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Edmundo "Eddie" Diaz is a character on FOX's 9-1-1 who works as a firefighter at Station 118 of the Los Angeles Fire Department and is the father of Christopher Diaz. He debuts in the first episode of the second season of 9-1-1 and is portrayed by regular cast member Ryan Guzman.


Early Life

Eddie was born to a Swedish mother and a Mexican father[1] in El Paso, Texas and has two sisters - Sophia and Adriana.[2] Although it is still unclear how he met his wife, Shannon Diaz, the two had a son. However, complications arose during the birth and Christopher Diaz was born with Cerebral Palsy.[3] A week after Christopher's birth, Eddie returned to Afghanistan to finish out his tour as an army medic but re-enlisted with the hopes of supporting his family. Once he left the army, Shannon left him and Christopher to take care of her mother who had been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. She had asked Eddie to come with her multiple times but he hadn't been ready to leave his family. Eventually, Eddie left Texas with Christopher, moving to L.A. and pursuing his current job as a firefighter.[2]

Life in the Army

Shortly after Christopher's birth in 2011, Eddie returns to Afghanistan to finish out his tour as an army/combat medic. Before he leaves, Shannon gives him a St. Christopher's medallion to protect him, keep him safe, and remind him that he has a family to come home to.

However, once Eddie discovers that Christopher has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, he re-enlists for another tour in 2015 without discussing it with Shannon, placing a strain on their already tumultuous relationship. He says that he didn't have a choice, that someone has to pay for the bills and Christopher's medical expenses but when Shannon proposes that she go back to work part-time, Eddie shoots down the idea, telling her that she should stay home with Christopher. Shannon replies angrily, telling Eddie that he should be at home as well because she can't do this without him. They continue arguing, revealing that Eddie enlisted in the first place to provide for their family but again, did it without Shannon's knowledge and right after she became pregnant. The conversation is promptly cut off when Christopher starts crying and Eddie rushes to console him, awkward and a little uncertain about how to do so because he's still a "stranger" to Christopher.

A few months later, Eddie returns to Afghanistan. He video calls with Shannon and Christopher while gearing up to go on a routine mission with his squadron. In tears, Shannon tells Eddie that her mother has cancer again and that she has to go see her to which Eddie replies that they'll figure something out. The connection cuts out before he can hear Shannon's response and Eddie diverts his attention back to the mission which involves transporting a wounded soldier back to base.

Things take a turn for the worse when they are ambushed while flying over the Valley of Death, causing their helicopter to get shot down from the sky. When Eddie comes to after being unconscious for several hours, it's dark outside and the remains of the helicopter as well as the rest of his squadron are under fire by enemy groups. With the help of his chief, Eddie proceeds to get everyone out of the helicopter, guiding them behind some nearby rocks for cover. He even goes back to pull out Greggs, a fellow soldier who died on impact and ends up getting shot several times for his efforts. Bleeding out from his wounds, Eddie pulls out his St. Christopher's medallion and a photograph of Christopher, reminding himself that he has a son waiting for him back home. Help arrives shortly afterwards and Eddie can only clutch that photograph closer to him, crying tears of gratitude and relief.

Eddie wakes up later in a medical tent with a dislocated shoulder, several broken bones, and a few bullet wounds. He is told that everyone in his squadron survived apart from Greggs and is commended for pulling Greggs out of the wreckage so that he, too could go home to his family. For Eddie's acts of "gallantry and intrepidity," throughout his service, he is awarded a silver star, the third-highest military decoration for valor.

Eddie finds himself back in El Paso, three months later, surrounded by his family who are extremely proud of his heroism. Despite this, Eddie struggles to fit himself back into life alongside Shannon and Christopher, especially as Shannon continually proposes that they move to California. Eddie lashes out, telling her that he needs more time before diving head-first into such a huge decision. Shannon ultimately decides for him because when Eddie wakes up the next morning, she's gone, telling him in a note left behind that she "needs some time too."

Two years later, Eddie's parents sit him down and suggest that it would be best if Christopher were to live with them instead of Eddie who has been working three different jobs to make ends meet. They tell him that Christopher needs consistency, especially after Shannon left and Eddie argues that if that's the case, him leaving wouldn't do Christopher any good. The argument grows heated and Eddie accuses his father, Ramon of trying to steal Christopher to make up for the childhood that he never provided Eddie with because he was always working. Eddie's mother, Helena tries to reduce the tension by encouraging Eddie to do the right thing by his son but Eddie, hurt and angry, storms out onto the front porch.

Eddie finds Christopher sitting there and they have a quiet moment to themselves. Christopher tells Eddie that he missed him "all the time" while he was serving in the army and Eddie holds Christopher tightly, vowing to never leave him again. The two decide to take a trip together and leave El Paso for L.A.[4]

Life as a Firefighter

In "Under Pressure," Eddie officially joins the 118 and is accepted into the fold rather warmly by Hen, Chimney, and captain, Bobby. However, Eddie clashes with Buck who acts very antagonistically towards him, making it clear that he doesn't see Eddie as a part of the team. This all changes rather quickly once Eddie and Buck are thrown into a risky, life-threatening situation that involves extracting a live bullet out of a 911 caller's leg. Eddie commends Buck on his ability to keep calm under such high-stakes and they vow to have each other's backs.

From here on out, Eddie's relationship with Buck and the rest of the team only grows, especially throughout "7.1" and "Help Is Not Coming," in which L.A must deal with the aftermath of a powerful earthquake. He fits in seamlessly with the 118, becoming both a respected and valued member due to the intuitiveness and courage he brings to the job.

Despite this effortless transition into his role as a firefighter, Eddie struggles with juggling the long work hours and being a single father to Christopher. He relies on his elderly grandmother, Isabel and his aunt, Josephina to take care of Christopher while he is working but the situation becomes more complicated in "Stuck" when Isabel suffers a fall and breaks her hip. At the hospital, Eddie reveals how difficult it is to find some permanent help because there are too many forms to fill out and Buck, having heard Eddie's woes with childcare, comes up with the perfect solution. Buck introduces Eddie to Carla Price, a close friend and also the home healthcare aid who took care of his ex-girlfriend Abby's mother before she passed away. With Carla now by his side and helping him take care of Christopher, Eddie is able to fully settle into life as a firefighter and in turn, life in L.A.

Reuniting with Shannon

In "Haunted," Eddie and Carla take a tour of a prestigious school for Christopher. While hearing about the illustrious programs on offer, Eddie remains hesitant, concerned about Christopher's happiness and whether he would be able to feel like a normal kid. However, after witnessing the supportive environment they have in place for disabled children and Carla's confirmation that Christopher would be "well-cared for," Eddie realizes that the school would be beneficial for Christopher. Before they can carry out Christopher's admission, Eddie learns that the school requires a family interview with Christopher's mother and is forced to get in touch with Shannon.

Later, Shannon arrives at Eddie's house and the two hug awkwardly before making their way to Christopher's room. As Shannon looks around, she marvels at how much Christopher has grown and wonders if he has asked about her. Eddie says that he hasn't in a while, especially since Christopher has a lot to keep him busy with the move to L.A and the new school. They eventually get to talking about the school and Shannon asks if she can see Christopher, talk to him and make sure he's okay with taking this big step. Feeling uncomfortable, Eddie says it wouldn't be a good idea and that it would just confuse Christopher because he hasn't seen Shannon in over two years.

This sparks the beginning of an argument with Shannon accusing Eddie of always doing "what's best for everyone" without asking them and of never having her back when she needed him the most. She storms out before they can come to a decision about the family interview and an infuriated Eddie confesses what happened to Carla who advises him that allowing Shannon back into his and Christopher's lives would be the best thing for his son.

Taking the advice to heart, Eddie swings by the school after receiving a call that Shannon had completed the interview. Before she can leave, Eddie explains how he had always thought she would come back and give them a chance to fix things but when she didn't, he was left wondering why. In tears, Shannon tells him that the longer she was gone, the harder it was to come back and worries that Christopher probably hates her for leaving. Eddie hugs and reassures her, telling her that Christopher loves and misses her. He adds that he misses her too and the two end up kissing and reconciling with each other.

Two months later, Eddie and Shannon start sleeping together in secret. In "Merry Ex-Mas," just as they're getting dressed after spending the night together, Christopher and Isabel make an impromptu arrival. Eddie insists on Shannon sneaking out the back despite her attempts at convincing him that this would be the perfect moment to tell Christopher the truth about them. Feeling frustrated, Shannon leaves but shows up later at the firehouse where Eddie, alongside Buck and Chimney are managing the annual, Christmas toy drive.

Eddie takes her aside immediately and the two get into a heated argument about the nature of their relationship and the fact that they are hiding it from Christopher. Shannon questions whether Eddie will ever be able to forgive her for leaving them and Eddie replies that while he can forgive her, he isn't sure if he can trust her. This leaves the two of them at a crossroads, unsure of what to do or where to go from here.

Later, Eddie and Buck take Christopher to see Santa at the mall. While Christopher talks to Santa, Eddie confides in Buck about Shannon, reasoning that it was never his intention to fall back into bed with his estranged wife. Buck consoles Eddie, affirming that he understands Eddie's reasons for wanting to keep Shannon out of Christopher's life because after all, Shannon had already ran out on them once. This prompts Eddie to admit that he was the one who ran out first, the one who re-enlisted to "pay the bills" after hearing about Christopher's diagnosis, and the one who got called a hero for running away because it was for a "noble cause."

Buck listens intently and suggests that maybe Eddie should let Shannon back into Christopher's life since it's apparent that she is already back in Eddie's. Although the thought of doing so confuses Eddie further, bringing him no closer to an answer to his dilemma, Buck and Eddie manage to share a laugh, solemnly agreeing that sex just complicates everything.

That same night, Eddie learns that Christopher's wish for Christmas is to see his mother again. Now, knowing how Christopher feels about everything, Eddie starts leaning more towards the idea of letting Shannon back into their lives. Eddie's decision is solidified further after he witnesses the heart-warming reunion between a Marine Corps sergeant, his wife, and daughter. This leads to Shannon and Eddie surprising Christopher on Christmas day.

In the months that follow, Eddie and Shannon develop a routine that involves co-parenting Christopher and maintaining their own relationship. However, neither of them are completely sure of what they want going into the future. Shannon wonders whether Eddie only sees her as Christopher's mother and Eddie admits that while the new dynamic they have going on is great, he is still waiting for a sign, something to tell him which direction to step in with regards to their relationship. In "Careful What You Wish For," Shannon provides Eddie with the "sign" he's looking for by confessing that she might be pregnant.

Reeling from Shannon's confession, Eddie reaches out to Bobby for some much-needed advice. Eddie reveals to Bobby that he feels uncertain about whether he and Shannon are ready for another baby, but Bobby points out that they weren't ready the first time either. He adds that they figured it out before and they can do it again, especially because Eddie is already a great father. While this puts Eddie's mind at ease somewhat, it has him questioning whether he can be a good husband and more importantly, whether he is ready to be a husband again.

Eddie answers this question for himself after witnessing the aftermath of a bombing which has devastating consequences for a husband and his wife. This, alongside Bobby's words of wisdom, spurs Eddie to treat Shannon to dinner at a high-end restaurant where he tells her how much he and Christopher love her and how he wants them all to be a family again. However, much to Eddie's surprise, Shannon disagrees with him. She tells him that because she is still learning about what it means to be a mother, she is not ready to be a wife, and proposes that they should get a divorce instead.

The two never manage to reach that stage as much later, the team is called to a traffic accident involving a car that has driven through a crowd of pedestrians at a crosswalk. To Eddie's horror, Shannon is one of the many victims, lying on the ground with a critical spinal injury. While Hen and the other paramedics busy themselves with boarding Shannon into the ambulance, Chimney tells Eddie that Shannon is decompensating and requires intubation, which involves inserting a tube into the airways to assist with breathing. He warns Eddie that once they intubate, the tube may never come back out and this forces Eddie to say goodbye to Shannon in the back of the ambulance.

Shannon passes away on the way to hospital and in the days that follow, Eddie deals with the difficult tasks of telling Christopher that his mother is gone and making funeral arrangements, all while managing his own grief. In "This Life We Choose," the aftermath of Shannon's funeral sees much of Eddie's extended family arrive in L.A to support both Eddie and Christopher. However, his parents' constant efforts to try and convince him to return home to El Paso causes Eddie to lash out. He argues that he has a life in L.A, a family with the 118, Isabel, and Josephine, and that he won't uproot Christopher again, not when he has grown so accustomed to his new school and friends.

Later, Eddie is taken off probation during a special ceremony at the firehouse and officially welcomed into the ranks of the LAFD. His family attends the event, catching glimpses of the life, friendships, and family Eddie has created for himself and Christopher. Although it is clear that Eddie's parents still hold some doubt and concern for Eddie and Christopher's wellbeing, these glimpses prompt them to accept Eddie's decision to remain in L.A and they congratulate Eddie for his hard work and achievement.

Illegal Fighting

In "Triggers," Eddie is getting ready for the start of another shift at the firehouse while half-listening to Chimney's relationship troubles with Maddie. Once Chimney realises that Eddie is not listening as intently as he usually would, Eddie reveals that he has not been sleeping due to Christopher's recurring, tsunami-related nightmares. Chimney tries to console his friend, telling Eddie that nightmares after traumatic events are to be expected, but Eddie continues to worry, especially because Christopher refuses to open up to him.

That night, Christopher has another nightmare, which prompts Eddie to seek professional help for his son in the form of a child psychologist. At the appointment, the psychologist explains that Christopher's subconscious is still trying to understand the trauma that he went through in the tsunami, a process that is slow and time-consuming. When Eddie mentions how he wishes that Christopher felt comfortable enough to talk to him about his nightmares, the psychologist points out that Christopher may be trying to communicate non-verbally and provides Eddie with a folder containing Christopher's artwork. As Eddie examines the contents of the folder, he notices that a drowning woman seems to be featured in almost all of the drawings. He wonders who the woman might be, noting that while Buck managed to shield Christopher from many of the horrific scenes of the tsunami, the two were separated for a lengthy period of time, during which Eddie remains uncertain about what Christopher might have witnessed. The psychologist reassures Eddie that Christopher will talk to him about everything when he feels ready and that, until then, all Eddie can do is "keep loving" his son.

Though Eddie continued to be his usual dependable self, in season 3, it is revealed that he had been struggling with feelings of anger over Shannon's untimely demise and found an outlet in the underground cage fighting scene. He beat up his opponent so bad that he had to perform CPR on the spot and call 9-1-1. Lena's truck company responded to the scene and her captain, having recognized him from the tsunami, reports him to Bobby. Eddie finally breaks down and confesses to Bobby that he turned to fighting to keep his anger under control as he was Christopher's only parent left and couldn't let him down again.[5] In the episode "Fallout", he begins seeing a counselor to work through his issues.


Eddie is the only son of three children. He has two sisters, Adriana and Sophia, who appear in the episode "This Life We Choose" to attend the ceremony marking the end of his probationary period, however we do not know the order in which they were born. His paternal grandmother and great-aunt live in the Los Angeles area and helped to look after Christopher. Not much else is known about his family as he is very reticent about his family life.


On the job, Eddie is portrayed as resourceful, dependable and able to think quickly on his feet, which he has attributed to his experience operating "while getting shot at" in Afghanistan. He is a private person who generally does not share his problems with his co-workers for fear of being a burden to them, as seen in early season 2 where he only reveals childcare arrangement woes to Buck when he was at his wit's end.[3] Gradually he begins to accept them as "family" and is more willing to seek their help.


  • Eddie's ethnicity and upbringing in Texas is similar to that of actor Ryan Guzman who was born in Abilene, Texas but later moved to Sacramento, California and is of mixed Mexican and Swedish descent.
  • In "Eddie Begins," we learn that Eddie was accepted into fire departments in Chicago and L.A (but he ultimately chose the LAFD).
  • The address of his apartment is 4995 South Bedford Street, Los Angeles.[6][7]


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