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Andrea Reyes is a character on FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star. She is the mother of Carlos Reyes. She debuts in the fourth episode of the second season of 9-1-1: Lone Star and is portrayed by guest star Roxana Brusso.


Early Life

Andrea and Gabriel raised their son in their family ranch, taking care of animals. Carlos came out to them when he was seventeen. They were shocked but still hugged him, told him they loved him and that's it. The next morning, they talked about the Astros bullpen, the new calf in their ranch but not about his coming out.

Learning about Carlos and TK's relationship

In "Friends With Benefits", she meets Carlos and TK when her and Gabriel are at the farmer market. They say hello to each other and Carlos introduces TK to them as his friend. They talk for a bit and Andrea leaves, accidentally calling TK "TJ".

Later, in "Bad Call", we learn that Gabriel and Andrea knew Carlos and TK were dating when they saw them at the farmer market.

In "Slow Burn", Andrea and Gabriel comes by to Carlos and TK's place for dinner along with Owen. Andrea hugs TK when she sees him and waves TK's apology about running behind. She tells him that they're here early because Gabriel insisted on leaving early. Andrea apologises to TK about calling him "TJ" at the farmer market and TK tells her that it was nothing and that it's an easy mistake. Gabriel tells him that it's a mistake Carlos should've corrected and TK tells him that they had a talk about it. Carlos offers them drink and Andrea asks for a margarita before following TK to their seats, Carlos realises that he forgot the limes and TK is quick to reassures him by calling Owen so he can pick some. When he tells them the problem is solved, Carlos winks at him and Andrea and Gabriel are smiling at him. In "The Big Heat", Owen finally arrives two hours late, telling them that everywhere was stuck and that he couldn't find limes anywhere. He says hello to Andrea by kissing her cheek when she tells him that "they kiss in this family" and then he shakes Gabriel's hand. Once they're sitting, Owen tells Andrea and Gabriel that they have raised a wonderful son and Gabriel replies that they're very proud of him. Andrea tells him that TK is just as wonderful and that her and Gabriel couldn't be happier about TK and Carlos being together.



Carlos Reyes

Andrea and Carlos seemed to have a close relationship. She hugged him when he came out and told him she loved him and even though, they didn't mention it after that until they met TK, Andrea is very supportive of Carlos' relationship with TK.

Gabriel Reyes

Andrea and Gabriel seem to have a long and stable marriage. They love each other and Andrea teases him sometimes. According to Gabriel, Andrea wears "the pants in the family".



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