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Daniel Buckley (1985-1993) is the late brother of Maddie Kendall and Evan Buckley. He died a year after Evan was born leading their parents to become distant from Maddie and Evan.


Daniel and his older sister Maddie were a year apart and when he was four has was diagnosed with juvenile leukemia and his parents had their younger brother Evan Buckley as a savior sibling but the cells didn't graft and Daniel relapsed and died in 1993.


Season Four
"The New Abnormal" "Alone Together" "Future Tense" "9-1-1, What's Your Grievance?*" "Buck Begins*"
"Jinx" "There Goes the Neighborhood" "Breaking Point" "Blindsided" "Parenthood"
"First Responders" "Treasure Hunt" "Suspicion" "Survivors"

* denotes mentioned only appearance.