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Claudette Collins is a veteran 9-1-1 operator who transferred back to the call center that Josh works at after he persuaded her.


Claudette previously worked at the call center until the Valley communication center poached her to work at their center. Recently, she transferred back to the call center after Josh persuaded her.

Challenging May

Immediately after meeting May, Claudette was dismissive of her and made fun of her age. Later during the homecoming parade emergency, Claudette took over one of May’s calls and admonished her after she heard her make a mistake of estimating a time with the caller.[1]

Claudette continued to give May a hard time at work and take over her calls without giving her a proper chance to handle the calls herself. After seeing how well May handled a suicide call, Claudette admitted to May that she is hard on her because she sees the potential in her.[2]


Claudette is tough, outspoken, and very confident. She is very good at her job, and she's not afraid to let people know that.


Josh Russo

Claudette and Josh came up together and worked at the same call center for years until she transferred to another center. Josh is the one who lured her back to work at his call center.


  • Claudette doesn't wear her uniform so as not to look "corny".


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