace in the waiting room, she notices his tattoo. He asks her about her new job and she tells him that she's training to be a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Judd asks her if she's seeing anyone and Grace tells him that yes she's seeing someone, Judd tells her that he's a lucky man and Grace answers that he is but he is too "dumb or stubborn to know it and that he hasn't picked up the phone in 6 months." when Judd starts to respond, Charles comes him and tells them that they're going to be their twins' godparents. They start holding hands as a sign that they're ready to get back together.

When he tried to get her father, Benjamin's approval to marry her, he rejected and he came back every day, even building him a pool deck just to prove that he truly loved her. Grace answered the call when the 126 tragedy had struck, and knowing that her husband was the one on the call with her, she panicked when he was knocked out, not knowing he had survived. After the tragedy, Grace was there to help support him and is the one who convinces him to get him back on his feet to return to the newly rebuilt station. After unintentionally insulting her faith he refuses to go back to church, he apologizes and decides to slowly return as it's important to her, and to support just as she supports him. [4]

Judd has mentioned to Strand that he would "walk through fire" to show how much he loves Grace, and makes her feel safe in their marriage together. [5] When on a call and recognizing Benjamin was subject to having an affair, he is notably shaken. He arrives at the hospital and confronts him, telling him to tell his daughter and wife, not wanting the burden of hurting Grace. Soon after, Grace and her mother arrive, and Benjamin lies about what led him to the hospital, leaving Judd to feel guilty about not telling her, as he knows she is close with him. After talking about it with the Vegas, Tommy tells him that he would be hurting her more if she finds out herself with him having known. Judd tries to tell her the morning after at her workplace, but backs out. Later in the day when he returns, he tries to finally tell her, but unfortunately, Grace had picked up on hints Judd had tried dropping during dinner with the Vegas, and she had listened to the call about her father herself. She tells him she appreciates and understands why he kept the secret from her as he didn't want to see her get hurt, but does not want to talk further about it, which he understands.

In "Saving Grace", after their car accident, the couple learn that they're going to have a baby together.

Owen Strand

Owen and Judd are friends. Judd is the first person in Texas who learns about Owen's cancer. During the altercation between Billy and Owen, Grace tells Judd that if Owen hadn't tell him to go to therapy, she didn't where they would be right now so she tells him that he should help Owen if he can. Judd meets up with Billy and tells him that while "he's flashy, his heart is in the right place". Billy then tells Judd that Owen is the one who came up with the CPAT test, not Billy. In "Displaced", Judd is excited about the idea of Owen and Gwyn having a baby.

TK Strand

TK and Judd get off on the wrong foot when TK ignores Judd's instructions on a call that could have ended a lot worse. Judd then calls TK 'the coach's kid' which greatly annoys TK in "Texas Proud". After a discussion with his wife, who prompts Judd to apologize to TK, the two of them hug it out and become close friends. Judd seems to be quite protective over TK, like an older brother would. Judd is shown praying with Grace when TK is at the hospital. He is also very understanding and even kisses TK's head when TK, after revealing his addiction and relapse, tells the 126 team that he's decided not to leave his job in "Austin, We Have a Problem". In "Everyone and Their Brother", TK asks Judd to help him teach him how to drive the firetruck and when he fails, TK tells him that he's distracted because he got some news the night before; his parents told him that they were expecting another baby. Judd hugs TK during his one year anniversary of sobriety party. They share two hugs in "Saving Grace": one when Grace is unconscious and Judd is in obvious pain and the other when Judd tells everyone that Grace is pregnant. In "The Big Heat" Judd asks Carlos to leave TK alone when the couple gets in to a fight. At the end of the episode he is seen comforting TK after Carlos' and his house gets burned down in.

Tommy Vega

Judd and Tommy are very good friends. Tommy is the one who made him go talk to Grace. He is the godfather of her and Charles' twins.

Paul Strickland

Judd and Paul are good friends. They grew closer after working together at the 122 with Marjan for 8 months.

Wyatt Harris


  • Jim Parrack, the actor who portrays Judd, is a Texan in real life as well, as he was born and raised in Allen, Texas.
  • Judd has a tattoo on his hand of Psalms 31, a lament psalm in the Book of Psalms. Grace read it to him during their first phone call and he got it tattooed after their break up. ("Saving Grace")


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