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Evie Vega is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who is one of the daughters of Charles Vega and Tommy Vega. She debuts in the first episode of the second season and is portrayed by starring cast member Skyler Yates and was formerly portrayed by Xandi Crouch.


Early Life

Evie was born in 2013 in Austin, Texas. Her godparents, Grace and Judd Ryder, were named as such by her parents as a successful attempt to get them back together.

Tommy going back to work

In "Back in the Saddle", Tommy goes back to work as a paramedic captain while Charles stays at home. Evie is okay with it, answering to Charles that her mum is a boss when he asks her and Isabella if Tommy looks like a boss. In "2100°", Evie and Isabella are worried about Tommy because of the volcano and Tommy comforts them by lying and telling her daughters that the paramedics only get on calls once the danger is over.

Black belt test

In "Displaced", Tommy trains Evie for her black belt test in the morning, before she goes to work, knowing she won't be able to come see her. Evie is tired and doesn't want to do kicking techniques so early in the morning and Tommy tells her that maybe if she had trained Evie hard enough last year, she would've passed. Charles reminds her to be less intense and Tommy answers that she made a promise six months ago - when she was a stay-at-home mum - to make Evie pass her test. Evie does one perfect kicking technique and Tommy asks her how did she learns how to that, Evie and Charles tell her that they've been practising after school when Evie is awake.

Later that week, Tommy comes to her black belt test after an idea TK came up with. Charles meets her there and asks Tommy what she's doing. She tells him that she'll watch the test because she wants to keep her promise and she'll leave if they get a 9-1-1 call they have to respond to. Charles tells her that Evie doesn't think Tommy is breaking her promise and that she understands that Tommy has work. Tommy realises that Evie doesn't want her there and Charles tells her that Evie is just feeling the pressure and that she doesn't want to let Tommy down again. Tommy leaves after reminding Charles to Facetime her correctly so she can watch the test. The next morning after Tommy spends a part of the night with Grace, drinking, she wakes up with a hangover and her and Charles argue, ending up having a food fight. They're soon joined by their daughters.

Losing Charles

In "One Day", Evie and Isabella wake up and ask Tommy where Charles is. She tells them that he had to leave during the night and that since the firehouse exploded, Tommy will spent time with them. Later, Tommy calls Grace and Judd and asks them if they can take care of Evie and Isabella for the day, they accept and Judd picks them up after school before going back home. He and Grace take care of them for the whole day while Tommy is at the hospital, waiting to learn what happened to Charles. At night, when she comes back, Tommy comes back to pick up her daughters and thanks Grace and Judd.

Charles' funeral takes place in the two weeks between "One Day" and "Dust to Dust", so Tommy told her daughters about Charles' death but it wasn't shown on screen. In "Dust to Dust", Evie and Isabella convince Tommy to go help people during the dust storm and they're babysat by Carlos for the day. They get close to him and even run to hug him instead of Judd when the 126 are trying to put the firehouse back on its feet.

Meeting Charlie

Weeks after the ice storm, Grace is at home when her and Judd receive a visit from Tommy, Evie and Isabella. Judd asks the girls if they're ready to meet their little cousin and when both girls agree, Tommy tells them to be quiet because she might be sleeping. Grace tells Tommy that she wishes her daughter was sleeping and she tells the twins to come closer, Tommy telling them that she won't bite which Grace replies to by saying that she bites but only her mother. Grace introduces her daughter to Evie and Izzy, telling her that they're going to look out for her her whole life so she has to do what they say. Evie tells her that they promise to be nice and Isabella tells Grace that they brought her something, a penguin plush because she was born in the snow. The twins start fighting about who thought about the plush and Evie tells Izzy that she did because she's the one who made a report on emperor penguin. Tommy tells her girls to calm down and tells Grace and Judd that they had a good idea, only starting with one baby. Tommy looks at the baby and says that she's beautiful, Judd telling her that they're lucky because she favors her mother but Tommy tells him she sees plenty of Judd in her too. Then, Grace gives the baby to Tommy, letting her hold her god-daughter. Tommy asks them if they decided what was going to be the name of the baby and Grace replies that they wanted to name her Charlie - after Charles. Grace tells Tommy that they want to honor him, that they didn't want to overstep. Judd jumps in saying that if she feels uncomfortable or anything, they can still pick another name. Tommy tells them that she likes it very much.

Later, Evie is present at the opening ceremony of the 126, standing beside Isabella, Grace, Charlie and Carlos as they watch Owen talk. At the party, she's watching Charlie with the rest of her family and then she's dancing with everyone.



Tommy Vega

Evie and Tommy are close. She was taking care of her and Izzy for most of their lives until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and she had to go back to work. Tommy still made time to spend time with her daughters and doing her best to assist at big events of their lives like Evie's black belt test.

Charles Vega

Evie and Charles were close. He was taking care of her and sister while staying at home and he helped training her for her black belt test when Tommy was at work.


  • Evie was portrayed by Xandi Crouch for five episodes during season two, while Skylar Yates portrayed her for the first two episodes of season two and in all of her appearances in season three.


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