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Beatrice Carter is the mother of Athena Grant, the mother-in-law of Bobby Nash, and the grandmother of May and Harry Grant.


Visiting her Daughter

In her first appearance, she is not supportive of Athena's decisions, especially of the decisions to marry Michael and Bobby. She gets angry at Bobby, telling him that Athena's children are not his "consolation prize". Athena gets angry at her and she reluctantly apologizes to Bobby. She later makes up with Athena at the end of the episode, but continues to insist she is making a "terrible mistake" by marrying Bobby.

Beatrice returns in the Season Three episode "Athena Begins". She does not want Athena to investigate her former fiancee's murder, even after the gun used in the crime is found, because she believes that Athena is too close to the case. She also appears in various flashbacks that are shown of Athena's life, and her relationship with Athena becomes strained due to the fact that she does not want Athena to become a police officer. Prior to this, she is shown to have a very close relationship with her daughter.


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