Athena Grant is a field sargent who works in Los Angeles. She was married to Michael Grant, who has recently come out as gay. The two have two children. She is currently engaged to Bobby Nash.


Her Husband's SecretEdit

After finding out that her husband was gay, she had trouble coming to terms with it especially when she was told that he was seeing someone behind her back. This came as a shock to her, as she had recently turned down someone even though she knew that her husband was gay. Going to couples therapy together, Athena went in there with the hopes that the two could continue their marriage as they both still love each other even though that meant that they would have to live without sex. Michael however, didn't feel the same, especially as he has met another guy. Another day, Athena prepares the kids for school when her daughter was apparently sick. Going into her room to see about her, she found that she had taken some pills that belonged to her. Panicking, Athena called 911 and May was rushed to the hospital where she recovered and told her parents that it wasn't just because of Michael coming out of the closet, it was also due to her life at school as she was being bullied. With the addition to the chaos, Child services arrived and told Athena and Michael to leave as May was being assessed due to her trying to kill herself.


  • Before the series aired, there were multiple press releases where Athena was credited as a detective instead of an officer.
  • Athena's badge number is 1275 (a reference to I-275, the freeway that runs through Angela Bassett's hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida). Sgt. Grant's unit number is 727-L-30 (727 is St. Petersburg's telephone area code).[1]
  • In "Trapped", Athena mentions that she is 50.


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Season Two (10/18)