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"I understand Judd but you weren't the only person that I met while working those phones. Judd, I really feel like I met myself. Talking to people and connecting."
—Grace Ryder[src]

Grace Ryder (née Williams) is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is a 9-1-1 dispatcher in the Austin, Texas area, and is the wife of Judd Ryder. She debuts in the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by starring cast member Sierra McClain.


Early life

In 2012, Grace is a volunteer at a prayer hotline where she meets a distraught Judd through the phone. Judd reveals to her about an emergency he responded to that shook him up where Cal's mother recognized him and told him to get out. Grace convinces him to go and try to talk to her, even if he would probably get spit, on reciting Psalm 31. After some progress with Cal's mother, Judd manages to get her to talk to him and gets her forgiveness. In between this time, Grace stops volunteering at the hotline after being accepted into a graduate program at Georgetown University with a 3% acceptance rate, not contacting him as she was worried how to reveal the news to him.

While celebrating the success at the bar with her friends, Tommy Vega comes over with Judd, introducing her. Recognizing his name, Judd asks her to dance and he tells her about the success with Cal's mother. After revealing her plans to move, the two of them begin to date and deeply fall in love with each other. Two months after, Grace tells Judd that she decided to stay in Austin and that she loves him and that she knows he loves her too. Judd lies to her and tells her he doesn't feel the same. Grace leaves the car and they break up that night.

A few months later in 2013, Judd comes to the hospital the day Tommy is giving birth and he's meeting Grace in the waiting room, she notices his tattoo. He asks her about her new job and she tells him that she's training to be a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Judd asks her if she's seeing anyone and Grace tells him that yes she's seeing someone, indicating it is him she still wants to be with. Before Judd starts to respond, Charles arrives in the waiting room and excitedly reveals that they're going to be their twins' godparents. The two of start holding hands as they go inside, slowly getting back together.

126 Tragedy

During a call where a fire broke out at a fertilizer company, the Austin firehouse 126 responded, and Grace, who was taking the call, advised them of the caller who was stuck in the middle of the compound. Judd answered, theorizing that the fire was moving fast and looked like a four-alarm. After seemingly successfully having control over the fire, Grace suddenly calls back, who tells him that a maintenance man who called in reported that the factory stored ammonium nitrate fertilizer, a highly explosive compound. Judd runs back towards his men to warn them to pull back, but he is too late as the entire factory explodes, tragically killing everyone, but it knocks him back and leaves him unconscious. Grace tearfully calls out to the firehouse on the line to hear silence.

Return of the 126

Six months after his recovery, Judd seeks to rejoin the 126 but is angered at the idea that he had to be reinterviewed and rejects therapy to the newly admitted Captain Owen Strand. Grace comes home later that night and reminds him about the nightmares he's had, and reminds him not to give up as he hadn't when he had asked for her hand in marriage.

On another night, she and Judd go out dancing at a bar together. Spotting Captain Strand, she walks outside and introduces herself to him. She tells him that him and Judd are alike, that saving people is like breathing to them. She asks Owen to help save Judd, and he is convinced to ask her to tell Judd to come back to the station the next morning.

Stuart's Accident

In "Awakening", Judd's father, Stuart, fell on the one of his rug and stay laying on the ground for a whole day which leads Judd to think about getting him help because Judd and Grace worry about him being alone in his house. Judd tells his father that while he doesn't want him to go to a nursing house, he wants to have a more manageable house. Later, Stuart calls 9-1-1 and asks for Grace because he cuts his arm and leg with glass and Grace helps him through it until paramedics arrive. Stuart ask her to not say anything about it to Judd. She does tell Judd about it and the couple come to visit Stuart at the hospital where Judd tells his father that he can stay in his house only if he promises to wear a necklace that will call 9-1-1 if he presses the button on it. Stuart tells them that he will do it on one condition, if they start giving him grandbabies.

Benjamin's Affair

During an emergency call, Judd finds her father in a hotel room with another woman that isn't her mother. He tells the paramedic to check his glucose because he knows he has diabete. At the hospital, he tells Benjamin that he knows about the affair but that he hasn't say anything to Grace because that's not something you should tell to someone you care about on the phone. When Judd and Grace have dinner with Tommy and Charles, Judd reveals to them what happened with Grace's father. After a call she answers to about domestic violence and says the words "sometimes it's not what they say, it's what they don't say" to her boss, Grace finds out the truth herself on what really happened with her father and why Judd has been acting weird all day. She tries to tell her mum the truth but backs out.

Car Accident

Judd and Grace drive to Stuart's house to celebrate his birthday and his second vaccination. While driving, he and Grace start talking about starting their own family but they get into a car accident and fall off the bridge into the river. In the water, Grace is awake while Judd is unconscious, she shakes him awake, he does and tells her that he's going to smash the window and swim to the top of the river. Grace tells him that she can't because she can't move, Judd goes underwater and tries to free her leg but fails. Grace orders him to leave her alone and saves himself but Judd refuses because the "deal" was to stay right by each other's sides until the end. At the hospital, Judd is the first to wake up with Owen and Tommy in the room where Owen tells him that he had an accident, Judd immediately starts asking about Grace. Judd is concern about the fact that Grace was underwater for 6 minutes because you can get brain damage if you're underwater for 4 minutes and Tommy tries to reassure him by telling him that some of people didn't get brain damage after being underwater for 7 minutes, that the water was cold and that Grace is strong. Judd goes to see Grace in her hospital room while her parents are there too and Tommy gets him to leave by telling that food is here. When he leaves the room, he sees the 126 and Carlos all being present, waiting for him. He tries to get food for her and thanks them for being here with him. He shares a hug with Owen and then with the whole 126 before learning because of Carlos' coworkers that the drunk driver who drove them off the road is in the same hospital.

Then, Judd goes to the drunk driver's room, Caleb, and threatens to break his wrist if he screams or calls for help. Judd gets him to confess to being drunk while driving and Caleb tells him that he has a problem and that's it's not his fault. Judd starts telling him about how Grace saved more than a thousand of lives through her job and starts choking Caleb with his arm out of anger. Owen and Benjamin rush into the room, tell him to stop and that Grace is finally awake and wants to see him. Once in the bedroom, the doctor comes and Grace tells her that she can't feel her legs, the doctor tells her that it's normal and that's entirely normal and that the feeling will come back and that they're both coming to be okay. Judd asks her what she means by "they" and the doctor announce to them that Grace is pregnant. Judd leaves the room and goes to tell first, Stuart and then the 126 that Grace is doing good and that she's pregnant.

Life Post-Accident

In "A Little Help From My Friends", Grace wakes up, alone in bed, in visible pain. she puts on a leg brace for her injured leg and leaves the bedroom to join the living room to get her prenatal vitamins. Judd tries to help her but she rejects his help, saying she's okay and can do it on her own. Grace tells Judd that since he's going back to work that day, she needed to be able to stand on her two feet. Judd tells her it's "nonsense" because she has a walker she refuses to use, her parents are dying to come take care of her. Before leaving for work, Judd made her promise to call her if anything happen and she needs help, even if it's to pick up the remote from the ground.

Later that day, Grace goes outside to do grocery shopping, still in obvious pain. When she gets to her car, she accidentally drop her car keys on the floor of the car with her grocery bags and when she tries to get them, she hurts her back and legs even more. After 6 hours stuck in the car, Grace calls Tommy for help who check her out. She gives her a pill to relax her muscles for the rest of the drive.

The next morning, Grace wakes up, in pain again but this time she asks Judd for help, asking him to get her walker. In "Slow Burn", she doesn't need to use her walker anymore.

Charles' Death

In "One Day", Grace is coming back from PT and when Judd asks how it went, Grace answers that it was really good. Grace makes fun of Judd having cowboy boots on their baby registry because babies don't walk. Then Judd tells her that he has a feeling they're going to have a daughter. They're interrupted by Tommy calling Grace and asking them if they can take care of Evie and Isabella for a few hours in the afternoon and of course, the couple accept. Once the girls are at their house, Grace asks Judd if they told him anything about what's going on with Tommy, Judd answers that they said that Charles was gone when they woke up this morning after Evie heard a car in the driveway. Judd tells Grace that he texted Charles but that his texts went unanswered.

Grace tries to call her but goes straight to voicemail and then she guessed that maybe the car Evie heard in the driveway was an ambulance and that Charles is the one getting a procedure done. Grace decides to call dispatch and asks one of the other 911 dispatcher, Bree, to play for her the 911 call that came from the Vega's house. At night, Tommy comes pick up the girls, thank the couple for taking care of them and when Grace starts crying, Judd holds her.[1]

Going Back to Work

After 6 weeks of physical therapy, Grace excitedly returns to work and is greeted by her coworkers clapping and giving her a fruit basket. She tells them that she surprisingly feels more relaxed actually working at the call center. Her first call back is during the dust storm, where she helps a woman dig herself out of a garden storage box who she had in a panic ran under.


Grace is a skilled and leveled headed person, often finding the best solutions for those trapped during her calls. She is very supportive and caring for her husband Judd who she gives advice to often. She is also very understanding towards him, as she knows his love for her made him want to protect her from the reveal about her father's infidelity.


Judd Ryder

Judd and Grace first met on the phone as Grace volunteers for a prayer hotline that Judd called one day. She first called him "John" because he didn't want to tell her his name. He tells her about what happened that day with Cal's mother and he explained to her how he hurt her in the past. Grace, then, told him to go to her even if he would probably get spit on. Grace recited Psalm 31 to him and it was what convinced him to go. At the end of their first conversation, he tells her his actual name is Judd. Judd keeps calling Grace at the prayer hotline to tells her about the progress he's making with Cal's mother. While he's at the bar, Judd tries to call after he finally managed to get Cal's mother's forgiveness but someone at the prayer hotline tells him that Grace stops volunteering there. While at the bar, Judd hears Grace's voice from where she's sitting with her friends and when Tommy sees him, she decides to introduce them. Grace and Judd go dancing where Judd tells her that Cal's mother didn't spit on him and actually forgave him. Then, Grace tells him that the reason she stopped volunteering is because she's moving to Georgetown. They start dating, and two months after, Judd tells Charles that he put him down as reference with some firehouses in D.C. and when Charles asks him if he's smitten with Grace, Judd tells him that he's in love.

One day, Judd comes to the Williams' house to pick up Grace for a date and meets with Grace's father, Benjamin. He tells Judd about their family story and legacy and tells him that Grace is destined to have a bright future but it can't happen if Judd is a part of it because of the job he's doing. Later that night, Grace tells Judd that she decided to stay in Austin and that she loves him and that she knows he loves her too. Judd lies to her and tells her he doesn't love her. Grace leaves the car and they broke up that night. The same night, Judd gets Psalm 31 tattooed on his hand. In 2013, Judd comes to the hospital the day Tommy is giving birth and he's meeting Grace in the waiting room, she notices his tattoo. He asks her about her new job and she tells him that she's training to be a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Judd asks her if she's seeing anyone and Grace tells him that yes she's seeing someone, Judd tells her that he's a lucky man and Grace answers that he is but he is too "dumb or stubborn to know it and that he hasn't picked up the phone in 6 months." when Judd starts to respond, Charles comes him and tells them that they're going to be their twins' godparents. They start holding hands as a sign that they're ready to get back together.

When he tried to get her father, Benjamin's approval to marry her, he rejected and he came back every day, even building him a pool deck just to prove that he truly loved her. Grace answered the call when the 126 tragedy had struck, and knowing that her husband was the one on the call with her, she panicked when he was knocked out, not knowing he had survived. After the tragedy, Grace was there to help support him and is the one who convinces him to get him back on his feet to return to the newly rebuilt station. After unintentionally insulting her faith he refuses to go back to church, he apologizes and decides to slowly return as it's important to her, and to support just as she supports him. [2]

In "Studs", Grace tells her friend Colleen that her and Judd haven't been intimate since the incident. Later, Grace prepares dinner for her and Judd while wearing a new dress and Judd jokes that she's trying to seduce him, which is the case. Grace tells him that she's frustrated and hurt because he doesn't look at her or touch her anymore compared to their sex life before the incident. Then, Judd prepares her dinner and tells her that "[Grace] is the one thing in this world that he can't live without and the idea that he made [her] doubt that even for a minute is a crime", they kiss and Judd stands up with her in his arms before going into their bedroom.

Judd has mentioned to Strand that he would "walk through fire" to show how much he loves Grace, and makes her feel safe in their marriage together. [3] When on a call and recognizing Benjamin was subject to having an affair, he is notably shaken. He arrives at the hospital and confronts him, telling him to tell his daughter and wife, not wanting the burden of hurting Grace. Soon after, Grace and her mother arrive, and Benjamin lies about what led him to the hospital, leaving Judd to feel guilty about not telling her, as he knows she is close with him. After talking about it with the Vegas, Tommy tells him that he would be hurting her more if she finds out herself with him having known. Judd tries to tell her the morning after at her workplace, but backs out. Later in the day when he returns, he tries to finally tell her, but unfortunately, Grace had picked up on hints Judd had tried dropping during dinner with the Vegas, and she had listened to the call about her father herself. She tells him she appreciates and understands why he kept the secret from her as he didn't want to see her get hurt, but does not want to talk further about it, which he understands.

In "Saving Grace", after their car accident, the couple learn that they're going to have a baby together.

Tommy Vega

Tommy and Grace are very good friends. They meet when Tommy comes to her with Judd because she noticed how he looked at her. When Grace finds out that Tommy says that going back to work feels like "hell", Grace tells her that she'll fight everyone who made her feel like this. Grace also tells Tommy that "she's impossible not to love".


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