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Breaking Point is the eighth episode and winter finale of the fourth season of 9-1-1 and the fifty fourth episode overall. It aired on March 8, 2021.


The 118 are called to the tarmac when a flight attendant reaches her limit with her flight's passengers. Athena discovers that quarantine has pushed a couple to their breaking point. Meanwhile, Eddie worries Christopher will not accept him dating, Buck reconnects with an old flame and finds himself in the middle of Albert's new relationship and Maddie and Chimney make a big decision about their baby. [2]



Guest Starring

  • Tracie Thoms as Karen Wilson
  • Gabrielle Walsh as Ana Flores
  • Megan West as Taylor Kelly
  • Keana Marie as Veronica
  • Leah Pipes as Molly
  • Maggie Egan as Janice
  • J.D. Hall as Mr. Nowels
  • Andi Chapman as Diedra
  • Elena Campbell-Martinez as Dr. Heller


  • Thomas Daniel Smith as Darrell Simmons
  • Daniel Curtis Lee as Wade Weaver
  • Justin James Farley as Bret Dorner
  • Margot Terry as Nia
  • John Gloria as LAPD Negotiator
  • Chase Yi as Corey Lempkin
  • Andre Pelzer as New LAPD Negotiator
  • James Patrick Duffy as Clint Barber
  • Chuck Ramage as Weak Bladder
  • Randy Guiaya as Male Passenger
  • Erin Barnes as Concerned Mother
  • Mateo Ray as Six-Year-Old Boy



  • Darrell had previously appeared in "Christmas Spirit" when he got sucked inside the jet engine.
  • Taylor Kelly had previously appeared in "Dosed"where she was first rescued by the 118 from a helicopter incident, leading her to make a cover story about them.

Cultural References

  • The flight attendant incident is similar to the 2010 Jetblue flight attendant incident where a veteran flight attendant announced over the plane's public address system that he had been abused by a passenger and was quitting his job, then grabbed two beers and exited the plane by deploying the evacuation slide and sliding down it.
  • Chimney mentions all his years playing Operation would pay off while trying to get the champagne cork out of Darrell's neck.
  • The 600 COVID vaccines that were distributed actually happened in January 2021 at the Ukiah Valley Medical Center in Mendocino County, where the freezer had broken hours prior and no alarm had gone off. [3]





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