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Denny Wilson is the son of Hen and Karen Wilson.


Early Life

Denny's biological mother and Hen's ex, Eva, filled for custody of Denny when she was released from jail, because she thought that having Denny will make Hen come back to her and was envious of Hen and Karen's life together. However, in season 2 episode, "Awful People ", Eva has an overdose, which puts her back in jail. Denny's biological father, Nathaniel Greene, had no idea he was the father of Denny until Eva told him. Although Eva initially attempted to manipulate Nathaniel into suing for custody of Denny, he met with Hen and Karen, saw how happy and well-loved Denny was, and stopped fighting for custody.

Hen and Karen worried about Denny adapting to having a sibling, but he clearly adored his baby sister Nia. 


Season One
"Pilot" "Let Go" "Next of Kin" "Worst Day Ever" "Point of Origin"
"Heartbreaker" "Full Moon (Creepy AF)" "Karma's a Bitch" "Trapped" "A Whole New You"
Season Two
"Under Pressure" "7.1" "Help Is Not Coming" "Stuck" "Awful People" "Dosed"
"Haunted" "Buck, Actually" "Hen Begins" "Merry Ex-Mas" "New Beginnings" "Chimney Begins"
"Fight or Flight" "Broken" "Ocean's 9-1-1" "Bobby Begins Again" "Careful What You Wish For" "This Life We Choose"
Season Three
"Kids Today" "Sink or Swim" "The Searchers" "Triggers" "Rage" "Monsters"
"Athena Begins" "Malfunction" "Fallout" "Christmas Spirit" "Seize the Day" "Fools"
"Pinned" "The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1" "Eddie Begins*" "The One That Got Away" "Powerless" "What's Next?"

* denotes archive footage only appearance.

Season Four
"The New Abnormal" "Alone Together" "Future Tense" "9-1-1, What's Your Grievance?" "Buck Begins"
"Jinx" "There Goes the Neighborhood" "Breaking Point" "Blindsided" "Parenthood"
"First Responders" "Treasure Hunt" "Suspicion" "Survivors"
Season Five
"Panic" "Desperate Times" "Desperate Measures" "Home and Away" "Peer Pressure" "Brawl in Cell Block 9-1-1"
"Ghost Stories" "Defend in Place" "Past is Prologue" "Wrapped in Red" "5x11" "5x12"
"5x13" "5x14" "5x15" "5x16" "5x17" "5x18"