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Chase Mackey is a character on FOX's 9-1-1 who works as a lawyer in the city of Los Angeles. He appeared as a guest star in episodes four and five of season three of 9-1-1 and is portrayed by Jordan Belfi.


Mackey works for Mackey, Gaskin & Whitmore on the 10th floor of their firm's building. He has taken on civil suit, personal injury, and wrongful termination cases, most likely categorizing him as a civil litigation lawyer.

Buck's Lawsuit

In Triggers, Mackey is introduced as an 'Ambulance Chaser', looking to pursue a class action lawsuit against the city due to alleged negligence by the Los Angeles Fire Department during a fire drill at a 35-story high-rise building, where 42 people were injured as a result of a medical mishap. Mackey reaches out to Evan "Buck" Buckley in his role as a fire marshall for his support in the lawsuit, thinking Buck's current conflict with the LAFD would make him more amenable towards acting as a witness against the department. Buck refuses to help with Mackey's intended lawsuit.

After Buck learns that Bobby Nash is responsible for his current inability to return to work, Buck reaches out to Mackey and with his help decides to sue the city of Los Angeles, the LAFD, and Bobby. Mackey warns Buck that pursing a lawsuit against the city "is not a small matter," and that "if [Buck doesn't] win, not only will [he] never work as a firefighter in Los Angeles again, [Mackey doubts] any department in the country will hire [Buck]." Additionally, Mackey warns Buck not to have contact with "anyone from or tangentially connected to [the 118]." Despite the stakes, Buck decides to move forward with the lawsuit with Mackey.

In Rage, Mackey and Buck attend an arbitration hearing to address Buck's claim against the LAFD for wrongful termination, described as such because Buck's position is that he has been "constructively terminated from all components of firefighting duty. A defacto firing. Which is a direct result of a pattern of discriminatory and unequal treatment on the part of Captain Nash."

The hearing is attended by other members of the 118, in addition to Bobby who is named in the lawsuit: Eddie Diaz, Hen Wilson, and Chimney Han. The members of the 118 are asked for their testimony regarding Bobby's treatment of them within the 118, specifically how their return to work was handled in Chimney and Eddie's cases (rebar incident and being stabbed by Doug for Chimney, and Shannon's death for Eddie), and Hen is asked about her past as a pharmaceutical rep for medications like blood thinners, which Buck is actively taking.

After the hearing, Mackey invites Buck back to his office after hearing from the city. Buck is offered "millions of dollars" for a settlement, in exchange for not working with the LAFD again. Mackey is thrilled with the offer and even says they can counteroffer and drive up the settlement amount, but Buck is discouraged; Buck only ever wanted his job back. Mackey tries to convince him that he would never need a job again, but Buck doesn't care about the money. Mackey tells him that he shouldn't expect a warm welcome after "[raking] your friends over the coals pretty hard" during the arbitration hearing.

Mackey asks Buck what he wants to do, and later in the episode it is revealed that Buck will be reinstated to active duty because "the brass didn't want the headache. They're afraid of the bad press."


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