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Ali Martin is an artist that was rescued by Buck and Eddie during an earthquake.


Ali was an artist that was at a business meeting, not aware that her employer was a bit of a deviant. As he attempted to sexually harass her. When she stated she'd complain, he told her it'd be no use due to his high standing with the board and HR. But before things could escalate, their situation is changed by the earthquake. Both are stuck in the high part of the hotel as it was detached.

Diaz and Buck came to their aid. Though the employer lost his life, due to the glass breaking. Diaz was able to get to her before the aftershock almost made her fall to his similar fate. Though she's not seen, its assumed she and Buck became more familiar through talks after the events of the earthquake.Though Buck was having a sexual tryst with Taylor, he had to decide if he wanted a real relationship or a sexual one like he use to have. Buck chose to pursue a relationship with Ali, seeing she'd be more genuine. Though their relationship has bumps along the way, due to her worrying about his work place. She's still affectionate and easy going with Maddie, his sister.
Though he worries she'll leave him unable to deal that he wants to continue being a firefighter. She admits she doesn't know, she may change her mind and come around. Buck mentions in the Season 3 premiere "Kids Today" that he and Ali are no longer dating.


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