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Jee-Yun Buckley Han is the daughter of Maddie Buckley and Howard Han. Her first appearance was in Blindsided.

During the pregnancy, Maddie and Chimney struggled to find a name for their unborn daughter. After her birth, Maddie spoke to Anne Lee, Chimney's mother-figure, about their newborn baby and Albert. Maddie then named their daughter after Chimney's late mother, Jee-Yun, after hearing Anne talked about how she wished Jee-Yun was here to see her granddaughter.


Season Four
"The New Abnormal" "Alone Together" "Future Tense" "9-1-1, What's Your Grievance?" "Buck Begins"
"Jinx" "There Goes the Neighborhood" "Breaking Point" "Blindsided" "Parenthood"
"First Responders" "Treasure Hunt" "Suspicion" "Survivors"
Season Five
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