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Gwyneth "Gwyn" Morgan (formerly Strand) is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star. She is the ex-wife of Owen Strand and the mother of TK Strand. She debuted in the first episode of the second season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by guest star Lisa Edelstein.


Early Life

Before the series began, Owen Strand dropped out of law school and joined the fire academy. At some point between those times, he met Gwyneth who was studying law and they were married, having a son, TK[1]

Years later, Owen was present at ground zero during 9/11 with his crew, Station 252 in Lower Manhattan as the buildings came down. Often times after the tragedy, he would stay late behind at the firehouse to help console any of his members having a rough time. As a result, it would lead to arguments with Gwyneth, and her growing tired of him using the tragedy as an excuse, notably missing TK's sixth birthday. These arguments presumably led to the dissolution of their marriage and into their divorce. [1] Few months after their divorce, she met Enzo and got into a relationship with him that lasted sixteen years.

TK's Injury

Many years later, Gwyn is living in New York with her own successful law firm. However, after Owen informs her that T.K was accidentally shot on the job in Texas, leaving him in a coma, she quickly travels over to check on him. [2]

Staying in Austin

After arriving in Texas, she was invited to stay with father and son amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. There, she and Owen began to rekindle their relationship. [3] In "Back in the Saddle", she and Owen are fighting over beauty products, including TK in their fight but it is shown later that they have been having sex since the pandemic started and got in lockdown together. Later, Gwyn is there with Owen and TK when they learn that Owen is in remission and she tells him that now that he's going to be fine and that TK's injury healed, she has no reasons to stay in Austin. At night, after she finished packing her suitcase, Owen stops her and tells her he wants her to stay and to try to have another shot at "the best relationship of their lives". She agrees but tells him that they have to tell TK about it, TK interrupts them and tells them that he and everyone already knows they're having sex again because "the walls are thin". In "2100°", Gwyn is present along with the rest of the 126, Carlos and Grace to celebrate Owen's remission party. She meets Tommy is there and she follows Owen to his office when he leaves his party, asking him why he's not happy about the remission and how it's not great to keep things bottled up. After the 126 is done dealing with the volcano and lava, Gwyn joins Owen and Buttercup in the backyard where Owen is watching ashes falling out of the sky, she tells him to come home because he could get more cancer from those. He tells her about 9/11 and how the current situation is reminding him of it, he also informs that they lost Tim today and that somehow everyone around him die but he still survives everything, even cancer. She hugs him to comfort him and they watch together the ashes.


In "Friends With Benefits", her and Owen hold a game night with Grace, Judd, Tommy and Charles. They play some games and beat Grace and Judd as the first place. Judd says that it's because they've been married so long, they know each other so well. Gwyn remembers him that they've been separated longer than they've been together and a drunk Owen intervenes by saying that you know someone better during a divorce, trying to figure who should get what than you do while you're married. He continues by saying that they need to come up with a term for people who are better together not together. Gwyn replies that there is one and it's called "friends with benefits". Later in the week, Gwyn is at the firehouse eating a chocolate bar when the 126 comes back from a call, Owen joins her, asking her where she got that chocolate bar and they both go to the kitchen to talk. Gwyn asks him if he has some time to talk and Owen answers that he has some until the bell goes off. Gwyn, then, asks him about how she needs them to define their relationship and after a few minutes, Owen replies "it's us, it's this". Gwyn says that she needs more clarifications because she's running a low firm from Manhattan, she's not making any demands or ultimatums, she just needs clarity. Owen tells her that he'll think about it.

Next morning, she's in the kitchen, working, when Owen joins her, asking if she sleeps okay because he could feel her being restless. Gwyn asks him if they're at the awkward stage now because she wants it to be fun. Owen says he want it to be fun too. TK joins them and they're both surprised that he's here and not at Carlos', he tells them that they're fighting because Carlos introduces him to his parents as his friend. He asks them advices and they both make his relationship struggles about them and how while Gwyn needs them to put a label on their relationship while Owen doesn't think it's necessary. When he realises what they're doing, TK leaves them. At night, Gwyn came back from running and find the house in the dark, with petals everywhere, champagne and lilies on a table, which was the set up they had in their wedding suit. Owen comes and got on one knee to propose, Gwyn stops him and tells him to get up, Owen tells her that he thinks that's what she wanted, Gwyn answers that she needs clarity, not a marriage proposal. Owen, then, asks her why she needs clarity and Gwyn tells him that she's pregnant.

In "Difficult Conversations", they're at a doctor appointment where the doctor confirms she's about four weeks pregnant and that her pregnancy is dangerous for her and for the baby. Owen asks what couples in their situations usually do and Gwyn tells him that they usually terminate the pregnancy. The doctor says that he won't recommend them anything, it has to be a decision they make together. Later, Gwyn comes back home to Owen looking at baby pictures of TK and they remember some childhood memories they had with him. They talk about how nice it'd be to have another baby around and to take care of him but after a call Owen had about a girl being left fatherless after a car accident, he asks Gwyn if he'd really be fair to put their child in this situation. They both agree that they only have to do the most logical thing. Later, they're both getting ready for the appointment, Owen tries to cheer up by telling her that they'll go have some foods after it happened, Gwyn interrupts him and tells him that she doesn't food, Owen asks what she wants and she yells that she wants this baby. Owen yells back that he wants this baby too and they both agree on keeping it.

In "Everyone and Their Brother", she and Owen tell TK about the pregnancy and when he asks, a little confused, if it's really possible, they tell him it's confirmed by science. At the end of the episode, her, Owen and TK are at an appointment where she's getting an ultrasound and the doctor tells them that the baby is okay and that she can tells them the sex if they want to, Owen says that he doesn't but Gwyn wants to. The doctor announces them that they're having a boy.

In "Displaced", Gwyn and Owen are moving in together and already fighting over which objects or cutlery they're getting. They're both worried that the other is having second thoughts. Later, Owen finds a beautiful bowl in one of the boxes but Gwyn takes it from him and tells him that it'll go to a storage unit. Owen asks her why and she replies that it won't go well with the design of the room. After, Gwyn comes back from a doctor appointment and she realises that Owen has redecorate the house with some of her stuff. She joins him and tells him that they need to talk. Owen asks her if she and the baby are fine and she answers that they are but Gwyn tells him that they thought she was sixteen weeks pregnant when she's actually eighteen weeks pregnant. Owen doesn't get what the problem is until Gwyn asks him if he remembers eighteen weeks ago, when Enzo came to Austin. Owen gets that she and Enzo had sex that time and that now the paternity of the baby has become problematic. Owen starts to be pissed because he dislikes Enzo a lot and he realises that the bowl was offered to Gwyn by Enzo and that there's a possibility that the baby isn't his. Gwyn tells him that she now needs him to spit in a cup to determine who's the father.

Some time later, Gwyn is waiting for the results with Owen. When they get them, Owen tells her to not look at it, that he's ready to raise this baby with her whether or not it's his own but Gwyn wants to know. She checks the results and learns that the baby is Enzo's. Owen tells her that he meant what he just said but Gwyn tells him that she thinks they need time and space to process. Owen tells her that she doesn't and Gwyn tells him that she does. Owen asks her if she still loves Enzo and Gwyn tells him that she still love Owen after sixteen years of separation, she has only been separated from Enzo for months.

In "Bad Call", she's at the one year anniversary of sobriety party for TK where she and Owen agrees not to tell him about the break up. The next day, TK comes by the house and sees Gwyn packing up all her stuff. He's disappointed that she and Owen haven't tried to give their relationship a true chance after not even living together for a week. Gwyn starts to tell him that they both love him more than anything in the world but TK stops her because he already heard that speech when he was seven and they were having a divorce. He tells her that maybe he's not enough for them to stay together but they have to think about their baby, Gwyn tells him that it's not Owen's. TK asks who's it is and Gwyn reveals him that it's Enzo's. They both go sit on the couch and TK tells her that Enzo will make a great dad, he was always there for TK when Owen was too busy and that the kid is very lucky. TK starts to shut down and leaves the room after saying that. Once TK left for work, Gwyn calls Owen and she tells him that she told TK the truth and that he shuts down, which they know never end well. Later that day, at night, Carlos comes by their house, asking them if TK's here because he didn't show up for dinner and that he's not answering Carlos' texts and calls. Gwyn worries that TK relapsed after their conversation in the morning because him shutting down is always a warning sign. Gwyn tells Owen that if he did relapse because of them, she'll never forgive herself. Owen tells her not to worry and he calls Tommy and the captain on duty to ask them if they're around. He lies to Gwyn about TK being fine and he and Carlos go to look for him. Once they found TK and the rest of the paramedics, Gwyn is at the hospital with Carlos and Owen, pressing an ice pack on TK's head because of his concussion and tries to feed him more matzo ball soup to make him feel better. She and Owen starts to bicker about the matzo ball soup and Owen's lotions he wants to give TK. TK interrupts them, asking them when they're leaving for the airport since Gwyn is going back to New York.

TK's Coma Dream

While in a coma, TK dreams about his mum. She's downstairs when TK wakes up and when she sees him, she asks him if he saw her slow tea infuser, TK tells her that Buttercup ate it. She calls Buttercup a "rascal" and TK asks her where Owen is. Gwyn replies that she has no ideas, that he's probably at work. TK's about to say that he isn't when he realises it's not snowing outside anymore. TK stops himself when he hears a ringing and asks Gwyn if she heard that too, she tells him she didn't. She tells him to sit down and to have some tea. TK does and asks her when she got in Austin, Gwyn answers that she just did and she flew in as soon as she heard about TK being admitted into the hospital. TK asks her confused about him being in the hospital, Gwyn asks him if he doesn't remember and TK tells her that he doesn't. Seconds later, TK asks her if she brought his little brother, Jonah, with her and she tells him that she didn't and that he's still in New York with Enzo. TK asks her what Jonah got into lately, Gwyn tells him that he's into strained pears and that he recently discovered his reflection. TK tells her that at least he's adorable so he got that going for him, Gwyn replies that it's because he takes after his big brother. TK asks Gwyn if they're going to make cookies and when she asks him, he tells her that he remembers having a lot of fun doing them when he was a kid. TK frowns when he hears the ringing again and asks Gwyn again if she hears that and she tells him that he has to fight. Confused, TK asks who is he supposed to fight.

Later, TK and Gwyn are making cookies. They're about to be done when Gwyn asks him if he remembers the secret ingredient, TK guesses it's love and Gwyn replies that he's close enough but it's actually toffee. TK tells her that he doesn't think they have toffee and Gwyn answers that of course they do because it's in TK's hand. TK says that he's a space cadet today and hands over the toffee. When Gwyn starts rolling the dough, TK tells her that he missed this: him and her. Gwyn says that she misses this too and that's it's too bad it can't last. TK asks her why not and Gwyn replies that it's because nothing lasts, like her little boy who couldn't reach the countertop while she only blinks. TK says that he'll always be that little boy and that he still is. Gwyn says it's very sweet but that they can't stay here forever. TK asks why not because this is perfect and perfect things should last forever. TK sits on the counter and tells her that they almost had a family, Gwyn tells him that a family isn't always the picture that comes with the frame but that he is surrounded by love and he'll always will be, no matter what choices he makes. TK asks her why does he have to choose and Gwyn answers because no one else can and that no one can stop time. The timer goes off and TK asks why it did when they haven't put the cookies in yet and that it doesn't make any sense. Gwyn says that some things don't make sense. TK gets out of the counter and asks her if they can have more time. Gwyn agrees but tells him that the longer he stays there, the harder it'll be to get back, TK replies that he understands.



Owen Strand

Gwyn and Owen were married for a few years before 9/11 happened and Owen emotionally left her and TK to spend all his time trying to rebuild his firehouse. Some time later, the couple separate and divorce. We can assume that they stayed in good terms. They stay separate for sixteen years, only getting back together when Gwyn comes to Austin to check on TK after he gets shot.

They get on lockdown together during the COVID-19 pandemic and Gwyn found out she's pregnant months after the lockdown ended. At first, she and Owen think the baby is his but it is revealed later that the baby is Enzo's, her ex-boyfriend she was dating after Owen. This revelation causes them to break up and she goes back to New York after that.

TK Strand

Gwyn and TK are close. They both love each other so much and Gwyn worry a lot about him, shown as her asking TK's doctor multiple questions after he was shot and her coming to Austin to check on him while he was recovering. TK dreams of her while he's in a coma and recalls moments they shared when he was younger.


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