Henrietta Wilson, better known as Hen, is a firefighter and paramedic who works for the Los Angeles Fire Department.


First ResponderEdit

In the show, she is the only first responder that is openly gay or lesbian and in the episode "Point Of Origin", her wife is shown for the first time.

Personal Life Edit

Hen is married to Karen Wilson currently but also had a lover in prison named Eva. Eva got out of prison and began working in a tax firm until her overdose.

Hen saves a dog named Paisley in the episode "7.1" and is seen giving the dog to her son in the episode "Help Is Not Coming."

Hen cheats on her wife with Eva in "Full Moon (Creepy AF)".  Eva tries to regain custody of Denny on the grounds that she is his biological mother. Eva claims that Hen cheating on Karen makes their household unsuitable for Denny to live in. Eva signed away all rights when Denny was born but his biological father, Nathan Green, did not. Eva claims Nathan is going to petition for parental rights, the she overdoses and is taken back to jail and Nathan does not petition for rights to Denny.


TOTAL : 20/28

Season One (10/10)

Season Two (10/16)