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David Hale is a neurosurgeon and the fiancé of Michael Grant.


Meeting Michael

David first met Michael while trapped in an elevator after the power went out. They talked and flirted, but their interaction was cut short when Michael received a call from Bobby that Athena is in the hospital. They met again after a few days when Michael asked him to hold the elevator for him and the two later went to dinner together.

Not long after they started dating, David moved in with Michael sometime during the start of the pandemic.[1]

Going to Haiti

David broke the news to Michael that he is going to Haiti for a month or two, maybe longer, to help with relief efforts since people he knows have reached out and asked him to. Michael was saddened by the news and decided to propose to David before he goes to Haiti.

Michael was planning to propose to David after work, but an explosion occurred at the hospital David works at while he is performing surgery in an OR. David refused to leave the OR despite the fire breaching the fire door. After Bobby learned that David is stuck in an OR, he tried to get him to evacuate by saying that Michael is standing outside the hospital waiting to propose. David told Bobby to give him 12 minutes to finish the surgery. Bobby and all the other firefighters on scene were able to control the fire while David finishes off the surgery, and get him out of the hospital safely. Outside the hospital, he saw Michael and said yes to him immediately. Later on during dinner, Michael announced to Athena, Bobby, May, and Harry that he has decided to go with David to Haiti.[2]


Michael Grant

David and Michael are engaged. Michael proposed to David after an explosion at the hospital, and went with him to Haiti to help with relief efforts after a massive hurricane occurred there.


  • David doesn't like diamonds, so Michael proposed to him with a watch.[2]


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