"There should be a heart behind that shield. You've got a good one."
—Owen Strand to Carlos Reyes[src]

Carlos Reyes is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who works as a police officer in the Austin Police Department. He debuts in the first episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by starring cast member Rafael Silva.


Early life

His father, Gabriel, is a Texas Ranger so it's possible that Carlos followed into his footsteps. Carlos came out to his parents when he was seventeen. They were shocked but they hugged him and told him they loved him. Still, they never mentioned his coming out since then. He knew Iris and Michelle before the show started.

Helping Michelle

Carlos is first seen on the show, arresting Michelle for violating the restraining order Dustin (her sister's ex boyfriend) has against her. Carlos is helping her trying to find out what happened to her sister, Iris, three years ago. After finding some evidences, he accompanies her showing them to the detective in charge of the case.

Getting suspended

In "Bad Call", Carlos stops a man who has just robbed a bank but when the suspect told him about the men that grabbed him, put a bomb on him and forced him to rob the bank. Carlos trusts his instincts and let the man go, under the disapprobation of his partner. Once he gets back to the police station, his chief took his badge and gun and asked him to stay in the interrogation room to wait for the investigator; who turned out to be his father, Gabriel. Gabriel started to ask him questions on what exactly happened and Carlos realises that his father doesn't believe him either. At the end of the interrogation, Gabriel tells Carlos that he should not be leaving town and when Carlos comes closer to his father telling that "he trusted his instincts like [Gabriel] always taught him", his father replied with how he should have the right instincts. Then, looking for comfort Carlos goes to the firehouse for TK but since he's out on a call, Owen tells him to wait in the firehouse for him and offers him a smoothie. Carlos tells Owen about his suspension and how from now on, he will only go by the books because he's not sure he can trust his instincts anymore. Owen tells him that maybe the books aren't always right and that it's your instincts that you take out there with you. Owen asks him if his dad can't do anything to help him and Carlos answers that the case is his. Owen mentions how uncomfortable the situation between them must be, Carlos tells him that the situation have been uncomfortable between them for a while, since he came out and joined APD. That his father thought Carlos was too soft for the job. Owen tells him that "there should be a heart behind that shield, you've got a good one."

Later that day, Carlos is called to the station once again because the suspect he let go before came to the station and told them what happened, showing that Carlos didn't lie about anything and was right to follow his instincts. Carlos is waiting for his father to tells him that he was right and that his instincts were good but Gabriel answers that he can't comment on "an ongoing investigation", Carlos is annoyed by that answer and leaves the office after telling Gabriel to let him know when his chief tells him what to think of him. When Carlos is waiting for TK to shows up for dinner, he realises something is wrong and goes to the Strands house to see if he's there. Owen tells him that he's not there and they thought he was at Carlos'. They start thinking about the possibility that TK relapsed after hearing the news of Gwyn moving back but Owen decides to call Tommy, which goes straight to voicemail, showing that they're still on a call and then decides to call the captain on duty who tells him that TK, Tommy and Nancy haven't given any signs of life for hours. Owen decides to call Grace so she can tells them where they are but Grace tells them that they just have disappeared off the map. Carlos and Owen go to the parking garage where they were last seen and find TK's sobriety chip and the brown panel van that was used by the robbers earlier. Carlos quickly understand that Tommy must have led them to Charles' restaurant because it's a safe space with a quick access to it. Carlos and Owen arrive just in time and Owen shots the man who was going to hurt Tommy while Carlos runs to TK and takes him in his arms. While Carlos is waiting by TK's side before he gets in the ambulance we hear Owen telling Gabriel that his son is "an impressive guy". Gabriel walks up to him and says to Carlos that he trusted his instincts and then, that he's proud of him. Few seconds later, Gabriel reveals to Carlos that he knew TK was his boyfriend since the day they met at the farmer market and that he expects a proper introduction next time, Carlos tells him that his dad is going to really like TK and Gabriel answers that he already does because his son got great instincts in people. Finally, Carlos joins TK in the ambulance ride to the hospital and he's present in the hospital room with Gwyn and Owen.


TK Strand

Carlos and TK first meet during a car accident where both the Austin PD and Austin FD are needed. Later, we see Carlos asking TK to dance whilst they are all at the bar at the end of their first shift. In Yee-Haw, it is shown that the relationship has evolved a bit further as they are seen hooking up. Carlos seems more into the relationship than TK does, calling for TK to text him before TK leaves his place for a shift. Later that episode, TK goes back to Carlos's place where the police officer has set up a dinner for them to share. TK freaks out at this due to what happened with Alex back in New York as he isn't ready for this. The pair argue and TK storms off. They are next seen together in Texas Proud after TK is arrested for a bar fight after an altercation with Judd. TK talks about his past to Carlos. Carlos and Michelle shared a scene where they talked about TK and Carlos said that TK is "a 10" and that "he can't get him out of his head". Michelle encouraged him to ask TK on a date. The pair are later seen at the bar together playing darts, but it is never specified if this is a date or not.

After Paul had a sad altercation with Josie, TK decided to cheer him up and waited for him outside the station to go to club, along with Carlos. In "Monster Inside", a call go wrong when the 126 enter a house to help a man who suffered from cardiac arrest from stress of his house being invaded by a man suffering from dementia. TK used the battering ram on the door after they announced themselves but, by fear, the little boy in the room with his grandparents shot TK in the chest with his grandfather's gun. At the hospital, Carlos came to see TK when Owen was in the room and told TK's father he didn't want to impose when the man noticed him but Owen assured him that TK would appreciate Carlos coming to see him. Carlos sat next to TK's bed, caressing TK's arm with one hand while the other is caressing his hair.

After TK recovered from his coma, we see the two of them at a juice bar where they talk about their relationship and how Carlos felt strong feelings when he wasn't sure if TK would wake up or not and TK answered that he still have to figure out if he wants to stay in that career and state before figuring out if he wants a relationship with Carlos. Carlos reluctantly agrees and when they start leaving, a bus accident happens right in front of their eyes. TK went to help the woman stuck in the bus with her two legs broken while Carlos took care of the people around the scene, waiting for the 126 to come and help them. TK ripped his stitches out after too much effort and Owen sent him to the hospital to have a look at that. After TK came back from the hospital, he tells the firecrew he made his decision and decided to stay in the 126 and after a talk with his father, he saw Carlos waiting for him at the entrance of the station where they share a hug. Later in the day, TK and Carlos are laying on the car's hood watching the aurora borealis due to the solar storm where Carlos asked TK what he's thinking of and TK answered that he thinks they make a "pretty good team" together, Carlos agreed and TK took Carlos' hand in his as they share a look.

As of season two, the pair have been dating for four months, Carlos grew closer to TK and some members of the 126: Paul, Marjan and Mateo, as we see them all hanging out together at Carlos' house. Later in "Back in the Saddle", we see the couple flirt after TK and the rest of the 126 took down the person who was firing at Owen and Tommy. In "2100°", Carlos is seen at the firehouse with the 126 and their loved ones to celebrate Owen's remission. Later on, he and TK talk about Gwyn staying permanently at the Strand's house and TK says that Owen and Gwyn are in their "honeymoon period", Carlos answering that "those can last a while.". Then, TK asks Carlos when is he going to meet Carlos' parents but Carlos dodges the question and asks TK if he wants more punch. Later in the episode, after Tim's death, TK goes to Carlos' house and Carlos is waiting for him on his stairs, TK walks up to him and falls in Carlos' arms for comfort.

Carlos doesn't appear during the crossover episode with 9-1-1 but TK mentions him to Buck when he tells him that he already has a boyfriend and that their relationship is pretty serious. In "Friends With Benefits", we see TK and Carlos along with Paul and Mateo observing Marjan during a roller derby game. When TK goes to get drinks for them, the bartender flirts with him and Carlos interrupts him by saying that he's TK's boyfriend and that he's a cop and he says to TK that he likes people to know that TK is his. Later in the episode, while being at the farmer market, they run into Carlos' parents and Carlos introduces TK as his friend. The couple go back to Carlos' house and fight about what just happened, TK angry that even though Carlos is out to his parents, he still didn't introduce him as his boyfriend. Carlos tells him that it's more complicated then that and that his parents are more traditional than TK's and that he doesn't like to "rub their noses in it". TK is pissed that Carlos wouldn't want to "rub their noses in the fact that he [Carlos] have someone who loves him and who he supposedly loves back" and he leaves the house. After a discussion with his parents in the morning, TK goes back to Carlos' house and sit down to talk about their fight, then Carlos tells him that he came out to his parents when he was seventeen but that while they took it well, they never talked about it ever since. TK tells him then that he'll happily be Carlos' "friend, colleague or personal shopper" for as long as Carlos needs.

In "Difficult Conversations", the couple is seen at Carlos' house with Paul, Marjan and Mateo where they share a smile while Mateo and Paul are talking. In "Displaced", TK and Carlos are cuddling on the couch, TK telling him what happened with Tommy and Nancy at work and asking Carlos if he thinks TK made a really bad mistake by becoming a paramedic and that maybe he should've stayed a firefighter because there "nobody hates his guts", Carlo kisses he head and tells that nobody hates his guts. TK tells Carlos about how she refered to him as a "cool kid" and how life is high school while Carlos agrees, TK tells him it's not the case at the firehouse because they're all part of the same family. Carlos then asks him how many times they have invited Nancy or even Tim since some members of the 126 started hanging out at their place. When TK realised that they never did, he cursed himself and the rest of their friends and Carlos playfully tells him that's it's not his fault because the cool kids rarely see their mistakes and kisses his cheek before he snuggles into TK's arms. In "Bad Call", TK says that this past year, he has found an incredible man who showed him that it's okay to open his heart again while he and Carlos are smiling at each other and they share a hug in the background, before Carlos kisses his temple. After TK is saved by Owen and Carlos after being kidnapped with the rest of his crew, Carlos runs to him and let a concussed TK fall in his arms in relief, blurting a "hi baby" the second Carlos is close enough.

Michelle Blake

Carlos and Michelle are very close friends. Carlos is helping her trying to find her sister, Iris, after she disappeared three years prior the beginning of the show. They also spend time together outside of their work places as we can see them in Carlos' apartment. Carlos comes to visit Michelle at the hospital when she's in an accident, bringing clothes, some Harry Potter and peanut butter M&Ms.

Carlos is the one who found most evidences to help with the case and he accompanies Michelle in every steps; showing it first to the detective in charge and then, comforts her when they found the truck Iris was in. He's also there with her when she has to come identifies the objects they found inside the truck.

Paul Strickland

Paul and Carlos are friends. They spent time together with TK when the three of them went to a club together after a bad date. In "Monster Inside", Paul comforts Carlos who's at TK's side at the hospital by putting his hand on Carlos' shoulder because he's the only one who knows about their relationship. Carlos is seen hanging out with Paul along with Marjan and Mateo at Carlos' house and they're also seen talking during a call in "Back in the Saddle".

Owen Strand

Carlos and Owen share a professional relationship with respect for each other. When TK is hurt on a call, Owen asks Carlos if he wants to spend time with him and tells him that TK would probably appreciate that. It is said that Carlos has seen Owen and Gwyn around each other so it's possible that they have share time all together at the Strand house. Owen and Carlos share a hug in "2100°". In "Bad Call", Carlos comes by the firehouse to speak to TK but as he is out on a call, Owen tells him to wait for him there and offers Carlos a smoothie. They go in the firehouse's kitchen and Carlos tells Owen about his suspension and after Carlos tells him about how his father thinks he's too soft to be a cop, Owen tells him that "there should be a heart behind that shield" and that Carlos "got a good one." Then, they work together to find TK, Tommy and Nancy after they were kidnapped by robbers and when they do, Owen has a talk with Carlos' father where he tells him that they only succeeded to find them because of Carlos and that "he's an impressive guy."


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