Bobby Nash is a firefighter who works for the Los Angeles Fire Department.


Bobby injured his spine/back while on duty and as a result, had to rely on painkillers, alcohol, and drugs in order to cope with the lingering pain.

In a flashback, we learn that Bobby had sought treatment once for his addictions, but has however relapsed without his wife and children's knowledge. He lies to his wife in order to go to his "drug den" (another apartment that he rented in the same apartment building as his home) in order to take pills and drink. One night he fell asleep there and left in a rush to get back home. In his rush, he forgot to turn off his space heater. Consequently, the heater caught the sleeping bag he left nearby on fire and it spread to the rest of the building. The fire claimed the lives of 148 people in the building, including his wife and two children.

As a result of all of these deaths, Bobby keeps a journal with him in which he documents the name of everyone that he has been able to save on the job. The journal had 148 spaces, one for each person he "killed" in the fire. He prohibits anyone from touching it and doesn't disclose what is in to anyone. In a later episode, he confides to his priest that he planned to commit suicide after his debt, the 148 lives, had been paid.

Because of donating his blood during the blood drive Chimney organized, he finds out that he has a rare type of blood that has the ability to cure rhesus disease. He views this as a God's punishment because he is now obligated to stay alive and donate his blood for the rest of his life. However, Chimney helps him realize that it's not a curse, but rather a blessing that he is able to help out so many babies. The journal is later thrown out, still incomplete.


TOTAL : 20/28

Season One (10/10)

Season Two (10/18)

Trivia Edit

  • He has a huge phobia of needles
  • In "A Whole New You", Bobby's Romance The Uniform page reveals that Bobby's:
    • favorite color is red
    • favorite dessert is flan
    • 52 years old
    • a great cook
    • favorite show is Friends