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Gabriel Reyes is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star. He is the father of Carlos Reyes. He debuted in the fourth episode of the second season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by guest star Benito Martinez.


Early Life

Gabriel and Andrea raised their son in their family ranch, taking care of animals. Carlos came out to them when he was seventeen. They were shocked but still hugged him, told him they loved him and that's it. The next morning, they talked about the Astros bullpen, the new calf in their ranch but not about his coming out.

Learning about Carlos and TK's relationship

In "Friends With Benefits", she meets Carlos and TK when her and Gabriel are at the farmer market. They say hello to each other and Carlos introduces TK to them as his friend. They talk for a bit and Andrea leaves, accidentally calling TK "TJ".

Later, in "Bad Call", we learn that Gabriel and Andrea knew Carlos and TK were dating when they saw them at the farmer market.

In "Slow Burn", Andrea and Gabriel comes by to Carlos and TK's place for dinner along with Owen. Andrea hugs TK when she sees him and waves TK's apology about running behind. She tells him that they're here early because Gabriel insisted on leaving early. Andrea apologises to TK about calling him "TJ" at the farmer market and TK tells her that it was nothing and that it's an easy mistake. Gabriel tells him that it's a mistake Carlos should've corrected and TK tells him that they had a talk about it. Carlos offers them drink and Andrea asks for a margarita before following TK to their seats, Carlos realises that he forgot the limes and TK is quick to reassures him by calling Owen so he can pick some. When he tells them the problem is solved, Carlos winks at him and Andrea and Gabriel are smiling at him. In "The Big Heat", Owen finally arrives two hours late, telling them that everywhere was stuck and that he couldn't find limes anywhere. He says hello to Andrea by kissing her cheek when she tells him that "they kiss in this family" and then he shakes Gabriel's hand. Once they're sitting, Owen tells Andrea and Gabriel that they have raised a wonderful son and Gabriel replies that they're very proud of him. Andrea tells him that TK is just as wonderful and that her and Gabriel couldn't be happier about TK and Carlos being together.

Bank robbers case and Carlos' suspension

In "Bad Call", Carlos lets go of a suspect who had just robbed a bank and who told Carlos and Mitchell that he had been forced to do it and that if they put him in the back of their patrol car, the actual robbers would explode the bomb stuck to him. Later that morning, Carlos is anxiously waiting in the interrogation room for the investigator when Gabriel comes in. Carlos first assumes that his Captain called Gabriel but Gabriel told him that it's actually the opposite. They sat down and Carlos asks him if the man is okay and that nobody got hurt. Carlos told him that the precinct think he got played but he assures his dad that the man looked terrified, Gabriel retorks that the man had just robbed a bank and was held at gunpoint, so of course he would look terrified. Carlos realises that Gabriel agrees with the precinct and Gabriel answers that what he just told him he's a story he can work with and Carlos realises that Gabriel is actually the investigator. Gabriel tells him that the incident involved an armed robbery, explosives and mayhem which all fall under the Texas Rangers' juridiction. Gabriel offers Carlos to call for his union rep or a lawyer but Carlos refuses. Then, Gabriel starts to go over Carlos' statements. At the end of it, Gabriel starts to leave and tells Carlos that he shouldn't leave town until the investigation is over. Carlos stands up and tells him that he did what Gabriel always taught him and trusted his instincts, Gabriel answers that sometimes he needs to have the right instincts.

Later in the day, Gabriel called Carlos back to his station where the suspect of the robbery is sitting in the interrogation room. Gabriel tells Carlos that he walked into the APD on Guadalupe a few hours ago and picked two men from a line up of pictures as the men who forced him to rob the bank and put the bomb on him along with a description of a brown panel van they've been operating out of and who blew up their own apartment, one of them possibly being injured in the blast. Carlos asks him if that's all and when Gabriel is confused about what else there could be, Carlos told him that "how about he was right? and that his instincts were good", Gabriel replies that he can't comment on an ongoing investigation and Carlos realises that he means the investigation "onto him" and that's all Carlos is to Gabriel, an ongoing investigation. Carlos tells him to let him know what his captain tell Gabriel to think of him.

After Carlos and Owen team up to find TK, Tommy and Nancy who have been kidnapped by the robbers, Carlos foudn out that they're most likely detained at the Sun & Salt - Charles' restaurant - and Owen tells Carlos that he has to call his father and call it in. Carlos do it and when Gabriel told him to stay put and that they'll come back with a team before hanging up. Carlos disobeys his orders and go saves the paramedics with Owen's help. After TK is loaded up in the ambulance, Gabriel joins Carlos who watches TK and tells him that he's proud of Carlos for trusting his gut and following his instincts. Then, he asks if Carlos is going into the ambulance with his boyfriend, Carlos is confused about how Gabriel knows about that and Gabriel tells him that he and Andrea knew about it since they saw them at the farmer market. Carlos tells Gabriel that he'll really like TK and Gabriel that he's sure he will because "his son got great instincts with people".

Arson case

At dinner in "The Big Heat", TK remarks that Owen smells like campfire and Owen tells him that it's from when he saved the man, earlier in the week, because his organic shampoo didn't manage to get rid off all the smell. Gabriel said that he took Owen reporting the fire as an arson very seriously and that the Rangers have been looking into multiples suspicious fires during the year and that they unofficially think that it's a serial arsonist. Gabriel tells Owen and TK that he believes the arsonist is a firefighter because it would take someone with incredible skills to fly under the radar and that a serial arsonist is usually triggered by some sort of traumatic life event, someone who's been laid off, divorced or had a major illness around the new year. Owen asks him if he knows anyone who fit the profile, Gabriel says no but tells Owen to call if he ever has someone in mind.

Owen is arrested by Gabriel the next day after the police searched his house, for criminal trespass, reckless destruction of property, aggravated assault and arson. Owen is interrogated by Gabriel who tells him that his alibi sucked because he was two hours late for dinner. Gabriel tells him that there wasn't any footage of Owen going to buy limes in that store but there was footages of him buying accelerants, wire cutters, crimping tools and a bunch of others suspicious objects at a hardware store, a week ago and that they found a little arsonist workshop at his house with counterfeit circuit breakers that were used in the original warehouse arson. Owen asks him if the informant who gave him these evidences wouldn't happen to be Billy and then says that the reason he had all of these at this house was because he was trying to figure out how the arsonist did it and that since the only person he told was Billy, he's telling everyone that Owen is the arsonist because he knows Owen will soon found out that he's guilty. Owen asks Gabriel how can he be the arsonist when he's the one who reported the arson in the first place and Gabriel answers that most arsonist tends to suffer from illusions of grandeur and that they don't like being ignored. Finally, Gabriel tells Owen that there was a victim, a migrant called Jorge Cortez who died during the first fire at the warehouse and that now, Owen isn't just an arsonist, he's also a murderer.

Later, Investigator Raymond comes in the interrogation room, disconnects the camera and micro to make sure that this conversation stay between them. Owen tells Raymond that he was framed and that they should look into Billy Tyson. Raymond tells him that the only thing that matters is that Owen have to prove that Billy is guilty, he asks him if there's anything that Owen haven't tell Gabriel about the arsonist, like if there's any fires that Owen believes Billy has set but still haven't been revealed. Owen asks him why he should say anything when it could just be Raymond working with Gabriel on how to add more charges on Owen. Raymond tells him that he's not working with Gabriel and that he's Owen's only hope. Owen starts talking about more incidents that he wanted to look into but Gabriel entered the room and stopped them before he could say anything else. Gabriel re-enters the room and tells Owen about a witness that saw him during the warehouse fire and who was injured during the fire. He was badly injured and they didn't know whether or not he would pull through the surgery but he did and Gabriel tells him that when he wakes up, he will identify Owen as the arsonist. Owen then asks Gabriel if he shared that news about the witness with Billy since they're working closely on the case together.

It is revealed later that the arsonist was actually Investigator Raymond when he went to the hospital to try to kill the witness (who didn't exist and was replaced by a doll) and was arrested by Gabriel and the rest of the Texas Rangers. Gabriel starts interrogating Raymond but he wants to talk to Owen as well. Once Owen is in the room, he asks him how did he manage to figure out that he was the arsonist and Owen answers that he was just lucky. Raymond tells him to tell the actual truth and Owen says that he figured it out because it's how he would've done it. Raymond asks him to answer the question he asked Owen earlier about how many fires have been set by him. Owen answers with eleven, which is correct. But Raymond tells him that he's so close to the truth, because yes, there was eleven fires that were discovered but the question was: how many did he set? and the answer to that is a few more. Raymond tells them that since they took what was the most important to him, he's going to repay the favour. Then, he sets himself on fire.



Carlos Reyes

Gabriel and Carlos have a complicated relationship. Gabriel hugged Carlos and told him he loved him when Carlos came out but they never spoke about it after that. When Carlos decided to join Austin PD, Gabriel took it badly and claimed that Carlos was "too soft" for the job. Though, Gabriel praised Carlos for trusting his instincts in "Bad Call" and told him that he was proud of him.

Andrea Reyes

Gabriel and Andrea seem to have a long and stable marriage. They love each other and Andrea teases him sometimes. According to Gabriel, Andrea wears "the pants in the family".


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