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Gloria Wagner is a former 9-1-1 dispatcher in the Los Angeles area.


Gloria first appeared in "Awful People", where it is revealed that she worked with Maddie at the 9-1-1 dispatch center and was reputed for her kindness. After a particularly abusive call, Maddie went into the kitchen, where Gloria gave her a muffin. Gloria comforted her, saying, "There's no controlling someone else's behavior." Gloria also implied her husband had passed away. Josh added that Gloria held the place together.

Once Gloria returned to her desk, however, it was revealed she was an awful dispatcher. She would make her own judgment calls and hang up on several callers after giving them deprecating "advice", believing they were a waste of her time.

During a ride-along, Maddie and Athena found a Vietnamese restaurant that had been robbed. Maddie saved the manager who had been shot. He asked how they could have found him since the 9-1-1 operator hung up on him. Furious, Maddie demanded Josh look over the calls. Gloria had been the man's operator. His accent and labored breathing made his voice difficult to understand but not impossible. Gloria became impatient and threatened to hang up if he did not speak more clearly. He begged her to send help to which Gloria replied, "Yelling at me won't stop the bleeding, okay? I'm not the one who shot you." When the manager began speaking in Vietnamese, Gloria hung up.

Josh looked into her past calls where he discovered hundreds of calls Gloria had mishandled, going back eight months. Eight months ago, Josh revealed, her husband left her. Gloria was then fired and is probably facing criminal charges. She confronted Maddie, calling her a traitor, but Maddie held her ground as Gloria continued screaming that she was justified. Gloria had blended the lines between the 9-1-1 callers and her husband. Before being arrested, Gloria threatened Maddie.

Gloria began texting and calling Maddie incessantly on her personal number, then called 9-1-1 to reach Maddie as an operator. She did so by impersonating a police officer. Gloria began driving recklessly while berating Maddie before hitting a parked car and getting into an accident. When the airbags deployed she couldn't hear Maddie on the line and wondered if she hung up. She continued talking out loud and confessed that she began hanging up on people because of dead-end calls, in which the operator listens to someone die. Her husband gave her the divorce papers the morning of a bad dead-end call and she hung up on the victim. Maddie triangulated her position, found her, and dispatched the members of Station 118 to the scene to help her get out of her car. Gloria then thanks Maddie for not hanging up on her, even when the situation seemed hopeless.

Gloria returns in "Careful What You Wish For", after she is contacted by Josh when Josh and Sue Blevins contact various people Maddie had helped in the past, trying to convince her of the difference she had made while being at the call center. This was because Maddie was thinking about quitting her job after receiving a disturbing call from a woman whose brother was thinking about committing suicide. Gloria apologizes to Maddie for treating her so horribly in the past. She also tells Maddie that she took a plea deal and therefore did not have to go to prison for very long for repeatedly hanging up on callers while working as a dispatcher. She also tells Maddie that she was wrong about the dead end calls. In the end, Maddie decides to return to work after finally meeting all of the people that she had helped while being a dispatcher.


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