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William "Billy" Tyson is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star who was the former captain of the 126 before Owen Strand arrived in Austin. He debuts in the sixth episode of the first season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by guest star Billy Burke.


Early Life

Billy was one of the firefighters at the 126. He left on a medical leave because of thyroid cancer and wasn't present when all of the 126 except for Judd died in the factory explosion in the "Pilot" episode.

Wanting the 126 back

When Owen came to Austin, Billy was reassigned to the 121 and became the captain of the station. He and Owen at a poker night organised by Judd even though he was worried about introducing them because Billy disliked Owen. After the game night, Owen invited Billy to the firehouse to show him what he has done with the place, when Owen mentioned not finding a spot to golf, Billy told him to come to where he's golfing and having a game together.

At the golf, Owen told Billy that he had cancer and quickly Billy realised that it was the way to get the 126 back and went to tell the Deputy Chief about it.

In "Bum Steer", they go to play golf together again where Owen tries to convince Billy to not fire any members of his crew if he does get the 126 back. Billy doesn't really agree and after he mocked TK's overdose back in New York, he gets struck by lightning through his golf stick. Owen picks him up on his back and brings him to the restaurant at the golf and do CPR on Billy, saving his life. At the hospital, they both agree that they should be friends and not enemies.

Cancer Coming Back

In "Slow Burn", when Owen is on medical leave, Judd tells him that Billy is at home too and that he should go see him. Owen goes and learns that Billy's thyroid cancer came back and that during his medical leave, he's listening to the 911 dispatch app, trying to not get bored.

After a series of arsons, Owen asks Billy his opinion on the cases and that he needs his help. Billy refuses because breaking and entering a propriety is a bad idea and that he could lose his pension. In "The Big Heat", Billy saved Owen from a fire and then he helps Owen and Gabriel trying to catch the arsonist while looking really guilty. Later, he saves TK and Carlos' lives with Owen and Judd, getting burns on his arms while doing so.

Becoming Deputy Chief

In "Dust to Dust", Billy hears from Owen that Deputy Chief Radford is retiring and decides to go ask for the promotion. After the dust storm passed, he goes to the 126 where they're rebuilding it on his own and Billy announces the 126 that he's closing down permanently the station due to budget. Owen punches him in the face when he tells them that and a week later, at a hearing, Owen tells Billy and the Fire Chief that he's not sorry about punching Billy and that they can fire or suspend him as long as they let the rest of the team together. The Chief refuses.

Ice Storm

In "The Big Chill", Billy bails Marjan out of jail. She tells him that he should put her back into jail and starts walking away to live the police station. Billy tells her that he could've fired or suspended her but didn't, she tells him that if he did fire her, her story would've gotten more traction. Billy continues by saying that he needs her help, building up the department instead of tearing it down. She asks him why would she help him when he closed down their firehouse and railroad Owen too. Billy is confused about that and Marjan tells him that Owen satisfy every term of his suspension: community services, anger management,... but it wasn't enough for the department. Billy tells her that Owen might not have been totally honest with her and that this isn't the reason why Owen is gone. Billy decides to Airdrop Marjan Owen's contract of employment so she can learns the truth and before Marjan leaves, Billy asks her to tell Judd to call him back because he's dodging Billy's calls. She replies that maybe he should take a hint.



Owen Strand

Billy and Owen are frenemies. They appear to get along at some point but Billy is always putting himself before anyone else and when he wants something, he'll do anything to get it.

Judd Ryder

Billy and Judd were close friends. They're the only survives of the factory explosion that killed members of the 126 and he was present at Judd's wedding, giving him a beautiful toast. Judd calls him a snake after Billy shut down the 126.


  • He was the only member of the 126 other than Judd Ryder to survive the factory explosion in the Pilot episode.


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