Evan Buckley is a firefighter who works for the Los Angeles Fire Department.



Not much is known about Buck's past, other than the fact that he is from Pennsylvania and used to tend bar in South America, which was referenced in "Full Moon (Creepy AF)".

In the pilot episode, he was initially fired for stealing the fire truck to have intercourse with multiple women. Although he is brought back into the job, he still occasionally clashes with his boss, Bobby Nash.

Over time, his relationship with Abby Clark grows, and eventually they become a couple; even though they are 16 years apart in age. After Abby leaves for her trip to England, Buck holds out hope for their long distance relationship even though practically everyone around him believes that Abby won't be coming back. In "Haunted", Buck finally accepts the fact that their relationship is over and leaves Abby and her apartment behind. Their relationship was the first serious one that Buck has had and he credits it for converting him into "Buck 2.0", the version of himself that no longer seeks out random women for meaningless sex.


  • He has a birthmark on the left side of his face, which is mistaken for a bruise of some sort in the first episode, "Pilot" by one of the women he is fornicating with. In real life, Oliver Stark actually has this birthmark.
  • In "Heartbreaker", Abby mentions that Evan is 26.
  • In "Under Pressure", Buck mentions to his sister that he and Abby are still together. He is also living in Abby's apartment.


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Season One (10/10)

Season Two (10/18)